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  • 50% off your 1st year IICT Full Membership (only for graduates of The Health Sciences Academy)
  • Discounted insurance for advisory courses from The Health Sciences Academy
  • Insurance for your specialisation (modality) has been pre-approved by insurance underwriters
  • Practise across Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Channel Island, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Wales, UK or US
  • Directory listing to help promote your business



Pre-requisites for fast-track approval:

  • You need to be a graduate of an advisory certification with us
  • You need to have completed your Professional Add-on Module
  • You need to have downloaded your Enhanced Certificate

If you don't have this, DO THIS NEXT:

  • Complete an advisory certification ('Level 5') HERE
  • Sign up for your Professional Add-on Module HERE
  • Download your Enhanced Certificate from your account HERE

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The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) provides membership and access to discount insurance for every professional in the field of therapy and nutrition. No matter how many different services you offer, everything can be covered under one membership and one insurance.

IICT is an excellent fit for nutritional advisors without the need of joining multiple associations. IICT has the largest list of services (modalities) in the world (1,000+). All advisory courses at The Health Sciences Academy have been approved by IICT and their insurance brokers.

Joining IICT is the first step to getting insurance. They verify your qualification and certificate to ensure you meet their standards. Once approved you can get yourself insured to practice.

Fast-Track Membership & Insurance.

Sign up with IICT for Full Membership. Get access to insurance for your new specialisation.

  • Full Membership costs per annum
  • Through The Health Sciences Academy you will get 50% off your first year
  • Insurance is competitively priced, typically from per annum
  • Q.Which IICT Membership can I get?

    A.You can get the IICT Full Membership. Once approved, with this membership you will be able to obtain insurance through IICT right away.

  • Q.How will I know I will be accepted?

    A.IICT recognises all advisory courses of The Health Sciences Academy. You will see the IICT logo on your Enhanced Certtificate (from your Professional Add-on Module). Moreover, the underwriters of the insurance companies IICT work with have approved your specialisation, also known as ‘modality’.

  • Q.I already have insurance. Do I need this?

    A.Unless you have insurance for your particular specialisation, such as Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, you need additional cover. You have a choice whether you keep your existing insurance and get insurance through IICT, or if you want to move all your insurance under one roof. That’s entirely up to you!

  • Q.I am a member of other Associations. Can I also be a member of the IICT?

    A.Yes, IICT accept members of existing Associations.

  • Q.As a new IICT Member, what will I receive with my Welcome Package?

    A.You will receive: an IICT welcome email, IICT Member Certificate, IICT Membership Number (listed on your certificate), access to IICT logos for your website and/or marketing materials, a copy of the IICT’s Constitution and Code of Ethics, a place on the IICT Practitioners’ Directory and access to discounted insurance.

  • Q.How do I get started? And how will I benefit from the first year 50% off?

    A.You get started by clicking on one of the flags on this page, which will take you to your national IICT branch. There, everything will be explained. All you need to remember is three things:

    1) THSA50% – your discount code
    2) Full Membership – this is the one you need
    3) Your Enhanced Certificate with IICT logo – you’ll need to upload this on the IICT site


Get practising today.

Sign up with IICT for Full Membership. CLICK on your country to get started: