Business Planning: Monetising Your Coaching Practice

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Win more clients, plan for success and set up your revenue generation on autopilot so you can focus on what's really important: helping others with your skills and talent.


Learn the fundamentals of running a coaching business with revenue tracking spread sheets to keep track of your income and finances as a Nutritional Advisor or Health Coach.

Course Benefits

Beyond your technical knowledge, you’ll also need to promote yourself and your skills to potential clients.

Gain some essential business know-how to develop a profitable and successful business.

As well as defining your unique selling point, you’ll also have a working business plan which will form the bedrock to your success.

Learn to…

1. Recognise your role within the market place and how to stand out from the competition

2. Identify the wants, needs and expectations of your customers

3. Use client attainment and retention methods

4. Plan promotional campaigns that will target and engage existing and potential clients

5. Utilise social media as an effective business tool

6. Create a plan of action that will help you to generate a client base and gain a presence in the market place

7. Undertake the legal, administrative and financial tasks that come with being self-employed

Effective online selling: Promoting your services online

Learn how to set up your own free website in minutes.

We give you our own list of 25 free website templates and additional resources to promote your services online.

Social Media Marketing

Learn to use social media to promote your coaching practice and engage with your customers.

You’ll learn exactly how to set up each of the main social media sites to attract a steady stream of ideal clients, engage with your audience, and be seen as an expert.

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