Certificate in Gastronomy Science

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Course Code: GS1209

Is it possible to manipulate human perception through food?
Can we affect hunger and satiety with cuisine preparation?

This course introduces students to elements of science behind cooking, cuisine preparation and the enjoyment of food.


The ultimate goal is to help students recognise the importance of the scientific principles being applied in everyday life, in particular cooking, cuisine preparation and the enjoyment of food.

Course Benefits

Our students will appreciate the science behind gastronomy, and be able to apply some of these principles in their future cooking practice, including the manipulation of human perception.

The course materials cover the topics of energy transfer, hunger and satiety, the sense of taste, smell, sight and touch.

Food Science into Practice

Most important of all, our learners get to practise the various cooking techniques and try them out in their own kitchen.

Of course, they can also enjoy the products of the experiments.

Course Curriculum

1. Energy Transfer

2. Hunger and Satiety

3. The Sense of Taste

4. The Sense of Smell

5. The Sense of Sight

6. The Sense of Touch

7. Fruits and Vegetables

8. Meats

9. Sauces

10. Dessert

What resources will I need for this course?

For this course, all you need is an Internet connection, copies of the course hand-out (most of which can be downloaded), and the time to read and discuss. Most important of all, you have to practice the various cooking techniques and try them out in your own kitchen. Of course, you can also enjoy the products of the experiments.

Will I get a Certificate after completing this course?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Recommended Background

No pre-requisite of any science background is required. High school level science would be useful.

Course Fees

The cost of this course is £699.

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