Lead as a Certified and Confident Nutritionist

Flexible university-level professional certification program, designed to empower the Nutritionists of the Future.



Become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist

$ 299 x 36 payments
Tax Free (outside UK/EU)
  • Certify as a Nutritionist.
    Attract new clients and wow them.


Become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist
$ 13999 One-time offer. Lifetime access.

Why become a client-centric Nutritionist?

  • Create more opportunities and stay ahead of the competition as a successful Clinical Nutritionist
  • Learn how to plan impactful client sessions with advanced clinical skills training
  • Become a trusted, well-rounded professional and deliver personalised, safe and sound advice to clients


Become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist
$ 163 per month
Tax Free (outside UK/EU)"]

Why become a client-centric Nutritionist?

  • Create more opportunities and stay ahead of the competition as a successful Clinical Nutritionist
  • Learn how to plan impactful client sessions with advanced clinical skills training
  • Become a trusted, well-rounded professional and deliver personalised, safe and sound advice to clients

Create more opportunities.
Set yourself apart.


Ways to Save More

Got THSA credit?

It’s 100% redeemable to further lower your fee

Joining with a Study Buddy

Each get $250

Armed Forces? Veteran? Hospital Staff?

Receive a further 10% off our tuition fees

This program is best for you if you are:

Build on your existing foundation and set yourself apart and become recognised and trusted in the space
Become the go-to person for all your clients’ health and wellness needs and create long-term positive impact
Add to your expertise and clinical skills, stay up-to-date with the latest evidence-based knowledge, and personalise your advice for better outcomes
Specialise in a field of their choice and add to their continuing professional development hours
Get the practical expertise and guidance needed to confidently work with real clients
Create more opportunities and take your current business to the next level
Get the scientific backing and clinical skillsets required to share information that’s reliable and safe
Start your own business, support nutrition clients as a side income, or partner with others in the space as an independent subject-matter expert
Or if you are passionate about making a difference through health and wellness and searching for the right education to steer you in that direction

Summary of what’s included:

  • Multiple core competencies to deliver end-to-end personalised support to clients
  • Accredited Behaviour Coaching Skills Training for long-lasting positive change
  • Any elective of your choice to specialise further
  • Innovative communication methodology to attract, convert, and wow clients without hard sell
  • Downloadable resources, practical client tools, and ready-to-use session handouts
  • Expert feedback and guidance on your client delivery, from start to finish
  • 18 printed learning manuals couriered to you (available only for up-front payment)

Clinical Nutrition 2.0 - Preparing you for success

Listen to Maurice Castelijn, CEO, to know about all the latest upgrades and amazing opportunities.

Earn while you learn

✔ Start working with nutrition clients from the get-go or grow your existing practice further

✔ Earn back your investment in no time while you continue with your studies

One-time offer, ending soon!

Start now, or talk with us for personalised advice.

(And if we are not helping others, you can also use the live chat.)

Armed Forces? Veteran? Hospital Staff? Receive a further 10% off our tuition fees.
Employer paying? Need help with the paperwork? We’re here to help.
Joining with a group or a study budy? Request a quote, and save more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to equip yourself with science-based knowledge that would help you launch or scale your nutrition business?

Do you want to sharpen your client skills and connect better with your clients through advanced clinical skills training and practice?

Do you want to make an impact in the world and help people who will need the clinical nutrition skills you will bring to the table?

If you have answered yes to all of the questions above, then indeed, this program is for you! It doesn’t matter if you are a practising professional with clients or if you need the knowledge for yourself as an athlete, or you want to improve your diet,you want to meet weight management goals, you want to learn how to take care of your gut, you want to help your child’s or ward’s brain development or perhaps you want to sleep better and stress less. The learnings from this program will equip you with scientific and evidence based demonstrable knowledge to meet your health and wellness goals and also propel your career forward.

You can take a tour to find out everything you need to know about this Level 7 program and make an informed decision about your career.
There are no prerequisites for joining this program. This program was designed in a way that allows you to get started without any prior nutrition knowledge.

You only need to meet these basic requirements:

✔️ Proficient in English

✔️ High level of computer literacy (including Word document editing and formatting)

✔️ Good Internet connection

✔️ Access to a computer with video camera and high-quality microphone (for the Observed Clinic Session)
Yes, you should! You do not need to have a university degree to join this program.

The Clinical Nutrition Program offers advanced science-based knowledge to grow your nutrition knowledge and help you launch a business, including the practical tools and clinical skills training you need to start working with clients with confidence.

Our core competencies, although advanced, will equip you with the fundamental knowledge for starting out in the nutrition space and then uplevel your expertise so you can compete fairly in your chosen niche once you graduate from the Clinical Nutrition Program.
If you want to grow your nutrition client capabilities exponentially, create nutrition program plans that clients love and follow, and conduct nutrition client sessions that are effective and get results, then you need clinical nutrition skills!

Learn how to devise the logistics and structural components of a nutrition client program and how to put forward personalised strategies to support specialised health outcomes through advanced clinical skills training and practice, including feedback on your nutritional recommendations to a client and on your client session delivery, start to finish.

This program goes above and beyond any of our individual certifications. As you go through the Clinical Nutrition Program, you will also be completing a nutrition client case study and meeting clinical nutrition hours with practice clients and classmates which you will be recording in your Nutrition Client Log.

The clinical skills you will gain will give you the confidence and practical tools to work with clients, enhance your nutrition client communication skills, and set you apart by growing your client experience inside the program itself.

You can learn more about all this inside the Academic Tour for the program.
It depends! (on you)

You can study at your own pace.

The program offers flexibility to start, pause, and continue how you see fit.

Complete within 12 months, or study part-time over 3 years.

We also have fast-track Study Guides for each of the core competencies as well as the electives to help you.

You can find these here: https://courses.thehealthsciencesacademy.org/start/study-guides/

Tip: Join with a Study Buddy to keep each other accountable!
Certainly. The entire program is online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device.

You also have the flexibility to complete the program at your own pace.
Yes! The flexibility of the program allows you to study at your own pace. Whether you are fully employed or in the university, dedicating a number of hours per week is enough to help you keep up.
The lessons will be available online via our online learning platform and once you are enroled as a student, you will have access to this learning platform 24/7. You will also enjoy lifetime access to your completed modules, client materials, and additional resources, including all future updates to the content!

We have also created a study buddy group for students so you can discuss with your peers and share ideas to make learning easier.

You can find out more more the program inside the Academic Tour.
If you want to join this next cohort, please speak to our Admissions and Success Team.

They can help you with your decision-making and answer any questions, plus help you calculate your (potential) student credit.

Get in touch with our team for a non-commitment quote. Book a call with our team here to explore further.

You can also contact us via [email protected] and we’ll be able to help you via email if you prefer.
If you have completed one or more certifications already, we have made it easier for you to upgrade to the program.

Book a call here with the Admissions Team to know about it.
Once you complete the Clinical Nutrition Program, you will be a THSA Certified Clinical Nutritionist, with the post nominal THSA-CCN.
Once you successfully complete the Clinical Nutrition Program, you will be granted the THSA Certified Clinical Nutritionist (THSA-CCN) credential (as shown on your certificate). You will have the choice to adopt any of the following professional designations, depending on your preference and country of practice:

✔️ THSA Certified Clinical Nutritionist (THSA-CCN)

✔️ THSA Certified Nutritionist (THSA-CN)

✔️ THSA Certified Nutrition Practitioner (THSA-NP)

✔️ THSA Certified Nutrition Consultant (THSA-NC)


✔️ You will be eligible to apply for the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. You will enjoy the added credibility of being recognised in the US whilst also carrying UK and international weight.

Board credentialing allows you to use the designation of: Board Certified Nutrition Consultant (nominal after your name: BCNC) For more information on this, please contact our Admissions and Success Team.

✔️ Professional insurance to practice through the program’s pre-approved path in 39 countries.

For more information on this, please contact our Admissions and Success Team.
We have created an exclusive Clinical Nutrition Program tour for you that gives you access to program map, detailed walk-through video, interactive guide, program handbook, learning outcomes, and so much more.

You can start exploring for free right here.

In case you have any specific questions or want to know more about joining the program, our Admission Advisors are here to help you get the clarity you need and guide you on your next steps.

Go here to book a call with them.

And if you still have any questions, email our Learner Services Team.
We have created a page inside the Learner Portal that does this for you!

Please use this link: https://courses.thehealthsciencesacademy.org/credits/ 
When you pay in full, up-front, we will include the printed packs for you as a bonus (worth $1350). 18 physical books will be sent to your home.

If you decide to join via a payment plan, you can order these separately.

They are not mandatory, but they are extremely high quality and great to take with you wherever you go to study!
When you pay in full, up-front, we will include your physical certificate as a bonus too (worth $50).

If you decide to join via a payment plan, you can order this separately.

You will receive an electronic (shareable) certificate regardless, but it’s great to frame your achievement and show it to your clients!
The program has been accredited by:

  • The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), which means pre-approval for insurance to practise in 35+ countries 
  • The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board for US board exam recognition (and a US title) 
  • The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (and a US title) 
  • For continuing education (e.g. health professionals, medical staff, NHS staff) via the CPD Certification Service

The Behaviour Coaching Skills Training (on its own) has been accredited by the
International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education. And there are other accreditations we’re actively pursuing that will be communicated when these are in place.
Yes! You have 14 days to decide if the program is right for you.
Please ask our Admissions and Success Team for more details here.
You will receive access as soon as you’ve made your (first) payment.

Then, you can start studying through the Learner portal right away!

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