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  • Are artificial sweeteners a weight loss aid… or a weight gain trap?
  • How harmful or how safe are food colourings?
  • Does food colouring cause developmental problems in children?
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Learn about how food additives, such as artificial sweeteners and food colourings, could be negatively affecting our health and that of our children.

Contains the following Continuing Education modules:

  • Artificial Sweeteners and Body Weight
  • Food Colourings Part 1 – Treat or Threat
  • Food Colourings Part 2 – Harmful to Children

Artificial Sweeteners and Body Weight

With sugar consumption under the spotlight in the obesity crisis, zero-calorie sweeteners have become the go-to substitute for most dieters… Consumed by millions of us on a daily basis, we add them to our hot and cold drinks, and even to our desserts, luxury yogurts, and baked treats.

Yet, there have been some alarming headlines warning us about zero-calorie sweeteners causing us to pile on the pounds… the opposite of what we signed up for! But, should we believe any of this? Or is it a false alarm? Are artificial sweeteners a weight loss aid, or a weight gain trap?

In this module, you will learn:

  • If artificial sweeteners are a weight loss aid… or a weight gain trap
  • The research behind whether they are hindering our dieting efforts – or not
  • How our gut bacteria may positively or negatively react to artificial sweeteners
  • What effects zero-calorie sweeteners have on our appetite and hunger hormones

Food Colourings Part 1 – Treat or Threat

We’ve all heard of food colourings. But how much do you actually know about them? Some say that food colourings aren’t safe for us to consume… But what’s this opinion based on? And is anyone controlling their use at all?

In this module, you will learn:

  • The differences between natural and synthetic food colours
  • The reason why food colourings are added to foods in the first place
  • Which food colourings are safer and which ones may be more harmful
  • How food colouring are regulated and what this regulation is based on
  • If eating food colourings may be actually increasing DNA damage in the body
  • Whether or not some food colourants may be safer than others to consume

Food Colourings Part 2 – Harmful to Children

Whether you have young children of your own or you know someone who has, you might have heard the discussions about food colouring and child health… Some people are convinced that food colourings cause behavioural and/or developmental problems in children; particularly in relation to hyperactivity disorders. But is there any science behind this? Or is it all just hearsay?

In this module, you will learn:

  • The science behind food colourings and whether they cause developmental problems in children
  • If food colouring is the reason why children are hyperactive or have ADHD
  • The legislation behind the use of food colouring in food
  • How you can know which food colourings are in the foods and drinks a child consumes
  • Whether parents should eliminate food colourings from their children’s diet

6 Hours Accredited Training

Good Science Beats Junk Science.
(or... Why You'll Want To Study With Us Scientists)

When most people consume junk articles and bad science, our learners want the truth.

Fortunately, as scientists in this domain, we're here to filter out the fads.

We have a very strict research and review process. For example, when we touch on a controversial topic, citing a single piece of research can be confusing. That's why, in the absence of consensus, we compile studies to show you both sides.

The findings are thoroughly investigated and based on studies vetted for scientific integrity, which have a higher probability of being accurate.

This way, we avoid bad science and deliver proven research to you.

Get Smarter. Sound Smarter.

Maybe you navigated thousands of health and nutrition websites. You found contradictions, not answers. So what is true? And what isn't?

Maybe you found some self-declared "evidence-based" blog, to later realise they are pseudo-scientific... or worse: fear-mongers.

The problem is, when you repeat what you read in there, you risk sounding incoherent, or may end up hysterically defending points you barely understand yourself...

So, how can you get the credibility you want?

In this continuing education program, we'll not only teach you proven science-based concepts, but show you the context and what it all means in practical terms.

This way, when you talk to others, you'll be spreading reliable information and earning the respect that you deserve.

Enjoy a Unique Learning Experience.

No more internet hangovers. A smooth experience with everything in one place.

We want you to enjoy your continuing education without distractions. So you can immerse yourself in the content.

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Liked the scientific evidence, equally weighted arguments and in depth coverage.

Jana Earl, Personal Trainer, Slovakia

Excellent eye opening course, great detail in studies and material. Would highly recommend.

Edwin Heffernan, Irish Naval Service, Ireland

This course has been outstanding. I can use it personally and professionally!

Alejandro Arreguin, Pharmacy Technician, United States

I learnt a lot more than expected and the course has certainly helped become more aware of the pitfalls in our diet.

Nicole Reedy, Nurse, Australia

Easy to follow, easy access and thorough. So so happy and impressed, want to start more courses already!!

Kitty Alice Harrison, Personal Trainer, England

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