Helping your nutrition business reach greater heights

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.
At The Health Sciences Academy, we equip you with the latest evidence-based knowledge and clinical tools to personalise your nutrition practice and drive results for your clients. But there’s fierce competition in the health and wellness space. So how do you build a purpose-driven, profitable business and make sure it gets the limelight it deserves? This is where online marketing comes in. No matter where your target clients are, it makes it easier for you to connect with them, tell them what you do best, and expand your reach and impact. This is why we have joined hands with Marie Forleo’s B-School: to help boost your opportunity for success!

Marie Forleo’s B-School is a 6-week online, intensive  program for purpose-driven professionals.

Starting and growing a business requires clarity, a vision, and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies. Without a roadmap or guidance, this process can be overwhelming. B-School can fast-track your growth, and save you years of expensive trial and error.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across 160 countries have taken the program, and we highly recommend you do too as a health, wellness and nutrition professional. View core curriculum here.

And when you join B-School through The Health Sciences Academy, you get:
Complimentary 6-month unlimited access to our Nutrition Business Explorer Program

14 advanced certifications. Client-getting bundles. Client tools and worksheets. And lots more!

Total THSA Package Value $4,794

Your Total Investment Only $2,499

6-month all access to the THSA Nutrition Business Explorer Program costs $2,294
(Free if you join B-School with THSA)

Watch Alex Ruani share how B-School fast-tracked her success

|   Video viewing time: 39 minutes   |    English captions can be enabled   |

Hear from Alex Ruani, UCL Doctoral Researcher and Chief Science Educator at The Health Sciences Academy (PLUS a B-School graduate many years ago!) as she takes you through her journey and shares how it can transform your nutrition career too.

Click on the time markers inside the video to jump to the relevant sections:
00:09 What inspired you to join B-School?
06:08 How did B-School simplify marketing for you?
07:14 How can B-School benefit health & wellness professionals?
17:44 What were your key steps towards securing an online presence?
24:48 How can B-School empower THSA students?
31:12 How can Marie Forleo’s B-School and THSA’s Explorer Program propel the careers of nutrition professionals?
32:39 Why should health and wellness professionals join B-School?

Your formula to win in the nutrition space

Here’s how B-School and the Nutrition Business Explorer Program can empower you:

  • You get the clarity you need to start or grow a thriving nutrition practice
  • You learn how to create a world-changing marketing plan that every competitor wants
  • You develop the ability to think, act, and grow as an entrepreneur
This brings to you the best of both worlds — advanced certifications in the nutrition space and super targeted training in online marketing.

B-School doors are closing soon

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.

About Marie Forleo

Founder of B-School
Creator of the award-winning show MarieTV, Host of The Marie Forleo Podcast, and New York Times bestselling author.
Marie has been empowering entrepreneurs around the world for over two decades, helping them build the business of their dreams. Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation, she has transformed the careers of over 66,000 business owners and multi-passionate individuals from all walks of life with her B-School program.
Running your own business can seem like a rocky road at first. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when you have the know-how to help clients and the marketing acumen to expand your possibilities.

Fellow health and wellness professionals who’ve experienced the power of B-School

“My income has increased to 300% of what it was prior to starting B-School.”

Jessica Pantermuehl
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Founder of The Holistic Entrepreneur Association
“I went from grossing about $20k/yr to over $150k and am still only working part time with much time still spent with my kids.”
Margaret Floyd
Functional Nutritionist
“I made $50,000 on my first launch, which was more than I had made the first three years of my business COMBINED.”
Sarah Jenks
Emotional Eating Coach & Founder of Live More, Weigh Less

What you get when you join B-School

  • Clarity. Peace of mind that you’re getting the right things done, in the right order.

  • Training. Uplevel your ability to communicate, sell, and serve so you can stay profitable and purposeful in any economy.

  • Results. A distraction-free learning environment to maximise growth and results.

The B-School program consists of 6 main modules:

  • Map Your Profit-Making, World-Changing Plan. You’ll have a clear action plan to achieve any business vision — so that when your life or goals change, so can your business.

  • Create A Website That Converts & Sells. No matter what your skill level or budget, this Module will ensure your website is an effective sales machine.

  • Design A Winning Content Strategy. Execute a simple and effective content strategy that grows your business without burning you out.

  • Increase Traffic & Amplify Your Reach. Know when and how to email your audience so you can market directly to those you’re meant to serve.

  • Create Products & Services Customers Rave About. Know how to price, position, and deliver to create true raving fans that can’t wait to buy what you have to offer.

  • Master Timeless Marketing To Maximize Sales & Profits. Get the tools you need to set your business on a path of continued growth.

You’ll also get a comprehensive library of bonus training programs to develop additional skills for growing a business that matters.

B-School doors are closing soon

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.

Nutrition Business Explorer Program

The Nutrition Business Explorer Program is a custom ‘a la carte’ program, designed for starter or existing health and nutrition professionals.

(And you can get access to all the certifications below)

Create your multi-service practice

Apply the copy-and-paste emails, scripts and templates to fast-track your business growth. Expand your client base and deploy specialist packages that deliver client success!

Fellow students and alumni who've experienced the power of multi-specialising

“The Health Sciences Academy empowered me to take my business online. It helped me change my vision of helping 10,000 people instead of just 1000 people.”
Davor Cvijic
Fitness Trainer
“With the help of this program, I am now helping 100’s of nurseries with rollout menu advice. I was also a Keynote Speaker, a book author, and a host of Food Channel on TV.”
Louise Mercieca
Personal Trainer
“This program enhanced my knowledge and belief, which helped me go from charging $150 for a 6-week period up to $1000 for a 6-week period for my clients.”
Aaron Day
Keto Chef

How to get the THSA B-School package

There are 2 steps you need to follow, in order to receive this exclusive package:

Enrol with B-School

Please remember to join via our link, and check that the URL states "thsa" as the partner. This is the only way that you will be entitled to the full THSA B-School package.

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.

Confirm your order ID with us

Once you have your order ID from B-School, please complete the below form so that we can verify it and arrange your full Nutrition Business Explorer Access.

What you get, in a nutshell

From B-School:

6 weeks online learning with group coaching

Lifetime access to materials and future updates

Bonus training programs to develop additional skills

From The Health Sciences Academy:

6 months access to as many of the 14 certifications

Client Getting Bundles for your specialisations

Lifetime access to your completed certifications

How it works

20-29 July, 2021

Doors open for B-School applications

20-29 July, 2021

2 August, 2021

B-School begins!

2 August, 2021

10 September, 2021

B-School graduation

10 September, 2021

17 September, 2021

Your Explorer Program access starts!

17 September, 2021

16 March, 2022

Your Explorer Program finishes

16 March, 2022

Please note that while B-School completes on 10 September, that you will continue to have lifetime access. You will also continue to have lifetime access for all completed certifications after your Nutrition Business Explorer Program ends. Please refer to the Questions section for further clarification.

B-School doors are closing soon

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.


Grow your nutrition business online, with guest Marie Forleo, Founder of B-School

Webinar learning outcomes:
  • What's the RIGHT business for YOU?
  • From no idea to too many ideas: What to do?
  • What does it take to create a profitable, purpose-driven business?
  • How can you amplify your professional opportunities through online marketing?

This could be you.

Let’s take you to the future.

You’re doing what you love while making a big profit and a bigger impact.

You’re successfully running your dream business that’s taking people closer to their health and wellness goals.

It’s always buzzing with clients as you’re now an influential name in the nutrition space.

Everyone who walks through your doors is ready to pay a premium fee as they value your time and trust your personalised advice.

And they go from being just visitors to raving fans in no time and always leave 5-star reviews and testimonials.

The best part — it all works like clockwork.

As a result, you have the peace of mind to enjoy life, freedom to spend quality time with your loved ones, flexibility to shape a business that works for you (and not the other way round), and the revenue to hire a specialised team and expand your brand further.

Most importantly — you feel competent, confident, and comfortable!

Sounds like a dream? Not anymore. 

This could be you either in a decade or a year, depending on which road you take TODAY:

  • Reinvent the wheel and get stuck in an endless loop of greater efforts, lesser returns... OR

  • Go with timeless yet new-age strategies that maximise visibility, growth, and results

And since time is money, we recommend the smarter way to convert your idea into a profitable nutrition business.

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.

Attend the Exclusive Free Business Workshop by Marie Forleo

The 1st training session is live!

The next 2 videos will be made available on 16 and 18 July.

Attend the Exclusive Free Business Workshop by Marie Forleo

Video #1: 6 Essential Steps To A Thriving, Profitable Business

Attend the Exclusive Free Business Workshop by Marie Forleo

Video #2: 13 Secrets to Heart-Centered, Effective Marketing

Attend the Exclusive Free Business Workshop by Marie Forleo

Video #3: 7 Excuses That Keep Most Entrepreneurs Stuck & Struggling

Registration opens 20 July 2021 !

B-School doors are closing soon

Grow a successful and sustainable nutrition business.

Get the THSA B-School Package for $4,794 $2,499 only.

Ready To Grow Your Dream Business?

Take your nutrition know-how to the next level with B-School

Scale as you excel

Gain the confidence to build a nutrition business that drives results for both you and your clients.

Become insurable as a nutrition professional

Expand your knowledge with university-level, evidence-based learning materials

Access our interactive online platform anytime, anywhere

Get tutor support
on-demand to overcome your learning challenges

Receive your nutrition business in a box, including client getting bundle, downloadable client materials and tools

(Click Photo to Zoom In)

THSA Certifications benchmark

Please see how the levels of our online certifications translate to the commonly known frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe and worldwide.
Our advisory, custom-made certifications are developed so that our students are enabled to work with their own clients. Our certifications go above and beyond most of the qualifications you’ll find in each of the frameworks mentioned above. The comparison table above helps you compare the standard and the complexity of our certifications against those frameworks. Please note that the terminology used above doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact terminology used in specified countries referring to standards of higher learning.

Unlock Success the Smart Way

Running your own business can seem like a rocky road at first. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when you have the know-how to help clients and the marketing acumen to expand your possibilities.
Enjoy lifetime access to all B-School materials and The Health Sciences Academy’s advanced nutrition certifications that you’ve completed
Upgrade your knowledge, communication skills, and marketing strategies to maximise growth
Learn how to take your health and wellness business online and boost your visibility and reach
Build a successful nutrition business that’s authentic, purpose-driven, and profitable
Register before 29 July if you want to take advantage of the THSA B-School package – an amazing combination that gives you the best of both worlds to take your nutrition business to the next level.

If you want to start or grow your nutrition business, then, B-School would be a great fit - especially with the addition of the Nutrition Business Explorer Plan. Get the best of both worlds!

To help you identify further if B-School is right for you, and to answer any other questions, please visit this page.

The tuition for B-School is $2,499 USD if you pay in full. Payment plans are available at $239 USD per month for 12 months.

The Nutrition Business Explorer Program worth $2,294 USD will be made available to you, at no extra cost.

So you invest $2,499, but you get $4,793+ plus the value of a successful business. You can easily earn this back with only a handful of clients!

Yes and yes!

When you graduate from B-School you will receive lifetime access.

And when you graduate from any of your chosen certifications that you get with the Nutrition Business Explorer Program, you will also receive lifetime access to those certifications you've completed!

Yes, of course!

You can see the B-School curriculum here. And the Nutrition Business Explorer Program is detailed here.

If you want to book a call with our Admissions team (who can best advise you about the Nutrition Business Explorer Program), please arrange a time to meet here.

There are no prerequisites!

Both B-School and The Health Sciences Academy trainings have been created so that you can get started without any prior knowledge.

You will receive access to the Nutrition Business Explorer Program on 17 September 2021, which is one week after B-School finishes.

If you already have an active membership, we are happy to extend your existing membership by 6 months for you.

Yes, there is! B-School offer their students a risk-free, 15-day money-back guarantee.

Please note: if you opt for a refund, you also will no longer receive access to the Nutrition Business Explorer Program or any other bonuses we may have made available.

All refunds are handled by the B-School team. (But we trust you won't be needing it!)

Yes, you can! B-School offer the option to pay the fee across 12 monthly payments of $239 USD each.

Kindly note that The Health Sciences Academy reserves the right to deny access to any of its services or trainings should anyone default on their  instalment payments.

Sign up with B-School to:

B-School is open for registration!

Please Note

The THSA B-School package is made possible through a paid affiliate partnership with B-School. That means when you join the program using The Health Sciences Academy affiliate link, we receive an incentive, which we invest back into the research and development of more nutrition certifications, courses, and programs. And in return, we’ve made our amazing Nutrition Business Explorer Program available for you for a span of 6 months so you have everything you need to start or grow your successful nutrition business. Please contact us at Learner Services if you have any questions.

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Client certifications

"My certifications with The Health Sciences Academy have taught me to use and understand many scientific methods and they are invaluable when it comes to implementing what I have learned into my business. I got clearer on the direction of my company. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!"
Christopher Barker
Founder of The Lifestyle Clinic
"I've started a business based on helping people create the healhiest, most able-to-thrive babies possible with the building blocks being my learnings with The Health Sciences Academy. I'm just so thankful for the education and for the amazing team that helped me! For me it's been life-changing."
Rochelle Serna
Founder of The Non Tox Shop


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