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Have you ever wondered whether there’s a way you can conduct research like the best scientists do… or even be mentored by them? Well guess what… YOU can!

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A One-Of-A-Kind Invitation…

For the first time ever, I want to invite you (and a few likeminded others!) directly into my world, directly into my research team’s world.

As a scientist, I spend most of my days immersed in scientific research, both in the lab and on the field, and I’m often asked…

How can I take my nutrition career to the next level? And how do I stand out from my competition?

And I hear these concerns from even the most experienced nutrition professionals…

Maybe you want to know how to answer tricky client questions  without relying on a few blogposts, which are themselves based on other blogposts?

Perhaps you want to know how to make sense of complex scientific studies so you can give your clients expert advice and get paid well for it?

That’s why we’ve been working on something special…

It’s called: Become a Research Pro.

If your goal is to become the one of the best nutrition professionals in the industry, then this brand-new LIVE mentorship program might just be for you.

This is our highest-level program to date, so it’s not for everyone…

But if you do make the step to join me and my team as we stream LIVE from The Health Sciences Academy HQ, you’ll be able to say you’ve been mentored by top scientists (and that’s something prospective clients will LOVE).

Because in this training, you’re going to mix with leading scientists, and with that, you’ll be gaining direct access to all our most confidential and classified research methods.

If you understand that success in nutrition is less about what you know, and more about HOW you gain that knowledge and use it…

…then I know you’ll love what we’re about to let you in on.

But here's the warning...

Become a Research Pro is a one-off program and doors are closing soon, which means you've got to jump in NOW because we may never be doing this again.

So, if you want to gain a real competitive advantage…

If you want to stand out from all other nutrition professionals out there, so you can reach the TOP of your field, with more clients, charging more, getting paid premium fees…

And if you want to maximise your earning potential in the nutrition space...

Then you’ll really want to get inside this program.

Honestly, if you’re looking for all those things, then I’m glad you’re here and I know you'll want to keep reading…

And, more importantly, I hope you’ll apply to Become a Research Pro.


Research Director and Lead Scientist
The Health Sciences Academy

Become a Research Pro

LIVE Mentorship Program Level 6

Discover World-Leading Research Techniques from the Scientists Themselves

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Want to see more? Download your complimentary catalogue today and get everything you need to know about Become a Research Pro. Inside you’ll find a detailed overview of what you can expect from this unique program, including an introduction to your program director Alex Ruani, what you will be learning in each core module, a few words from others we've mentored, plus much more! Simply click the button to grab and print your free copy…


This Live Mentorship Program Is For You If…

  • You’re a nutrition professional aiming to provide industry-leading advice and become one of the best in your field

  • You’ve studied nutrition and want to gain the confidence you need to answer the trickiest of client questions

  • You want to research like the best scientists do – so you can tell fact from fiction and set confused clients straight

 After This Mentorship Program You’ll Be Able To…

Find research that is relevant to your client

What’s meant by scientific research? And how can we distinguish ‘science’ from the mass of misinformation in the media? Together, we’ll dive straight into the inner workings of literature reviews, including what they are and why they’re key when it comes to getting a handle on scientific papers. Building on this knowledge, we’ll then explore how you can establish your specific research question, so you can find the right answers for your client.

Confidently read and analyse scientific papers

As part of this program, you’ll grasp how scientific papers are structured and the ways you can use them to answer your research question. For example: How do studies communicate findings? What kinds of evidence might they provide? And which types of journals should you look for? Once we get together and solve all these uncertainties, you’ll know exactly how to sharpen your focus so you can utilise this skill when carrying out your own research.

Efficiently evaluate the reliability of a source

The next step to being an autonomous researcher is learning to sort the good science from the bad. Why do some papers get published whilst others don’t? In this program, we’ll reveal the steps researchers take to ensure their results aren't biased and how you can identify when they are – so you can ensure the information you relay to your client is safe.

Investigate headlines and debunk them

What happens if a client is confused by something they read in the news? And how can we know if there’s any truth behind a headline? That’s why this program will show you how to identify and analyse errors commonly made by newspapers and blog articles. You’ll do this by discovering why journalists might want to mislead the public, so you can advise your client accordingly.

Apply to Become a Research Pro Today
and Get These Exclusive Bonuses…

You’ll receive the most valuable bonuses we’ve ever given away:

  • Certificate of Completion on Advanced Research

    Free-of-charge for you today

    You’ll receive your certificate of completion on Advanced Research Techniques – so you can prove your attendance to this exclusive program (these are going to be few, so if you’ve got one, that makes you pretty special!). As part of the package, you’ll also get complimentary reference checks, meaning we’ll maintain a record for any professional or employment verifications and third-party enquiries. So, when a professional body, a university or employer approach us, we’ll confirm the authenticity of your learning records with us.

  • Credit for our THSA Lab with CPD Modules

    Free-of-charge for you today

    Get a head start in our brand-new THSA Lab, an online hub of short courses in nutrition. We’ve created the THSA Lab to broaden your knowledge of different topics, where you can access a short course or CPD modules to research different questions your clients may be asking. Every short course and CPD module is accredited, and upon completion you’ll earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Use your £200 credit to get clued up on the nuances of nutrition science and enhance your credentials even further.

  • In-Person Meet-up in our London HQ

    PRICELESS (immeasurable worth!)

    This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity only available to those inside the Become a Research Pro mentorship program. We’ll invite you to spend an entire day at our offices – all access. The last time we announced a group gathering like this, we had people flying from Greece, Italy, France and even America just to see our Research Director, Alex Ruani, speak for one hour! But this time: Alex won’t just be speaking… she’ll be helping YOU personally. Face to face, for an entire day. It doesn’t get any better than this!

What Becoming a Research Pro Looks Like…

  • World-class Research Methods

    Everything you’ll discover inside this program is used by our team of scientists and PhDs every single day. The strategies you’ll get to grips with are practised by the world’s leading research institutes, so you know these are methods you can trust.

  • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Insight

    Ever wondered what it’s like to be a top researcher? You’ll get direct access to our own scientists PLUS exclusive insights from a leading peer-reviewer with 93 published studies and over 20 PhDs under his supervision  so you can train like a scientist AND learn to think like one.

  • Detailed, step-by-step analysis

    What’s meant by scientific research? And how can we distinguish ‘science’ from the mass of misinformation in the media? We’ll jump into exactly what makes a scientific paper tick, how you can find the one you need, plus the steps you should take to efficiently choose the right research question for your client’s needs.

  • The Truth Behind the Headlines

    What happens if a client is confused by something they read in the news? How can we know if there’s any truth behind a media headline? This program will show you how to identify and analyse errors commonly made by newspapers and blogs, so you can set a “concerned client” straight.

  • Support to Apply Everything You Learn

    Explore how to practise the techniques taught in this program with real clients! Across 4 live workshops with our Research Director, we’ll help you to hone your research skills, so you know exactly how to answer your clients’ trickiest questions.

  • 24/7 Access to Your Materials

    Throughout the 16-week program length, you’ll have 24/7 access to all released content, module lessons and workbooks – including replays of our live workshops with you! That means you’ll be able to continually refresh and refine your top-class know-how.

Ready to Gain an Unrivalled Competitive Advantage?

Get a comprehensive research framework to help you answer your clients’ trickiest questions – so you can earn their respect (and custom!) again and again.

  • Practical lessons revealing our MOST confidential research strategies across 4 Core Modules
  • 4 Practical Workbooks and step-by-step guides to enhance your skills and consolidate your knowledge
  • 4 Mentorship Workshops with Research Director Alex Ruani and her team – so you can see live demonstrations and get your questions answered
  • 4 Bonus Lessons released alongside our live workshops, where we’ll go over additional bonus content so you can feel confident in your new skills
  • Hands-on analysis exercises to help you examine scientific papers and media articles – including the key questions you should ask when reading news headlines
  • Easy-to-use charts to help you to distinguish research study designs, so you can autonomously navigate the science and get the RIGHT answers for clients
  • Exclusive insights from a leading molecular biologist and senior peer-reviewer with 93 published studies and over 20 PhDs under his supervision
  • PDF files and references for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience
  • Printable Certificate of Completion on “Advanced Research Techniques” signed and dated by your program director

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      Want to Power Up Your Leadership in Nutrition?

      Set yourself apart in the nutrition landscape. Earn invaluable recognition.

      • 1


        Get the know-how to find relevant scientific papers and extract the data you need to effectively answer your client’s specific question.

      • 2


        Gain the confidence to become a leading nutrition professional by developing the skills you need to conduct scientific research autonomously, placing yourself at the forefront of nutrition science.

      • 3


        Master our four-step process to becoming a research pro. Learn how to effectively research, read, and critique scientific papers, so you can ensure your advice is of the highest quality.

      • 4


        Write detailed literature reviews based on the right interpretation of scientific papers - so you can answer the questions most important to you and your clients.

      • 5


        Learn how to debunk misleading headlines just as our very own scientists do, so you can develop field-leading, expert analysis and be able to set a confused client straight.

      • 6


        Apply the research techniques used by our own scientists, so you can provide clients with the most accurate nutritional advice, and pave the way for further academic study.

      The Highest-Level Access We’ve Ever Given…

      Discover World-Leading Research Techniques Never Disclosed Outside This Mentorship Group

      • How do I find answers to complex questions?
      • How should I identify and collect relevant scientific studies?
      • Which sources should I use? Where are the best places to go? And how can I be sure that I’m getting all the information I need?
      • What do I do if I don’t understand what a paper is saying? How do I interpret the data accurately?
      • How can I know whether a paper is trustworthy and scientifically accurate? Can scientists themselves be biased?
      • What's the best way to uncover risky mistakes in diet books, blogs or outlets reporting science?
      • How can I recognise and counter false arguments in deliberately misleading media content?
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      What it’s Like to Be Mentored by Us…

      Our Research Team have coached a variety of professionals, from personal trainers to Olympic athletes.

      As a Team GB athlete, I have a background in mentoring others which has been immensely fulfilling. I did not know at the time, but finding Alex and the THSA team shaped the way I think. Learning and acquiring new tools, knowledge and understanding in science, has not only been enjoyable, but a gift. I’m grateful to be able to continue highly fulfilling work in helping others take on personal challenges and realise their goals.

      It’s been a joy to get to know and work with Alex and her team. They are highly driven and inspiring people whose passion for what they do is infectious. I’m eternally grateful for their support.

      My experience has been nothing but the best from start to present and I can’t recommend working with them enough. 5stars

      Chris Gregory, Team GB Beach Volleyball Athlete & Brand Ambassador

      I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. Many of the strategies and practices that Alex and the team use are very transferable to any business and I will definitely be implementing them myself to help my company progress.

      They have taught me to use and understand many scientific methods and they are invaluable when it comes to implementing what I have learned into my business.

      The time I spent with the THSA team has answered many of the questions I had about direction of my company and has helped me build my own business plan just from watching and learning how the THSA goes about things. Enjoyed every minute of it. 5stars

      Chris Barker, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Professional

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      Your Questions – Answered...

      • q-iconWhat are the entry requirements for this program? Do I need a specific qualification to join?

        While this program requires no prerequisite nutrition qualification, having completed one of our advanced certifications prior to beginning this program will likely be beneficial.

      • q-iconHow will this program be delivered?

        Across this 16-week program, you’ll receive 4 modules books, plus 4 practical workbooks and exercises to complete. Between the release of each module, you’ll join a live workshop with our Research Director, Alex Ruani, where you’ll receive mentorship and live demonstrations via video stream.

      • q-iconHow long does it take to complete the program?

        This program will be undertaken across a total of 16 weeks, with 8 different components delivered to you at regular intervals. Although this program is a set length, you get 24/7 access to the resources provided to you and go at your own pace, including recordings of our live workshops, so you can watch them back and re-affirm your learnings.

      • q-iconDo I need any special software to complete my program?

        No special operating system is required. You need a computer and internet access. Upon registration, we help you navigate the online system and also provide access to our 24/7 Interactive Learner Services portal.

      • q-iconCan the program help with my career?

        Absolutely! This program has been specifically created to enhance your know-how and give you the skills you need to reach the top of the nutrition game. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to conduct your own independent research, so you can answer your clients’ trickiest and most specific questions.

      • q-iconWill I be officially certified once I complete this program?

        With over 100,000 students, graduates, and nutrition professionals taking our certifications, the calibre of our community is phenomenal… But unlike our certifications, this is a MENTORSHIP program – the highest-level training ever given at The Health Sciences Academy.

        At the end of our 16 weeks together, you will be awarded with an Advanced Research Techniques Certificate of Completion, so you can show employers, universities or clients proof of your specialist training.

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