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Redeem and ENROL

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The steps below are screenshots with explanations. The whole process takes less than a minute in reality, but we've detailed each step for you so that you can't go wrong!  Should you run into problems for whatever reason, please click on 'chat' (bottom right of the page) if we are around, or email us at [email protected] with your full name, address details and voucher code and we'll get you registered ASAP!!

  • 1

    Show the voucher field

    When you are on the checkout page, click there and it will expose the voucher field.

  • 2

    Enter voucher code

    We strongly advise you to copy-and-paste your code on the checkout page, to avoid letters and numbers from getting mixed up. You can try to type your code if paste doesn't work on your device.

  • 3

    Apply voucher

    Click on the Apply Voucher button on the checkout page to activate your voucher.

  • !

    The system will confirm your voucher is valid

    And you will see the following message:

  • 4

    Register your details and accept the terms and conditions

    Please also leave all check boxes ticked. You need to accept the terms and conditions before you complete your enrolment.

  • 5

    Click on PLACE ORDER

    When you have completed your details on the checkout page, click on Place Order you're registered. Follow the remaining steps and enjoy!!

Good. You should be ready now. Click on the button below.

Redeem and ENROL