Fasting for Health, Longevity and Disease prevention - Master class

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Course Code: HLD5793

Fasting is gaining more press and media coverage than ever before. New books are being regularly published on the subject.

In this master class we share with you the findings of world-leading scientists in the fields of longevity, fasting, and cancer research.


By the end of this programme, you will be able to understand the hormonal, biochemical and epigenetic mechanisms triggered by fasting “if done the right way”.

You will gain access to world-leading scientific research on fasting, and understand the effects that it has on health, longevity, disease prevention, and cancer.

This programme can be taken in the following formats:

1. Attendance - Intensive

Central London. One full day. Based on demand.

2. Online - Modular

A speed that suits you. All lessons and workshop materials available online 24-7 and continuously updated to include the latest research.


The cost of this programme is £589.

Payments in GBP, EUR and USD are accepted.

Deposit: Fees include a non-refundable deposit of £250.

Pay for the balance in two monthly instalments.

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