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We have teamed up with a number of organisations for the benefit of our students

Training that has been accredited by the CPD Certification service carries both UK and international recognition.

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 as the independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the CPD policies of professional and academic bodies.

The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with professional, organisational and academic CPD principles. There are thousands of organisations, professional bodies and associations worldwide that require an annual commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

A CPD accredited certificate provided by The Health Sciences Academy can be used to meet professional registration requirements, such as the maintenance of a licence to practise, and to ensure that employees and professionals can evidence their skills and remain proficient to change in practice.

Through our CPD accredited certifications, you can use your earned CPD hours with a number of professional bodies and organisations, including: the NHS, Cancer Research, the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Health and Care Professionals Council, NSPCC, The British Society of Psychologists, B-eat, Bioforce, but also pharmaceuticals like Novartis or Bayer, schools like London School of Economics, King’s College London, or Imperial College London, manufacturers like Tata, and banks like UBS or JP Morgan – to name a few.

You can find out whether a course is CPD accredited and how many CPD hours you can book by looking at its curriculum.

Note: It is important that you always consult with your professional organisation about their CPD system.

YMCA Awards (previously Central YMCA Qualifications or CYQ) is the leading and longest-established awarding organisation for health, fitness and wellbeing qualifications in the UK.

YMCA Awards is part of Central YMCA, the world’s first YMCA and forefather of the now global federation that spans 120 countries and touches the lives of 60 million people. Central YMCA Qualifications (now YMCA Awards) was launched in 1998 as the UK’s first and only awarding body to specialise in health and fitness qualifications. A qualification from CYQ became the first nationally recognised measure of standards and skills for those working in the health and fitness sector and the benchmark for both candidates and employers. Today, it still is.

YMCA Awards develops and awards industry-leading qualifications helping people across the world to develop new careers in the health and fitness industry and beyond.

The Health Sciences Academy asked YMCA Awards for an independent review and endorsement of its key advisory certifications. Endorsement of our courses by YMCA Awards demonstrates our high educational standards and high quality resources, making them even more valuable to our learners.

The following advisory programs are endorsed by YMCA Awards:

  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner™
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor
  • Detox Specialist
  • Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

Note: Although YMCA Awards is recognised by UK REPs, the European Health and Fitness Agency (European REPs) and ICREPs, your certificate may not necessarily be, so always check with us or with your prospect employer first if you’re unsure.

International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) provides membership and access to discount insurance for every professional in the field of therapy and nutrition. No matter how many different services you offer, everything can be covered under one membership and one insurance.

IICT is an excellent fit for nutritional advisors without the need of joining multiple associations. IICT has the largest list of services (modalities) in the world (1,000+). All advisory courses at The Health Sciences Academy have been approved by IICT and their insurance brokers.

Joining IICT is the first step to getting insurance. They verify your qualification and certificate to ensure you meet their standards. Once approved you can get yourself insured to practice.

The Health Sciences Academy asked IICT to approve all Advisory courses, which means that graduates in the US, Canada, UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Channel Islands, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden can join an international community of like-minded professionals and obtain insurance for their new practice or extended services (such as personal trainers offering nutritional advice for their clients).


The following advisory courses have been approved by IICT for insurance to practise:

  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner™
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor
  • Detox Specialist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

SkillsActive is the government body officially recognised as the UK's Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being, which is made up of seven sectors:



SkillsActive regulates and verifies training across the industry through an endorsement process, ensuring that training throughout the sectors are of the highest quality and meet the needs of employers.

SkillsActive is the owner of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals), RAPs (Register of Aquatic Professionals), RPDPS (Register of Personal Development Practitioners in Sport), HABIA (Hair and Beauty Industry Authority), RPP (Register of Playwork Professionals), and CAPRE (Children's Activity Professionals Register), amongst others.

The Health Sciences Academy has SkillsActive Endorsed Provider status to deliver CPD training to professionals in the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector. Endorsed training is awarded CPD points which are passed on to you, the learner. Our training can be found on the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal.

The Health Sciences Academy is also a SkillsActive Lead Provider, which means that we deliver Employer training through SkillsActive’s Workforce Development programme and have preferred supplier status on national and regional programmes.

WellKom International

WellKom International and The Health Sciences Academy work closely together to help graduates of The Health Sciences Academy create further income-generating opportunities by working with corporates from all over the world. The Health Sciences Academy is WellKom's exclusive Smart Partner for Nutrition and Online Wellness Education.

WellKom is a globally active leader in wellness and lifestyle management with 15 years wellness experience.

WellKom helps make very significant improvements to citizens' overall mental and physical health and improve their capacity to perform (at work / study / sport / social) and enjoy an even higher quality of life through having an online Personal Lifestyle Management Account.

The 7 P's of WellKom:

  • Personalisation – highly personalised developmental recommendations and follow up options (self-development; Virtual Wellness Coaching App; personal development reviews / coaching / development activities). Designed for different learning styles.
  • Performance in all spheres of your client’s life (work / study / sport / social…)
  • Privacy – your client in complete control of who, if at all, sees their own Personal Profile – complete confidentiality, at your client’s choice
  • Preventive - designed to take action to reduce health risks
  • Preaching – non-existent: a process designed to start, engage and empower your clients
  • Positive Psychology: a starting point to identify and recognise what your clients are already doing well as the foundation for improved wellness
  • Proven – to enable very real and sustainable improvements on self- development basis to overall mental and physical health and to improve all of the main Dimensions of Wellness. Validated wellness psychometric questionnaire.

ScienceDirect is Elsevier’s leading information solution for researchers. It combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality so that you can stay informed in your field, and can work more effectively and efficiently.

ScienceDirect delivers over 13 million publications from nearly 2,500 journals and more than 33,000 books from Elsevier, their imprints and their partners. It is used by all the top universities, including Harvard University.

ScienceDirect and The Health Sciences Academy have a license agreement in place for research and educational purposes.

ScienceDirect is used by the Research Team and Tutors of The Health Sciences Academy and is made available to students in selected courses.

PlayEnable and The Health Sciences Academy work closely together to help graduates of The Health Sciences Academy set up their new business venture – or make their existing business more widely known! Because we care.

PlayEnable is an online marketplace and appointment system for sports and fitness activities that is rapidly expanding globally. The company's aim is to help sports, fitness and wellness facilities and instructors advertise their classes and services efficiently and for people to find and book these sports and fitness activities easily.

PlayEnable provide facilities and instructors a simple, all-in-one, easy-to-use online system. This allows them to advertise classes on PlayEnable and their own website, manage their clients and efficiently their business overall. Once they advertise it, people interested in these services can find and book it on the platform immediately. On the Platform, you will find everything from activities from Yoga to Kickboxing, Martial Arts to Dancing.

Their standard free package includes:

  • Your own website hosted by PlayEnable
  • Listing for your business/services on PlayEnable
  • Your own booking and payment system – get paid instantly online
  • Booking widget that you can embed on any website

Lorisian specialises in offering laboratory tests that measure food-specific IgG antibodies, which are sometimes referred to as food intolerances†.

Lorisian work with practitioners in a wide range of fields, as well as serving sports teams and corporate health professionals. In each case they could provide a solution for identifying a client's individual food triggers and helping them to optimise their diets.

Lorisian's parent company, YorkTest, was set up in 1982 and has designed, developed and manufactured their food-specific IgG enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test since 1998.

Lorisian aims to provide practitioners a benefit and support for clients who sufferers with a food intolerance† by pinpointing and advising on certain dietary changes. They claim a reproducibility of greater than 98% by placing extra emphasis on consistent and controlled manufacturing processes and operating procedures.

Professional graduates of The Health Sciences Academy (those completing any of the following certifications) are pre-approved to become a Lorisian practitioner and receive an additional 10% discount on all of Lorisian's food intolerance testing products (excluding their Lorisian 100 product).

Lorisian work with practitioners worldwide.

The following advisory courses have been approved by Lorisian for registration pre-approval:

  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner™
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor
  • Detox Specialist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

Graduates of The Health Sciences Academy must first obtain the relevant Professional Add-on Module before they are pre-approved to register with Lorisian.

†Lorisian define food intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction. Food intolerance is a condition with a range of symptoms including gut symptoms, bloating, headaches, migraines, low mood, fatigue, weight gain and skin problems. These symptoms must always be checked out by a Medical Professional. If you have clients that have seen a Medical Professional but have not been given a diagnosis for their symptoms then they may be suffering from food intolerance.

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