[CASE STUDY] How Much Sugar Is In That Smoothie?

How much sugar is in that smoothie? The Health Sciences Academy

I get this asked a lot: “What’s WRONG with freshly-made natural fruit juices and smoothies?” Let me start by telling you that, luckily, in nutrition science there are NO black-and-white answers. I say “luckily” because the direction of nutrition isn’t blanket advice. It’s personalisation. Your needs (biochemical, etc.), your goals, and your preferences all count.…

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[DOWNLOAD] How To Conduct An Effective Self-Experiment – The Ultimate Guide

Experimentation Cycle_Self-Experiment_The Health Sciences Academy

With self-experimentation, you can try different ways of doing things, find out more about yourself, and learn what is good for you, or what isn’t. Conducting your own self-experiments can be quite fun. Like a series of mini-adventures. Isn’t it exciting to discover something every day? When done safely and ethically, running a self-experiment can…

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Avocado Pits: Start or Stop Eating?

Avocado Pits Start or Stop Eating_The Health Sciences Academy

Have you heard? There’s this viral craze going on, encouraging people to eat avocado pits. But the problem is that there is no “new” study showing that eating avocado pits is safe or beneficial. In fact, there is no study at all showing the benefits (or risks) of eating avocado pits. So where does this…

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2016 Calendar Gift For You!

2016 Calendar_The Health Sciences Academy

As promised, a present for you as a loyal member of our community: our 2016 calendar! This year’s theme: FRUIT SCIENCE. Hint: look for the science facts in the green boxes! Downloads in A4 format Want to say thanks? Tell us what else you’d love us to do in 2016. Downloads in Letter format Want to say thanks? Tell us…

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Get Free Video Training: Your Brain On Food

Brain on food_By Alex Ruani_Video Session_Image

To eat or not to eat? And then what? Certain foods can sometimes be so difficult to resist… … even with the greatest willpower in the world, you can find yourself reaching for that succulent cake or sticky doughnut! You might think that your conscious brain is in complete control of the choices you make…

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Junk Science Blogs: 4 Signs You May Be Unknowingly Following One

Junk Science_Non Sequitur of 2 and 1_The Health Sciences Academy

The internet is growing uncontrollably. Ultra-fast information transfer is happening across this world via a network of communication satellites. Nearly everything has changed with the onset of internet, and over the past years we’ve seen vast improvements in technology, communication and virtual entertainment. All thanks to the internet. The internet has also been pivotal in…

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Fasting and Training: Good or Bad?

Have you ever worried that fasting and exercise don’t go together? Or perhaps you’ve heard the opposite: that training in a fasted state has its benefits? We investigate the scientific studies that tried answering these questions in this PDF report. Grab “Fasting and Training: Good or Bad?” below:     Conveniently download this 29-page science…

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10 Great Reads to Kick-Start a Healthy 2015

Happy New Year! I’ve picked our most relevant articles to help you start 2015 on a high note. Check them out while you’re relaxing or taking a break and get all the reading you need to feel better today. Happy reading! PS: Our Detox Specialist course is now open for enrolment! After 5,475 hours of…

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A Present For You (PDF Download)

Happy New Year! As promised, I have a present for you as a loyal member of our wonderful community.   Hint: look for the science facts in the green boxes! I hope you find it useful, and feel free to share this with someone who might also like it. Enjoy!

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Hugs, The Ultimate Vaccine

Could you imagine that something so delicate and sweet as a hug or a warm touch actually demonstrates measurable health benefits that boost your immune system? Hugs not only build trust and relay a sense of safety with the right person, they also have a profound effect on the way our body defends itself against infection…

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