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Become a certified Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™

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How will this benefit you?

  • Integrate Fertility Nutrition into your practice and boost your income and impact
  • Support clients on their journey to parenthood and transform the lives of those who have been labelled ‘clinically infertile’
  • Dive into tracking and analysing your client's cycles in order to help her understand the most optimal time (her fertile window) when she is more likely to conceive
  • Personalise advice with proven client success framework that includes ready-to-use client tools, templates, and session handouts

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Who is this certification for?

This advanced training is for you if…
Help female clients increase their fertility odds and chances of conception, and build personalised strategies for each client while improving your income.
Understand what is the right dose of exercise for each client looking to conceive. Regular moderate exercise can help with fertility odds. But too much exercise (intensive and for long) can have detrimental consequences on fertility outcomes. And so does too little exercise! Beneficial activities like yoga which elicit the “relaxation response” reducing oxidative stress in reproductive cells.
Being overweight or obese worsen fertility risk and reproductive health issues (e.g. PCOS). Obese individuals have reduced changes to conceive. Carrying excess body fat can lead to inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and significantly reduced antioxidant capacity (needed for the strength and longevity of reproductive cells), all lowering fertility odds.
Higher stress levels and poor, low quality sleep negatively impact fertility odds. Miscarriage can also affect mental health and work performance.
Learn to create fertility-friendly meals for the working force and for professionals who are looking to have a baby or IVF. Formulate fertility-supporting products and boost fertility-related nutrients in the diet.
Drive educational workshops using client templates from your course, meal cooking together, couple’s fitness games, relaxation response exercises (induced by deep breathing training and guided meditations; aiding fertility odds), meal plans to take home with them.
Sharpen your clinical skills with specialised knowledge while earning your CPD.
OR you’re new to nutrition and want to start up a fertility nutrition practice or you want to get pregnant and carry a child to term.

What's included?

  • 58 evidence-based units, 90 CPD hours
  • 48 downloadable client materials and session handouts
    • Fertility trackers
    • Fertile window planners
    • Estimating time to conception tools
    • Nutritional and environmental detractors evaluations
    • Fertility groceries shopping lists for her
    • Fertility groceries shopping lists for him
    • And so much more!
  • Resources to support a client through IVF or assisted conception, including:
    • Understanding the 6 main types of artificial conception
    • Assisted Conception FAQs handout
  • Bonus Module: Summary of health conditions affecting fertility odds
  • Gynaecologist Appointment Guide
  • Fertility Diet Planning Workbook™ which includes 4 tools and step-by-step instructions to create a personalised fertility nutrition plan for a client
  • Skills Lab™ to immediately practise your knowledge

48 client tools and templates all done for you

Personalise your client sessions with these assessments, trackers and planners...


Exclusive BONUS module:

Summarises the science of 5 female health conditions which can affect fertility odds:  
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Uterine fibroids

    Grow further with this opportunity

    • Explore these incredible opportunities to boost your career, credibility, income, and impact
    • Set yourself further apart from other health and nutrition professionals with this specialised knowledge
    • Build a successful nutrition business that earns money and makes a difference

    Accelerate your business with Client Getting Bundle

    Win and wow clients as a Fertility Nutritional Advisor and maximise your revenue.

    Get your customised Client Getting Bundle today
    220 One-time offer. Lifetime access.

    Get your customised Client Getting Bundle today

    220 One-time offer. Lifetime access.

    Grow further with this opportunity

    Watch this quick walkthrough by our CEO, Maurice Castelijn and learn how you can skyrocket your income and impact as a Dietary Supplements Advisor.

    Your Business Success in a Box

    Launch and Grow a Profitable Nutrition Practice, the smart way

    Fast-track your business growth, expand your client base and deploy specialist packages that deliver client success!

    Client Getting Blueprint

    Included in your bundle today!

    • Start focusing on the steps that actually get you premium niche clients faster
    • Get 6 super simple sales tools that attract and sign clients - even if you're new to the space
    • Elegantly convert prospects into paying clients and start filling your calendar with sessions

    Business Launch Blueprint

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    • Get the multi-step plan to quickly roll out your specialised services in a way that makes a positive first impression
    • Leverage over 20 competitive insights to maximise revenue and grow your practice
    • Use our simple-to-follow guidance to get you going immediately and build a business you love

    8-Session Client Success Blueprint

    • Start helping clients in your niche achieve success by IMMEDIATELY deploying these tools and templates
    • Get the 8-Session Program Structure Template where we show you how to architect EACH of your 8 client sessions, session-by-session
    • Know how to go about each session: what to include, ask and say, what homework to give, and which notes to take... so you know exactly what to do to help your client achieve results!

    Client Booking Roadmap

    • Deploy this step-by-step process in your practice and start signing up new clients... without hard-selling!
    • All components of your Client Getting Blueprint™ are explained graphically in this easy-to-use one-page tool
    • This simple roadmap shows you exactly how to get qualified prospects booking into your calendar

    4-Factor Business Launch Checklist

    Included in your bundle today!

    • Follow this simple plan to quickly roll out your services as a specialist and get everyone to talk about your practice
    • Check out these 29 easy to-dos that help you gain profitable partnerships and design premium packages
    • Start getting new client enquiries... fast!

    8-Session Success Plan

    • Get this plan to give each of the 8 parts of your program an attractive name, and keep every client excited to come back for more and more
    • Surprise and delight your clients by knowing WHEN and HOW to introduce the amazing client forms from your certification
    • Feel in charge of your program delivery with a complete walk-through simply laid out for you in this Client Success Plan

    Success Stories

    Several nutrition professionals are successfully creating an impact as an Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! You have the option to spread your tuition fees and pay via easy instalments. Make sure to talk to the team right now.
    Yes, of course. Once you enrol, you get lifetime access to everything so you can pick a pace that works for you or start, pause, and restart whenever you want to.

    Many of our current students are working full-time, part-time, or juggling multiple roles, so your flexibility is always our priority.

    Plus you have 24/7 access to it all to learn from any device of your choice.
    Yes, you do! You get lifetime access to everything so you can revisit your certification, client materials and session handouts, Skills Lab™ whenever you want.
    Yes! You get insurance to practise across 38 countries through IICT.

    You also have the option to find your own insurance. Just let us know if you need any help or guidance once you speak with an insurance agent.
    By the end of this certification you’ll be able to:
      • Discover the science of how reproductive organs work and understand the importance for this in helping your client conceive
      • Assist your client in tracking her menstrual cycle length, body temperature, cervical mucus, and luteinising hormone surge
      • Analyse your client´s menstrual cycle data in order to estimate her fertile window and her day of ovulation for her following menstrual cycle
      • Estimate your client´s time to conception based on how often and when she is able to have sexual intercourse
      • Identify factors which may lower fertility odds such as a poor diet, poor sleep, stress, and harmful chemicals
      • Understand how the foods we eat impact our fertility hormones and reproductive cycles – and how your client can use this knowledge to change her nutrition and improve fertility odds
      • Gain advanced knowledge on conditions which may reduce your client´s chances of having a child including endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian failure, and more
      • Understand the fundamentals of assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilisation, intrauterine insemination, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection
      • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of male fertility and how to help boost his fertility odds
    Yes! Inside your Fertility Nutrition Academic Tour, we've opened up a number of resources for you to experience including:
      • Multiple demo modules
      • Focused webinars
      • Detailed curriculum
      • Step-by-step study guide
      • Learning outcomes
    And so much more! Click here to take the FREE tour →
    Yes, if you realise within 14 days of joining that this certification is not right for you, we can either arrange a refund or provide you with a learner credit (T&C apply).
    Absolutely yes! By getting both today can take advantage of enormous savings (our way of supporting you during these economically difficult times).
    Yes. Our Client Getting Bundles go hand-in-hand with the certification and everything is specifically designed around the forms and the specialised skills from the training.

    Therefore, to benefit from the resources we share inside the bundle, you will need to complete the Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor specialisation.

    Become a certified Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™


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