Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor™

Professional Diploma Level 5

Accredited by CPD. Endorsed by YMCA Awards (CYQ's new brand). Approved by IICT and underwriters for membership and insurance.

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Who is this for?

  • Sports coaches and personal trainers
  • From beginner to elite athletes
  • Team sports athletes – tennis, football, rugby, hockey
  • Those preparing for marathons, triathlons, cycling, rowing, martial arts events
  • Powerlifters and bodybuilders
  • Anyone interested in cutting-edge scientific methods

Can I lose weight without losing muscle? Are sports drinks necessary? Whey protein or casein? What and when should I eat on the competition day? Can I carb-load without fat gain? Supplements… or food?

Learn to answer these questions and engineer a personalised nutritional programme:

  • Endurance
  • Power and strength
  • Weight (fat) loss
  • Weight (muscle) gain
  • Competition
  • Fuelling muscles before, during and after exercise
  • Building / repairing muscles
  • Replacing sweat losses

31 units • 90 CPD hours • video • worksheets

Course overview

  • Introduction to nutrition for physical activity
  • Nutritional recommendations for your client
  • Building a personalised diet plan for your client
  • Analysing your client's food diary and fluid intake
  • Planning a training diet
  • How the body stores energy
  • Carbohydrates: Fuel for exercise
  • Protein and amino acids: Muscle repair and growth
  • Body fat and essential fatty acids for performance
  • Introduction of hydration strategies
  • Micro-nutrients: Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Good carbs, bad carbs, and the glycaemic index of foods
  • Calculating and fine-tuning your client’s carbohydrate requirements
  • Carb loading methods for endurance events
  • Fuelling muscles before exercise: How to plan a pre-exercise diet
  • Fuelling muscles during exercise: How to plan a training diet
  • Fuelling muscles between workouts: How to plan workout meals
  • Fuel after exercise and recovery: How to plan a post-exercise diet
  • Building and repairing muscles: Role of protein and amino acids
  • Protein for muscle strength, recovery and performance
  • Calculating your client’s protein requirements
  • Planning a Weight Control Diet: Weight (fat) loss, weight (muscle) gain, and weight maintenance
  • Replacing sweat losses: Effects of hydration on performance
  • Hydrating before, during and after exercise
  • The science of sports drinks
  • Pre-competition nutrition: Optimum nutrition for peak performance
  • Nutrition strategies on the competition day
  • Planning a competition eating programme
  • Dos, don'ts and must dos as a Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Legal, Insurance, Tax and Professional Considerations
  • The science of supplements, performance enhancers and engineered sports foods A to Z: Effectiveness, side effects, who should take them, scientific research. Includes anabolic steroids and prohibited stimulants (bonus worth £59)

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  • PDF files for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience
  • Ready-to-use templates for your clients: nutrient calculators, meal planners, food diaries, health questionnaires and legal forms
  • Interactive, automatically graded online quizzes which you need to complete before moving onto your next module
  • A fully automatically graded final exam (Score > 80% and you have passed…. No retake fees!)
  • Interactive questionnaires and polls – add your voice and see what your fellow students say
  • Glossary, conversions guide and additional resources with examples, science or reference research
  • Instant PDF certificate upon completion signed and dated by your certification director
  • Achievement badge to display on your website, business card and marketing materials
  • 24/7 access to the Learner Services portal
  • Free graduation BONUS materials
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Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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  • Science-based nutritional plans: per training volume, gender, weight, metabolism, athletic goals
  • Competition diets for peak performance (from short to prolonged events)
  • Covers team sports, endurance, strength and power, bodybuilding, weight control
  • Hydration strategies used by elite athletes and world-class champions
  • Engineered sports products (from lite waters to protein shakes)
  • Food diary analyses and recommendations
  • Advice from the International Olympic Committee and world-leading scientistsOlympic The Health Sciences Academy

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Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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Enjoyed everything, favourite part was Module 6: Muscle Building and Weight Control and i felt i learn’t the most from this section. Learning Online was very enjoyable, looked forward to completing more every single day!5stars

Christopher Grimward (Warrington, England)

Easy course to use. I learned new topics such as Competition Diets that I haven’t covered in my PT course and built more knowledge on other topics. This has helped me get one step further to my career goal and I have fully enjoyed the experience!!5stars

Simon Wood (Coventry, UK)

Course was set at the right level, covering science based materials with practical examples. Templates were easy to follow, and provided the ability to explain nutritional strategies to any potential clients, in line with their chosen goals. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found it very valuable. Looking forward to putting it into practice! Thanks!5stars

Ravin Patel (Reigate, Surrey, UK)

I had a basic knowledge through years of experience, this course gave me the the full picture and gave me the correct terminology to explain to others. I think you have it spot on in all aspects.5stars

Robert Payne (Aisby, Nr Grantham, England)
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  • Fun way that incorporates your learnings
  • Live data and presentation of results
  • Help us focus our research and updates

Learning how to create an in-depth and detailed diet plan for others and myself has allowed me to tailor plans for my own specific exercise goals, making me fitter than I was before. Also, the GI index has helped give a fuller understanding of what effect different foods have on blood glucose levels and how this plays an important part in recovery. The materials provided made it easy to put into practice what I was learning and the course is designed for the to be used straight away. I really appreciated receiving tips and suggestions via email as this kept me motivated to complete the course and spurred my interest. I think also that the downloadable reference materials gave a deeper insight into the science behind some of the principle ideas taught.5stars

Michael Brown (London, England)

This is probably the most enjoyable nutritional health course I’ve ever studied. Clear information, easy to understand and well thought out. So not only do you gain a wealth of knowledge and skills, it’s a virtual business in a box, all forms and step-by-step information on how to carry out all consultations, you just have to provide the clients!5stars

Eva Lassesson (Hastings, UK)

Very happy and helpful for my own health

1) professional and helpful materials

2) was very happy to find articles and journals to supplement course material

3) was very helpful for my own health as well as my career

4) great to interact with other members 5stars

Jekaterina Schneider (Loughborough, United Kingdom)

This is the first course I have done online and if they are all this easy to use and be guided through I will definitely be interested in doing another one!5stars

Joanne Ramsey (Clophill. Bedfordshire, England)
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Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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Have any questions?

  • Q.What are the entry requirements for this course?

    A.There are no entry requirements other than being at least 16 years of age and a willingness to jump in, learn your way around, and have fun!

  • Q.Do I need any specific background, experience or qualification to Join?

    A.No pre-requisite of any science background is required. High school level science can be helpful. No prior experience and/or educational paperwork are required.

  • Q.How many REPs CPD points will I earn?

    A.Once you have successfully completed your training and purchased the optional SkillsActive Professional Add-on Module, you will receive 6 REPs CPD points. In order to redeem your REPs CPD points, please record them in your online REPs portal. Please note that this applies to Level 3 Qualified REPs members only who have joined by 1 December 2016.

  • Q.Do you send me any materials in the post?

    A.The entire course is online. You can download and print all of your materials, including your client worksheets and planning tools. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, in addition to your online access, we can courier your course pack once you’ve registered your course for an additional fee. Upon registration, you’ll be given this option so you can instantly order your course pack.

  • Q.Is there a deadline to complete my course?

    A.No, there are no fixed deadlines. Our programme allows you to be 100% in control of your own time. In other words, you are in charge of your own study agenda. This puts you in the driving seat and increases the enjoyment of your learning experience. What’s more, you have lifetime access to your course, which means that it is yours forever to keep, including all future updates and new content!

  • Q.How long does it take to complete the course?

    A.You can do it as quickly or slowly as you wish. Our program allows you to be 100% in control of your own time. In other words, you are in charge of your own study agenda. This puts you in the driving seat and increases the enjoyment of your learning experience.

  • Q.Do I need any special software to complete my course?

    A.No special operating system is required. You need a computer and internet access. Upon registration, we help you navigate the online system and also provide access to our 24/7 Interactive Learner Services portal.

  • Q.Do I have to submit written assignments?

    A.No. Instead, you are presented with learning checks built into each module, guided Skills Lab™ tasks, worksheets, student games and polls, practical self-assignments and online tests. This way you won’t feel stuck over the composition and marking of written tasks. What’s more, your study time is reduced so you can concentrate on what really matters: Applying your newly acquired knowledge to real life situations!

  • Q.What assessments are in there?

    A.At the end of each module, there is a multiple choice quiz based on the readings and lesson materials. The purpose of the quizzes is to enhance your retention of the material. You are permitted to refer to the module lessons and other notes during the quizzes. There is no time limit and you have an unlimited number of attempts to take the quiz. You will see feedback on your correct and incorrect answers after you pass. At the end of the course, there is a final theory exam (online), covering what you have learned in all modules. Upon successful completion of your final exam with a final score of 80% or above, you will receive your certificate.

  • Q.If I fail the final exam, do you charge any fees to retake it?

    A.No, there are no additional fees to retake your final theory exam. In fact, you will be able to retake it instantly (online), without any further administrative steps. You are permitted to refer to the module lessons and other notes during your final exam. There is no time limit and you have an unlimited number of attempts to take it.

  • Q.Can the course help with my career?

    A.Absolutely! The course is packed with Downloadable Client Materials and Session Handouts that will help you establish or expand your nutritional practice.

    Your final module covers the key professional, legal, tax, and insurance considerations in order to set up your practice. In there, we also provide you with downloadable legal templates for you to print and use as soon as you start seeing clients.

    We also offer an optional, premium Clinic Toolkit™ packed with intelligent forms to help start or enhance your practice.

  • Q.Do I need to finish the course within 12 months?

    A.No, there are no fixed deadlines and you can take as long as you need to complete it. You can finish it in a few weeks or in a couple of years, at your own pace. Plus, you have lifetime access to your course systems and materials, both before and after graduation, including all future updates and new research. This way, you’re supported with content that is current and fresh throughout your entire practice. If you have a gift voucher, we suggest you redeem it as soon as possible – and then start your course lessons whenever you are ready later on.

  • Q.How many hours per week do you recommend I study for?

    A.It depends on how quickly you would like to complete your certification. You can study for as many hours per week as your work and social life allows. The guided learning hours to complete this training are 90 hours.

    Some of our students finish in six months, and those with work commitments may take a year or longer. There’s no expiry date to complete the training.

  • Q.Is this accredited or recognised by an awarding body?

    A.Yes. It has been accredited by CPD (the official certification service for Continuing Professional Development, which carries both UK and International recognition), endorsed by YMCA Awards (previously Central YMCA Qualifications/CYQ), the UK’s leading and longest-established awarding body for health, fitness and wellness qualifications, and approved by IICT (the International Institute for Complementary Therapists) for professional membership and insurance.

    You can find out more about our awarding bodies HERE.

  • Q.Are there any hidden charges?

    A.Everything we’ve detailed above these Frequently Asked Questions is included in your price! You’ll have the choice to select optional add-ons (entirely up to you if you want them or not), such as a printed course pack by post or professional add-on registration modules for CPD and YMCA Awards. Not all of our graduates seek to evidence a professional recognition, so we’ve made it optional and those who don’t need it won’t have to pay extra. We also offer an optional, premium Clinic Toolkit™ packed with intelligent forms to help start or enhance your practice. Contact us if you require further information.

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Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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We asked our new joiners...

Have you taken any health, fitness or nutrition courses in the past?

I know that getting educated on nutrition will allow me to help recognise others' needs and provide them with the correct solutions. I am improving people's lives by helping them live healthier so that they can enjoy life to a better degree.

Marketer of nutritional ready-to-drink beverages

Finished Sports and recreation course Level 5, but did not get enough information. For that reason I started to research about nutrition courses. I hope to become qualified nutritionist and set up my own goals for myself .

Bingo assistant becoming nutritionist

I wanted to learn more about diet and nutrition to help myself and my students

Tae Kwon Do instructor

Completed a standard Nutrition Advisor Course and looking to increase my knowledge, especially regarding aerobic exercise and muscle gain, for myself and to advise others.

Business owner

Currently qualified for Level 3 and have undertaken a nutrition course but would like more knowledge in nutrition , to be able to give nutritional advice.


I chose this course because a colleague at work subscribed and mentioned how well it uses evidenced based research, and to give me an extra qualification to use alongside my Physiotherapy degree.

Chartered Physiotherapist

To further my carrier as chef. Also learn about nutrition so I could help other people.


Friends, family and colleagues ask me for tips on fitness.  I would like to have more knowledge in nutrition so I can advise in both fitness and nutrition.

Gym Instructor

I have plans to become a personal trainer as have many friends that come to me for advice already.

Clinic receptionist

I would like to help my clients reach their health goals as well as their fitness goals and believe that a better understanding of diet will help me to achieve this.

Fitness Instructor

I want to start a new plan at my current job where we can start to implement food diaries for our elite level performers.

Cricket Development Officer

I teach body condition to full time dance students and I want to be more up to date on nutrition.

Dance and fitness teacher and gymnastic coach

I've had ME for a long time and I've got out of fitneess, but I'd love to be able to get fit and healthy and hone my skills in order to help those who are doing a lot of exercise.

Diet and Nutrition Adviser

I run a health screening company and regularly do courses to add to my knowledge. I also have a 15 year old daughter that is heavily into rowing and I thought this course could be interesting.

Director of Screening Programmes

Currently studying to be a nutritionist and thought this would be a great add on as it's more focused.

Nutritionist student

As i've recently started coaching boxing privately i'd like a better understanding and knowledge of nutrition in sport to advise my clients as best i can.

Factory worker

This certificate may well put me above the competition.

Personal Trainer

I have just qualified in a basic nutrition course and would like to further my knowledge. I am also taking a personal trainer course at the moment.

Fitness Instructor

I currently work for weight-watchers uk and i have just qualified as a nutritionist and a clinical weight-loss coach through online courses.

Weight Watchers Advisor

I work part time as a fitness instructor and have wanted to do a nutrition course since becoming qualified.  I want to have the knowledge to help myself achieve my goals, as well as helping other people and being able to advise them properly.

Football Coach

Decided to put knowledge behind my experience. To improve myself and to be able to help my family and others better.

Zumba Fitness instructor

I've just completed my Level 2 Gym based PT and Level 3 PT, I've already done Nutritional Advisor Level 3 but want something more sports specific.

Personal Trainer

I own a natural health clinic and shop. We have just started to stock protein powders and sports supplements. I want to improve my knowledge of sports nutrition, so that I can offer informed advice to customers.

Medical Herbalist

To be better able to guide my clients who have specific sport or exercise related issues.

Nutrition Coach

To supplement my nutrition background as I am getting more and more clients from sports and fitness and would like to ensure that my knowledge is as sound as it can be.

Nutrition Therapist and counsellor

To enable me to advise Performance Athletes I work with at England Netball - especially on recovery and refuelling.

Performance Co-ordinator and Team Manager, England Netball

I felt my nutrition knowledge was my weak link with regards to me being a qualified personal trainer and I'm a firm believer that diet and nutrition is the key to gaining any kind of physical results.

Personal Trainer

I am very passionate about nutrition but do not have enough understanding about it.  I also would love to help my clients to achieve there goals and without 100 % understanding about nutrition I can not help them.

Personal Trainer

I am doing this for CPD (Continuous Professional Development)


I want to be able to provide my clients with more detailed and more reliable nutritional advice. My current knowledge is fundamental at best and I want to feel more confident in what I tell my clients.

Personal Trainer

I am qualified to take several fitness courses and am leaving the RAF next year so I wanted to do something that would complement them.  Also, I am very cynical about the frequent food fads and 'diet' information so I wanted to find out more but away from that nonsense environment.

RAF Officer

Keep my knowledge up to date to ensure the best outcomes for athletes and students. I also have a keen interest in the area of nutrition and sports performance.

Sports coach/education advisor

Graduated with a BSc in sports rehabilitation with sport science. Grown up surrounded by a family working in the food and nutrition industry. Wanted to combine the two. I currently work with people rehabilitating them back from injury as well as working at many athletics events including London 2012 as a sports massage therapist.

Sports Rehabilitator

This course will further help my clients. as I work mostly with amateur athletes they all seem to lack the knowledge about nutrition and their training is suffering. I also suffer with my nutrition and this course will help.

Sports Therapist

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Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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I enjoyed everything about this course, one of the benefits is you work from home in your own time so it's very flexible. The downloadable print outs were very helpful as well.5stars

Tracy Brown (Leeds, West Yorkshire)

Enhancing my knowledge by getting the science behind my own understanding and use. Also, the further reading and client handouts ref material etc are very beneficial to my existing practice.5stars

Scott Pirie (Croyde, Braunton, UK)