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Average rating:  
 3889 reviews
 by Jintujit mali on The Health Sciences Academy
Goood institute

I have good experience with this institute.

 by Jenifer Joanna on The Health Sciences Academy
Very informative

The nutrition starter course helped me a lot in reviewing all about the basics of nutrition, I personally loved it and I recommend everyone to take up this short and very informative course.

It's all free

Fantastic free nutrition course, loved it!

I love nutrition and I want to start a career in this field. This free nutrition course is just what I needed. I am so glad I found it! It was super fun to complete, and I learned things I haven't thought about before. Next, I will be taking more training on nutrition and hopefully start helping my own nutrition clients. It's very exciting! Thanks to the health sciences academy!!

 by Maria lily So Ramos on The Health Sciences Academy
Enioyed the most

This is enjoyable as I am filling up an information that I am just confirming how I can change people's lives by giving them education to live longer and healthier

 by Priysillah Eyabu on The Health Sciences Academy

I learn t a lot from the information shared and the video.

I was also able to build up on my nutritional knowledge.

Thank you.

 by Claire Davey on The Health Sciences Academy
Absolutely brilliant

Fantastic course I have learnt what not and what to feed my children and I have more of an understanding of how food helps ones body. Thanks you for this free course.


This is a very interesting opening to a beginners course. I am very excited to further my knowledge in this field!

 by J Saanchez on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition Course

Great course. Short but very informative.

 by vishesh on The Health Sciences Academy
nutrition course

An excellent couse with lots of informative information about nutrition for beginners.

 by vishesh on The Health Sciences Academy

A good in formative course for the beginner in nutrition course.

 by Victoria on The Health Sciences Academy
Free starter nutrition course

Absolutely enjoyed this course., staff very helpful and responded extremely quickly to my emails. Loved every part of it, very informative. Thank you.

Great course

Great COURSE to start.I really enjoy the simplicity of the course.

 by Kenneth on The Health Sciences Academy
A good course thats offered 100% for free

I found this course completely by accident while surfing online and decided what the heck why not. I am not disappointed I was able to take some notes on things I didn't know before this course. I will happily recommend this to anyone looking for a start to their journey.


This course is beneficial to anyone whether they already know a fair bit about nutrition or if they are a complete beginner. It teaches you a lot including how to correctly read food labels and how to calculate the fat content, about superfoods, and learning what fat free foods and reduced fat foods actually mean. Really good course and easy to understand, highly recommend.

 by shalini on The Health Sciences Academy
good knowledge

Great information highlighting the important health benefits and good nutrition from Supper foods. thank you

Enjoy this helpful course

This is a very beneficial course for anyone interested to improve his life and his family's health. It is very user friendly and well documented. The assessments and questionnaires make it even more interesting for people, like me, that we don't know the details of a healthy diet.

 by Sahara on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition course

great for just starting out. it was really helpful.i am enjoying to start.

 by Sahara Hassan on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition course

I am so happy to start this course

An beneficial course for everyone

I am on an intermittent fasting where I have food for 8 hours and on fasting for 16 hours daily. I feel that people need to understand some basic knowledge of body function and its relationship with food. It is my opinion that inappropriate food consumptions are the primary cause of many illnesses that are preventable. The body immune system is an important component that depends largely on the type of food consumed. With the current stressful life that one is going through and without subject on food in our education system, many people will encounter health issue as they get older. I am preparing to gain as much knowledge in health care through proper food so that I can start a social enterprise to educate the public to achieve better health from proper food consumption. Thank you for providing this free online course.

 by Daphne on The Health Sciences Academy

I have really enjoyed it so far, looking forward to learning what makes us healthier and fitter.

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