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The copy-and-paste emails, templates and program structures inside each Client-Getting Bundle are tailored around the corresponding certification. This way, minimum editing from you is required!

Every bundle you get is different and designed to match the unique specifications of each certification:

  • Specialised target audiences and core markets, which vary based on each field of specialisation

  • Different specialist positioning angles and professional considerations

  • Bespoke program details to match each of your specialisations

  • Fine-tuning around the different worksheets and personalisation tools from each of your certifications

  • Uniquely positioned specialist programs into attractive packages that your prospective clients will love

  • Customised client-getting email templates to match each of your specialised programs

  • Bespoke client-grabbing questionnaires to match each of your specialised programs

  • Specialist session-by-session program structure templates, designed to match to the methodology and client materials inside each each certification
  • Your value proposition statement documents, each molded to every specialisation so you can stand out in every niche
  • Exclusive business opportunities for each of your specialisations
  • Different examples
  • Specialist positioning
  • Unique sales angles
  • Niche keywords and more!
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