Introducing Mindi!

Mindi believes the most important and proudest job on the planet is being a Mom!!
Mindi O’Brien is Canada’s top fitness personality & superstar. She won the 2004 Canadian Fitness Championships with unanimous first-place scores. One month later, Mindi represented Canada as she made her professional debut at the I.F.B.B. SW USA Pro Cup, winning that competition with unanimous first-place scores over a field of over 30 American veteran world class competitors.
Before Mindi, no Canadian competitor had ever won an IFBB professional fitness competition event, let alone on her first time out! Since then, Mindi has professionally competed in the IFBB Pro League more than 70 times, with appearances representing Canada at 11 consecutive Fitness Olympias and 9 Arnold Classic Fitness International competitions, and the 1st ever Arnold Classic Europe – the three most prestigious fitness competitions in the world. Mindi was the first IFBB Fitness competitor to make a successful switch to the new Women’s Physique Division and represented Canada at the 1st ever Women’s Physique Olympia and Arnold Classic.
Mindi is not only a Professional Athlete, but she is a mother of a 27-year-old son, Alex, a Personal Fitness Coach/Trainer, and business owner of O’BRIEN’S FITNESS.
With more than 20 years competing, over 100 competitions (including Amateur), having competed in all 4 IFBB Pro Women’s Divisions – Fitness, Physique, Figure & Bikini, Mindi is considered one of the world’s best and most experienced “Competitive Posing Coaches.”
After retiring from the Competitive Fitness Stage in 2016, it Mindi focused her energy and time towards giving back to the athletes and to the sport that has been her life for over 20 years. Retirement has allowed her to focus more on coaching and show promoting. She is using her experience to teach women and young girls how to push themselves out of their comfort zones and become proud of their bodies and what the can endure, instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed.
Mindi believes when you begin your athletic journey, regardless of your age or ability level, the experience is one of continuous new beginnings. It’s a lifetime of discovery and learning. The lessons may appear on many different levels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As you evolve both athletically and personally, you’ll discover that this journey has no final destination or finish line.
Being an Affiliate with THSA has allowed Mindi to get certified as a Nutrition Therapist. Mindi knows that knowledge is power and being able to work with a team/academy has allowed her to add scientific methods to her toolbox. By providing the most up to date scientifically backed evidence, Mindi is able to help her clients reach their optimal health.


  • IFBB Pro Fitness/Physique Champion
  • 11-time Olympia Competitor + 9-time Arnold Classic Competitor
  • CPA/IFBB Pro League-Contest Promoter (Mindi O Show + Niagara Falls Pro/Am)
  • Two-Time North American FVF Fitness & Strength Challenge Champion
  • Two Time TSN Fitness Series Champion
  • Business Owner of O’Brien’s Fitness
  • Coach-Specializing in Women’s Health & Fitness
  • Published Fitness Model/Cover Model
  • Actor (stunts) + Wrestling
  • Spokesperson/sponsored athlete for COOLR MEAL MANAGEMENT BAGS
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD:  Ontario Physique Association
  • SWIS: Lifetime Achievement Award

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