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Learn the science and how to apply it with clients to become a confident and successful nutrition professional!

Become insurable as a nutrition professional

Once you have completed at least one of our professional certifications, you’ll become eligible for insurance to practise as a nutrition professional.
You’ll be gaining factual, SCIENTIFIC knowledge from our own team of accomplished PhDs and researchers with 200+ published studies in peer-reviewed journals

24/7 access to our online academic learning platform

You can start, pause, or complete your studies at your own pace. Through a fun, modular experience, we make it easy to ace your lessons – anywhere and at any time!
Get the specialised tools you need to successfully help your own nutrition clients, and build an effective and profitable nutrition practice – starting today!

You Too Can Be Successful

Don’t just take it from us, see what our graduates say!
Christopher Barker
Founder of The Lifestyle Clinic
“My certifications with The Health Sciences Academy have taught me to use and understand many scientific methods and they are invaluable when it comes to implementing what I have learned into my business. I got clearer on the direction of my company. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!”
Rochelle Serna
Founder of The Non Tox Shop
“I’ve started a business based on helping people create the healhiest, most able-to-thrive babies possible with the building blocks being my learnings with The Health Sciences Academy. I’m just so thankful for the education and for the amazing team that helped me! For me it’s been life-changing.”
Nikki Kelly
Founder of Vegan Weight Loss Mentor
“Everything you need to run a professional business is in here, even if you had a business for a long time. You feel comfortable asking clients for a premium price because of the wonderful Clinic Toolkit, saving me months of work so now I can do what I enjoy doing: helping people with their weight loss!”

“If you want to learn science, it doesn't get any better than learning from the scientists themselves.”

Alex Ruani, Chief Science Educator, The Health Sciences Academy

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