Professional recognition.

Get your add-on module and your enhanced certificate. And various perks.

  • Evidence your learning

    Provide evidence of continuing professional development to your professional body or employer

  • Show off and get more clients

    Join our online Clinic Toolkit™. Get pre-approved by external professional organisations.

  • Professional membership

    Instantly eligible for IICT Full Membership in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand

  • Eligible for insurance

    Get through IICT Professional Indemnity, Product Liability and General Public Liability insurance

Includes all of the following items:

  • Evidence the recognition of your training through this extra self-assessment module
  • Eligibility to register for professional membership and insurance with IICT upon completion of the add-on module
  • Registration Form for employment and professional verifications
  • Quality-marked certificate in your name, dated and signed with professional logos
  • The add-on certificate has been verified and approved by all awarding bodies, carrying both UK and international recognition
  • Other perks include pre-approved access to testing services e.g. Lorisian

Copyright(c) The Health Sciences Academy™

Select the training you've just completed

Each add-on module is for your corresponding certification. For example, you can't choose the Advanced Clinical Weight Loss add-on module if you have only completed the Detox Specialist certification.

Click on an image to see the enlarged version. Your enhanced certificate will include your name and is dated.


Your Enhanced Certificate:

  • Accredited by the CPD Certification Service to meet professional registration requirements, such as the maintenance of a licence to practise, and to ensure that employees and professionals can evidence their skills and remain proficient to change in practice
  • Where relevant, endorsed by Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ), the UK’s largest awarding body for health, fitness and wellness qualifications
  • Eligibility to register for professional membership and insurance with IICT

Copyright(c) The Health Sciences Academy™

  • Watermarked and coded
  • Signed and dated
  • In your name
  • Downloadable in high quality (for home or professional printing)
  • UK and internationally recognised
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional development for your profession*
  • The quality of your training is of an extremely high standard
  • CPD training is often partially or fully reimbursed by employers
  • Global portability and recognition
  • You are on top of the latest research and thinking and can provide up to date advice to your clients
  • Your certificate is recognised across all of YMCA’s gyms and centres worldwide
  • The quality of your training is of an extremely high standard for the health, fitness and wellbeing sector
  • Especially powerful for personal trainers, gym instructors and other fitness professionals
  • You can prove to your clients that the training you have received is of the highest standard and is relevant to the health, wellness and fitness sector specifically
  • Discounted Full Membership with a professional body in your field
  • Recognised insurance cover upon completion of the Advisory add-on module
  • International community with like-minded professionals
  • You can prove to your clients that you are a member of a global community
  • You adhere to the IICT Constitution and Code of Ethics
  • Pre-approved to register as a Lorisian Practitioner
  • Exclusive 10% discount on Lorisian testing services (excluding Lorisian 100)
  • Available to graduates worldwide
  • Example intolerance tests that you can offer to your clients: