Our Gift to You…

Download your 2020 calendar today and start planning for your future!


Our Gift to You…

Download your 2020 calendar today and start planning for your future!
Each month features an interesting fact about nutrition along with one of our beautiful custom images!
And every person who downloads our calendar will have a special opportunity to participate in our New Year – New You contest! (watch your inbox for details)
  • Hang it in your office as a conversation starter for clients
  • And enjoy the complete calendar overview on the last page!
  • Easy to print at home PLUS...
  • Get special offers and perks in the New Year!

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“Enjoy your 2020 Calendar! You can use it to plan your key events for the year and take notes. Share it if you love it! Good things come to those who stick around this team of scientists :-)”
Alex Ruani, Research Director, The Health Sciences Academy ®

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"My certifications with The Health Sciences Academy have taught me to use and understand many scientific methods and they are invaluable when it comes to implementing what I have learned into my business. I got clearer on the direction of my company. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!"
Christopher Barker
Founder of The Lifestyle Clinic
"I've started a business based on helping people create the healhiest, most able-to-thrive babies possible with the building blocks being my learnings with The Health Sciences Academy. I'm just so thankful for the education and for the amazing team that helped me! For me it's been life-changing."
Rochelle Serna
Founder of The Non Tox Shop