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Look around you – there are just so many conflicting opinions when it comes to nutrition.

The rise of social media has given way to a wave of self-proclaimed 'experts'…

“This worked for me – it’ll work for you!”

“Eating this causes cancer!”

“Have you checked out this new diet book?”

The problem is fallacies are circulated and advice based on opinion becomes inaccurate and dangerous.

At The Health Sciences Academy, we take this issue seriously, and mitigating these risks is a key part of what we do…

Because we know how difficult it is to find truly skilled nutrition professionals who know their stuff.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower people like you with the know-how, skills, and strategies to be able to help clients both confidently and competently.

Your opportunity is huge.

Our Nutritional Therapist certification provides you with the perfect foundation for your career as a nutrition professional…

So, if you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the nutrition industry and stay ahead of the game, you need to understand nutrition biochemistry – and how to apply that knowledge when building personalised nutrition programs.

How can you get that know-how?

Fortunately, as scientists in this domain, we have done the research. And we want to share this intelligence with YOU...

So you don’t need to keep guessing the ‘whats’, ‘hows’, and ‘whys’, because we’ve got the answers…

Nutritional Therapist

Professional Diploma Level 5

Discover how to identify nutrient deficiency risks and build tailored nutritional programs.

Here's What You Will Accomplish

Get a taste of what you'll be learning to start and grow your nutrition business...

Test for nutrient deficiency risks on your own

  • Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment™ with scores nutrient by nutrient
  • Includes results and personalised recommendations
  • Plus workbooks to build personalised programs, monitor and reassess symptoms

Instantly apply your knowledge with clients

Practise the techniques taught in your certification before seeing real clients through guided field tasks, practical assignments, questionnaires, idea-bank creation, and games. Learn how your classmates are doing and stay motivated!

Client forms and tools to deploy in your business

Templates for immediate use with clients. Assessment tools to personalise programmes. Planning kits to use in your practice. Methods you won't find anywhere else!

A-to-Z guides and workbooks included!

Besides your module lessons, you'll also receive:

A complete A-to-Z analysis of 160+ superfoods – from their nutritional values, to whether they could possess any health benefits. When you explore their potential effects on the body, you’ll be able to help clients know exactly which foods they need to mitigate a nutrient deficiency risk.

Nutritional Advice for Over 40 Health Conditions, is full of hands-on tips and tricks to get you started as a Nutritional Therapist.

These specialist guides are 100% developed by our own scientists, which means you won’t find them anywhere else!

Join Today and Get These Exclusive Bonuses worth $£350350350

You’ll receive some of the most valuable bonuses that we’ve ever given away:

  • Access to the Clinic Toolkit™ for Nutritional Therapists

    Normally $£100 USD100 GBP100 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    This smart platform will enable you to confidently launch your nutrition business and start taking on online nutrition clients. As soon as you graduate, we’ll be giving you exclusive 30-day access to our proprietary Clinic Toolkit™ to get you rolling with your first 10 nutritional therapy clients. You’ll be able to chat with them, assign them homework, review their journals and form submissions, send them your personalised nutrition plans, shopping lists, and a lot more! This intelligent solution is the perfect way to secure an ongoing revenue whilst expertly supporting your clients with their nutrition.

  • Academic Transcript with Your Credit Hours

    Normally $£50 USD50 GBP50 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    This Academic Transcript will provide you with an enhanced evidence of your training, including a detailed breakdown of your credit hours per course unit. Many of our students request it right away, particularly those who wish to pursue a Master’s degree or further university education at a later stage, given that this Academic Transcript helps evidence the credit hours earned unit by unit. That means that once you graduate, you’ll have proof of your specialised credentials, gaining respect from both your clients and other professionals.

  • CPD Training: Veganism and Nutrient Deficiencies

    Normally $£50 USD50 GBP50 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    Which nutrients might vegans lack? And how can we solve that? Is it unsafe to stop eating all animal-derived foods? When we go vegan, there are 12 nutrients that we might not be getting enough of… So it’s important to find out what these are, learn why we need them, and which vegan foods contain them. This way, we can ensure your vegan clients or loved ones don’t develop a deficiency that could hurt them… There’s always room for helping them to become an even “better” vegan! This BONUS Continuing Education training is accredited for 2 CPD hours.

  • CPD Training: Dairy and Cancer Risk

    Normally $£50 USD50 GBP50 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    Does dairy really cause cancer? While many endorse the health benefits of a high-dairy diet, some believe that such practices among adults are highly unnatural, and may even cause cancer. So, which is it? Natural or abnormal? Health food… or hazardous material? Inside this BONUS Continuing Education training accredited for 2 CPD hours, we’ll show you how this heated debate can be resolved quite elegantly and without offending a client or friend who is for or against dairy! It’s packed with scientific references for you as well.

  • CPD Training: Paleolithic Diet Analysis

    Normally $£50 USD50 GBP50 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    Meat-based or plant-based: What did Paleo humans really eat? The “modern” Paleo diet is based on eating the same foods as humans ate during the Paleolithic Era. Some believe it was meat-based, while others plant-based. Which one is it? And how can we tell for sure? Inside this BONUS Continuing Education training accredited for 2 CPD hours, we dive into the scientific record to find the truth… and debunk some myths and misconceptions along the way! Another great resource to have in your arsenal, especially when someone approaches you arguing that humans evolved on red meat alone. It also equips your with scientific references.

  • CPD Training: Nutritional Genetics

    Normally $£50 USD50 GBP50 EUR, free-of-charge for you today

    Is it possible to eat right for your genes? Keto, gluten, lactose, fructose, folate, alcohol, caffeine, protein, carbs, saturated fat… Might your genes shape your ability (or lack of) to tolerate these without ill effects? What kind of genetic testing can you or your client do – and how can this help? This BONUS Continuing Education training accredited for 2 CPD hours will give you the answers you need AND will even show you how to leverage genetic testing kits to help clients and loved ones.

Here's Everything Included in the Nutritional Therapist Certification

  • University-level learning materials

    How does food REALLY impact human biochemistry? And can we really reduce disease risks with nutrition? Discover the effect what we eat has on our genes, and how you can apply that knowledge to help your very own clients.

  • A nutrition business in a box

    Want to feel more confident working with clients? Use our state-of-the-art templates, planning kits, and tools to create effective nutrition plans for your clients. We’ll give you the steps you need to succeed in this space.

  • The SCIENCE of nutrition

    Ever wondered whether genetic expression is modifiable? You’ll walk away knowing how and why health issues develop – and the strategies you can apply to help mitigate their risk.

  • Become insurable to practise

    This certification is pre-approved for insurance to practise in 27 countries. Once you complete it and obtain its Professional Add-on Module, you’ll be on your path to becoming insurable as a nutrition professional. In your final lessons, you’ll learn the 4 critical steps to set up your practice and get legal templates to sign up new clients.

  • Support to apply everything you learn

    Explore how to practice the techniques taught in your certification with real clients! Get the lowdown on nutritional deficiencies, then get out and about with our assessment tool – it includes results and personalised recommendations, plus workbooks to help monitor and reassess symptoms.

  • 24/7 online access to your course

    You can start, pause, or complete your studies at your own pace. Through a fun, modular online experience, we make it easy to complete your lessons – anywhere and at any time!

17 modules • 60 CPD hours • videos • workbooks

Get a comprehensive framework to help build a nutrition practice that you truly love – and feel proud of!

This training will walk you through each and every step toward that goal…

Course overview

  • Introduction to Nutritional Therapy
  • Genetic Adaptations to Nutrition
  • Changing gene expression
  • Switching genes on and off
  • How food changes your DNA
  • Free radicals and DNA damage
  • How to test your antioxidant capacity
  • Antioxidant foods for longevity and disease prevention
  • Nature’s Pharmacy: Polyphenols and phytochemicals
  • Fibre: the antioxidant trafficker
  • Probiotics: Nature’s Antibiotics
  • Essential Nutrients and Antioxidants
  • How to detect nutritient deficiency risks
  • How to create a personalised nutritional programme
  • How to structure client consultations
  • How to monitor nutritional programmes
  • Health benefits and micronutrients in 160 superfoods
  • Nutritional advice for over 40 health conditions
  • Your role as a Nutritional Therapist
  • Setting up or expanding your practice

What You'll Walk Away With...

Enjoy a science-based learning experience. Earn invaluable recognition.

  • 1


    Perform nutritional assessments for your clients, detect potential nutrient deficiency risks, and formulate personalised dietary strategies to help mitigate them.

  • 2


    Get the confidence to succeed as a nutrition professional by developing a comprehensive set of competencies that act as a testament of your expertise.

  • 3


    Unlock the most important steps to build personalised nutrition programs, from assessing a client’s unique nutrient needs, to monitoring their health improvements.

  • 4


    Build personalised food plans to help improve health symptoms and put forward safe nutritional recommendations for common health conditions.

  • 5


    Learn how to assess your client’s antioxidant capacity, including the top five strategies for boosting their antioxidant protection. Recognise the impact of nutrition on health and gene expression, and how this influences disease risk.

  • 6


    Get ready-to-use templates for your clients, including: nutrient calculators, meal planners, food diaries, health questionnaires and legal forms.

A Hands-On Education That Sets You Apart...

Let’s help your clients, friends, and family become their happiest, healthiest selves.

  • Science

    You’ll discover the latest science on nutrition and biochemistry. Once you complete this certification, you’ll have a unique scientific education that you can use to help a range of clients.

  • Strategy

    Join this certification and get access to our exclusive templates and planning tools. So once you graduate, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing exactly how to build personalised nutrition programs and keep your clients coming back again and again.

  • Implementation

    Gain a complete blueprint to building a successful breakthrough nutrition practice. Our exclusive Skills Lab™ will give you the skills you need to use your new knowledge safely and effectively.

  • Answers

    Dive deeper into some of the biggest topics in nutrition right now, from epigenetics, to DNA damage, to nutrient deficiency risk. We’ll give you the know-how you need to answer the most common questions asked by clients.

Ready To Launch Your Nutrition Career?

Get a comprehensive framework to build a nutrition practice that you truly love – and feel proud of!

This training will walk you through each and every step toward that goal…

  • 17 scientifically developed modules with lifetime access to study at your own pace.
  • Skills Lab™ implementation guides, so you can put your new knowledge into practice and instantly apply what you learn in real life.
  • Unlock the most important steps to build personalised nutrition programs, from assessing a client’s unique nutrient needs, to monitoring their health improvements.
  • Templates to evaluate nutrient needs.
  • Worksheets to create personalised eating plans.
  • Tracking tools to monitor health improvements
  • Science-based questionnaires and assessment tools with scores and results that you can use with clients, friends, and family.
  • All materials have been developed using THSA-exclusive research – so you won’t find these resources anywhere else.
  • 2 BONUS modules all the about the Health Benefits and Nutritional Values of 160 Superfoods and Nutritional Advice for Over 40 Health Conditions
  • Nutrient and shopping lists.
  • Food planners, and much more!
  • Step-by-step guides to implement eating plans

You Owe It To Yourself…

What if just one idea in this certification…

helps you launch a career that’s both profitable and enjoyable?


What if just one strategy in this certification...

helps you finally break through and get the edge over your competitors?


What if just one method in this certification...

helps you serve clients in a more effective way so they remain loyal to you and your services?


What impact will that have on your reputation, your loved ones, your happiness?


You have everything to gain.

Embrace your chance to finally have the nutrition practice you've been dreaming of.

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What Our Graduates Think...

Here’s what our graduates LOVE about this unique training and how they’re using their sought-after scientific knowledge post-graduation!

The nutritional deficiencies assessment is powerful. The information was straightforward, easy to follow and there was no overload, and every single module was helpful, relevant and interesting. I've enjoyed every part of this certification. 5stars

Fabienne Benseghir, Luxembourg

Every module of this certification motivated me to dig deeper. You go beyond just providing the mandatory materials by also providing optional extra learning for better understanding of the module, which plays a key advantage, whether you already have a career in this field or aspire to start one. 5stars

Kurtis Jarrad Moss, UK

I received lots of personal help on how to alleviate some of my nutritional deficiency risks through food and combining foods/nutrients to get the best possible benefits, and my family and friends have benefited from my knowledge through the certification. I am grateful for the downloadable client materials, which will definitely come to good use! 5stars

Oona Paananen, Finland

This certification has upped my awareness of certain minerals and vitamins that I haven’t been consuming as regularly as I should, and the health implications this has. My life has been enriched by taking this certification and I look forward to starting my next course with The Health Sciences Academy!5stars

Alice Ellis, UK

I loved the additional studies, articles and content to further cement and compare the differing outcomes and to see how much of a difference knowledge around SAD food vs a variety of natural whole foods can make! 5stars

Madelain Burgoyne, South Africa

It was great to learn about how we can alter our genetic expression through nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking. I will definitely be able to help people live healthier and happier lives by completing this certification. Thank you! 5stars

Karen Goodchild, UK

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