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  • Five a day... or 10?
  • How can you be sure of food labels?
  • What are superfoods?
  • Jamie Oliver's inspirational TED talk
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Average rating:  
 3889 reviews
by Jintujit mali on The Health Sciences Academy
Goood institute

I have good experience with this institute.

by Jenifer Joanna on The Health Sciences Academy
Very informative

The nutrition starter course helped me a lot in reviewing all about the basics of nutrition, I personally loved it and I recommend everyone to take up this short and very informative course.

It's all free

Fantastic free nutrition course, loved it!

I love nutrition and I want to start a career in this field. This free nutrition course is just what I needed. I am so glad I found it! It was super fun to complete, and I learned things I haven't thought about before. Next, I will be taking more training on nutrition and hopefully start helping my own nutrition clients. It's very exciting! Thanks to the health sciences academy!!

by Maria lily So Ramos on The Health Sciences Academy
Enioyed the most

This is enjoyable as I am filling up an information that I am just confirming how I can change people's lives by giving them education to live longer and healthier

by Priysillah Eyabu on The Health Sciences Academy

I learn t a lot from the information shared and the video.

I was also able to build up on my nutritional knowledge.

Thank you.

by Claire Davey on The Health Sciences Academy
Absolutely brilliant

Fantastic course I have learnt what not and what to feed my children and I have more of an understanding of how food helps ones body. Thanks you for this free course.


This is a very interesting opening to a beginners course. I am very excited to further my knowledge in this field!

Nutrition Course

Great course. Short but very informative.

nutrition course

An excellent couse with lots of informative information about nutrition for beginners.


A good in formative course for the beginner in nutrition course.

Free starter nutrition course

Absolutely enjoyed this course., staff very helpful and responded extremely quickly to my emails. Loved every part of it, very informative. Thank you.

Great course

Great COURSE to start.I really enjoy the simplicity of the course.

A good course thats offered 100% for free

I found this course completely by accident while surfing online and decided what the heck why not. I am not disappointed I was able to take some notes on things I didn't know before this course. I will happily recommend this to anyone looking for a start to their journey.


This course is beneficial to anyone whether they already know a fair bit about nutrition or if they are a complete beginner. It teaches you a lot including how to correctly read food labels and how to calculate the fat content, about superfoods, and learning what fat free foods and reduced fat foods actually mean. Really good course and easy to understand, highly recommend.

good knowledge

Great information highlighting the important health benefits and good nutrition from Supper foods. thank you

Enjoy this helpful course

This is a very beneficial course for anyone interested to improve his life and his family's health. It is very user friendly and well documented. The assessments and questionnaires make it even more interesting for people, like me, that we don't know the details of a healthy diet.

Nutrition course

great for just starting out. it was really helpful.i am enjoying to start.

by Sahara Hassan on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition course

I am so happy to start this course

An beneficial course for everyone

I am on an intermittent fasting where I have food for 8 hours and on fasting for 16 hours daily. I feel that people need to understand some basic knowledge of body function and its relationship with food. It is my opinion that inappropriate food consumptions are the primary cause of many illnesses that are preventable. The body immune system is an important component that depends largely on the type of food consumed. With the current stressful life that one is going through and without subject on food in our education system, many people will encounter health issue as they get older. I am preparing to gain as much knowledge in health care through proper food so that I can start a social enterprise to educate the public to achieve better health from proper food consumption. Thank you for providing this free online course.


I have really enjoyed it so far, looking forward to learning what makes us healthier and fitter.

by DEEPAK SHUKLA on The Health Sciences Academy
good course

nice course with good knownledge

by NANTAMBI ASIA on The Health Sciences Academy


i have greatly enjoyed the session basically the content.i have discovered and learnt how to balance my meals daily for a healthy lifestyle.i humbly recommend this programme to my fellow Ugandans out there. i really would love to join a nutrition firm inorder to do nutrition education and counselling.nutrition is undermined in Uganda and few nationals are aware of its basics which has led to a huge number of nutrition related consequences basically malnutrition especially in the rural districts including my home districts. i want to acquire skills in nutrition basically to work with the organisations around to fight the vice of malnutrition.

thank you

great for just starting out. it was really helpful.

by PASCAL MUSENGA on The Health Sciences Academy

Great information highlighting the important health benefits and good nutrition from Supper foods which are mostly ignored in today's diets. Anyone serious about their health and wellness would profit from this.

by austin brady on The Health Sciences Academy
nice and easy

It is nice and easy to use.It helped me a lot .

Awesome course

This was an awesome mini course. Looking forward to learning more.

by David Iyiola Abolarin on The Health Sciences Academy
A Contemporary Training with an Impact indeed

A Contemporary Training with an Impact indeed. Great Nutrition Certificate Course

by Ashok Anand Ankam on The Health Sciences Academy
Best knowledge

Great course , love you the health sciences academy

Good beginning

Good beginning to learn about nutrition. PDFs were amazing. Good work team

by Selena Oksana Madera on The Health Sciences Academy
Interesting nutrition course

There's a lot to learn that we don't know


Am inlove with this course.Best course ever.

Thank you

Awesome course

Great course. I am starting to look after my health and get fit, I wanted more knowledge of what I was putting into my body. Very insightful. I will be recommending this to everyone I know!!

by Achia Pervin on The Health Sciences Academy
Great Nutrition Certificate Course

I am really very happy, the way the are helping all.

i really appreciate this online course who are on jobs and not able to go to schools for courses and by online they can improve health problems

its just perfect ,i really appreciate this online course who are on jobs and not able to go to schools for courses and by online they can improve health problems of others by gaining proper knowledge ..........perfect way for online knowlegde

by darshana Bhavsar on The Health Sciences Academy

i loved it.easy to follow steps and very knoledgable. thank you


I got great knowledge about nutrition in this course

by zafar iqbal on The Health Sciences Academy
great work

thank you for create this course,


I really enjoyed this course this course is beneficial for me

Best Nutrition Certificate Course

Everyone must go through this course.

by Mwaka Mango on The Health Sciences Academy

Am so happy to have done this course I have learnt a lot and I plan on sharing this wonderful information

Awesome info

It's very useful and unique course. I highly recommend this for every person who thinks about his health.

by Sanjay Saha on The Health Sciences Academy

Foods are basic and essential need of human. Not only that foods are basic right of human also. So many persons, companies use foods to make only their revenue without giving any proper knowledge, information regarding the proper needs of foods. That's why so many diseases are their. Obesity is becoming a major disease as a result of greediness of some peoples and some companies.

Foods are not only carve our hunger, it's proper uses provide us diseases free healthy life. But a few doctor, few medicine company provide the proper diet related awareness.If people become disease free then a drastic fall of revenue will happen for those unethical doctors and companies.

Being disease free is so simple by maintaining proper diet chart.

Being a financial analyst I found many people who become insolvent to pay the bill of doctors, hospitals,medicine and related cause. So they need break their entire savings for those unwanted reasons.

So I want to create awareness for common people regarding proper diet and the precious knowledge what I gathered or will gather later on from you and your team.

by Bridget Pollock on The Health Sciences Academy
Absolutely fabulous taster course

I really enjoyed this course; it was very informative and easy to follow. I have been searching for online nutrition courses for quite some time now and have finally found a real gem.

Awesome Knowledge

This course was awesome . Gained lots and loads of food knowledge.

love it

wow guys i can't believe i pass the exam wooo hooo!!!!!!!

also this is good for people to learn i think it is very important to teach your ids about health and fitness

Nutrition starter pack

Short and informative will be back

A great Started course into Nutrition

An informative course, presented in an interesting and easy to follow format and has some excellent information.

by Yvette Duvenhage on The Health Sciences Academy
Great course for beginners

It is a great course to take if you are not up to date with the basics of nutrition etc.

by Jenkine Echonyu on The Health Sciences Academy

I have never received such colorful emails from a successful scientist as these from THE HEALTH SCIENCES ACADEMY

Good one for the beginners

Its an eye opener for me. I stumbled across this website and im glad i found it. Im looking forward to spend some good time here. Thank you

by Stuart Hutchinson on The Health Sciences Academy
Good Basic Nutrition Course for Starters

Easy to follow and very informative!

by Emily Barrus on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition course

Loved this quick course! It gives you a quick overview of nutrition that I don't remember learning in school! Definitely informative and helpful! Highly recommend to take the time to take this course!


Good job to the HSA team for putting this together. It is time to start reading food labels and looking out for what goes into our mouth.

by Abarra Taklewold on The Health Sciences Academy
Thank you

Thank you for suporting people maintain ther health and fitness. Keep improving!

by Tushar Roat on The Health Sciences Academy
Best Course to get started

nicely explained and basics of nutritions , food and eating habits to look out for and necessary information which can be used to change our daily life style.

An amazing Free nutrition course

Great, interesting and short course, as a good start to begin healthy life and inspire and help more other people, to change thems life style for good.

Im enjoyed this course and will advice it to my friends and family.

by Amanda Tonks on The Health Sciences Academy
Thoroughly enjoyable

Very interesting short course with some valuable information.

Clean Way of Eating

Great way of starting healthy journey.


From just one course I already feel like I've learned something new. Thanks! Good Job!

by Patricia Hawkhead on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition starter course

Enjoyed this highly interesting mini course, looking forward to the next article

by mohamed abdi on The Health Sciences Academy
nutration caurse

it is very very vital to me and may family also my friends so is the great benificial course


Excellent starter nutrition course, very informative.Thank you, I enjoyed it very much.


it is a very good course. it gave me a lot of information. i will surely follow this


A short course designed to inspire and encourage good health, particularly through nutritional awareness. Very valuable content. Thanks for the great little course! I look forward to seeing the results of its application in my own quest for optimal health and fitness!

by ABDUL MANAF on The Health Sciences Academy
superb course

good and knowledgeable course for hotel and hospitality professionals

highly recommend

very useful course with enriched information

I'll be glad to have more courses with such inspiring academy

thank you the health science academy.

best starter nutrition course

highly recommended , is very informiative and useful. the most important think in the world is to be healty .

Bast starter nutrition course

Great and easily understandable course

Educational course

Highly informative course. You'll be educated about basics of health and nutrition. Will greatly inspire my journey of healthy eating and general well being.

by Aruncharan Ganapathy Shivakumar on The Health Sciences Academy
Best nutrition course

Highly recommend For those who are willing to live a healthy lifestyle....

by Maria Bilal on The Health Sciences Academy
Best starter nutrition course

Highly recommended, this course is very informative and useful . Our lives revolve around health and fitness . It's a booster to improve the quality of our lifestyles.

by Rahma Osman Elmi on The Health Sciences Academy
Very interesting

Very interesting course as a start up understanding

Good and very useful Info

A general course to be experienced by everyone! Good and very useful info :)

by Fatema Tuz Zohra on The Health Sciences Academy

Its very greatful to us and for those who are suffering from very nutritional and overeating and imbalanced eating problem. I am really very greatful to you. I know a lot things about nutrition and balanced diet and most important about the proper way of cooking food. Because almost we all don't know that cooking system has a large impact on nutrition.


Great course! Short and informative!

Thnaks !

Very nice and useful information for the healthy lifestyle beginner :)

Very informative course

This is a veryyy informative nd helpful course as it supplies everything a starter course would need nd the best about this course is the video of ted talks which was given by james oliver who helped us in knowing that all obesity is global problem and we need. To contol it


Loved it! Great information and useful advice. I really liked the TED talk.

Great info!

Only took a few hours and was written well and easy to understand, the testing your knowledge in each section was helpful too. Very glad I stumbled across this website!

by Beverley Thomas on The Health Sciences Academy

This is a great short course with all the basics covered in an easy to understand format. It has helped me to identify some changes I need to make to improve my own health and perhaps help my friends and family by passing on what I have learnt.

I enjoyed doing this course and loved the video by Jamie Oliver so much I'm going to watch it again.

by Hadiza Suleiman Abdullahi on The Health Sciences Academy

Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and well being. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly. We need a wide variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health.

by Dr. Said Elraey on The Health Sciences Academy

very good course, all data are required for all.

my advice to any one who need to live in a good health to join this course


Great course, i would recommend all my friends to take it up in different levels

by Priyanka Gupta on The Health Sciences Academy
Your personal or professional aspiration

This is very helpful for my personal and professional growth

by Edema Richard Morris on The Health Sciences Academy
Health Education/promotion and Nutrition officer

I enjoyed learning about daily energy requirements. I would recommend that my friend over there are to take the same course to realize amazing changes in their life.

As for me I would continue to under take more courses to build my capacity in field of nutrition and health.


Iam happy to learn this course

by monisha medappa on The Health Sciences Academy

Short but informative!

I would certainly enjoy doing this nutrition course

Nutrition course

This course is very good to learn about health nutrition

by sapna Aggarwal on The Health Sciences Academy
short,sweet and crisp

it was a short and crisp course. information shared was pretty basic though interestingly presented in the form of slides.


the course was a great starter , giving a good insight the the full course


This is great way of learning and knowing fact about nutrition so every one can start a healthy diet starting from now on


Short but succinct. I think that is the best way to describe this starter course. It had the building blocks of nutrition, clear information, and precise calculation. Brilliant indeed.

by hossam elsayed abdelmakod elawady on The Health Sciences Academy
research and development manager

great courses and enjoyed more from this information in this short course than most standard diploma courses

by ROJI DAVIDSON on The Health Sciences Academy


Great Short Course

Enjoyed the starter nutrition course it has more information in this short course than most standard diploma courses, Very Happy

by Muhammad Irfan on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition in every field of life

A really amazing platform for learning the nutritional aspect of different foods, myths and facts, I being an agriculture professional and farm manager would also take help from this source of knowledge.

by Nina Fernandez on The Health Sciences Academy

I am always keen to learn about nutrition so in the futureI can help people understand and overcome preventable dieseases in their family like what i am doing for mine now

by jennifer harvey on The Health Sciences Academy

To lose weight and be healthy in my life

Thank You

Great taster course from the Health Sciences Academy, Many thanks!

by David Walker on The Health Sciences Academy

I learnt a lot and will remember a great deal of it as it was well taught and interesting.

Great course

Thank you for this course, I really enjoyed it!!


Very knowledgeable info to use if your interested in furthering your education or just to know things to better yourself on a daily basis

well done

This short intro course was well put together and the video needs to be shown in schools,

Amazing library

I've really enjoyed reading this course because it's full of information, that helps you with the basic of the nutrition. I've already share this course with my friends!

A must!

Essential Information for all

This is a quick yet externally informative course with numerous links to further develop your knowledge, or you can just stick to the course info, even so this information alone should be common knowledge by all. if this was achieved then health issues such as heart disease and obesity would be drastically reduced saving life, money and resources, and that is just putting it plainly.

A great course and for FREE what more can you do!

Thank you

by Dullal miah on The Health Sciences Academy
Very well put together

I enjoyed how you broke it down, very well structured

by Deborah jane mattock on The Health Sciences Academy

Enjoyable doing the first part , thank you

I really love it

Seriously it great and useful snd helped me in my knowledge


good course and it will be helpful

by Ralph Pillinger on The Health Sciences Academy
Great Introductory Course

Very comprehensive introductory course. I am nutrition certified and always looking to take my knowledge to a higher level.


Thank you so much for providing this course.

Very Healpful

Thank you for this course. This is a great course. i really loved it.

Well Structured and Insightful Introduction

Thank you for this course, it is a well-structured and insightful introduction to nutrition and the worldwide crisis.

by Mr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal on The Health Sciences Academy
Awareness about health with Nutrition

Great Source to serve and build the society .

by Brendah Wawire on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition Starter Course

Thank you Health Science Academy, the course is educative and straight to the point. Was interesting to know that reading reduces stress. Looking forward to take another course.

by Donita Alleyne on The Health Sciences Academy
encouraging starter course

Thank you Health Science Academy ,this has being a true inspiration for me and my little venture i am planning to start soon ,what i would really like is to study it more in depth once given the chance,so thanks once again

by Shafida Mohammed on The Health Sciences Academy

I really enjoy the course and learn many things about nutrition.


by Eleanor Doherty on The Health Sciences Academy
Interesting and educational

I thought this course was very interesting and has motivated me to complete another course with the Health Science academy

Interesting, Insightful and Concise

I really enjoyed the course though it was short. It opened my eyes to want to be healthier than I am now, and to want to became a nutritionist too. Great job and many blessings to all the team that put this together. I know it's hard work but it worth it! Thanks again!

Starter nutrition course.

This is agreat course and i really liked so much,thanks all.


I was amazed at the ease of this course and how much it taught me in under an hour. Great program for sure.

by Jorge Valera on The Health Sciences Academy
Starter Nutrition

Hi , I'm from Florida.. I have 61 yeears old.

I have been always very interested on eating healthy.

I have gained a good knowledge which will definitely help me in improving my, my family's and friends food eating habits.

Has been of great experience, .

  I plan to take a complete course in Nutrition

You have been very kind

thank you to The Health Sciences Academy

by Julie richards on The Health Sciences Academy

This is a great starter course. Leaves you wanting to learn more. Thankyou

Very Insighful

Great little freebie and a real eye opener. highly recommend this!

Starter Nutrition Course

I love the factual

content of the Starter Nutrition Course. The power of food is so exciting, that I found the information easy to consume. Understanding the benefits of superfoods motivates me to incorporate more of them into my personal diet. The medical world could never compensate for poor individual diet choices. With that said, I have many friends who are concerned and interested in assuming personal responsibility for their families' health. I will definitely recommend this course to them. In my current careers as hairdresser and fitness instructor, my clients share their ailments and health goals with me. I am certain that with more education I could realize my passion to help them in a potential part time business in nutrition.

Excellent Starter Course

I enjoyed knowing about the different types of sugars and the names that they are give and also the different food groups

A Great Experoence

I find it amazing that I have been given such a wealth of information about food. I thought I knew a lot but I have learnt more on this course. Thank you. I look forward to even more information in the newsletters.

by TBI FITNESS on The Health Sciences Academy
Wellness Coach

Excellent program. I cannot described better. They way the content is explained It is absolutely understandable. Very clear explanation that is easy to encourage one to continue the course.

After completing the test course I am more determined to continue future with course studies covering supplement nutrition. There is so much to learn and I want to have the opportunity to learn more so I can help others understand the importance of healthy thinking, eating, and lifestyle. I want to help others eat healthier and live longer. The Science Academy is definitely making this goal more obtainable.

by KIMANI JOSEPH MACHARIA on The Health Sciences Academy


The scientific delivery of materials is awesome and leaves someone yawning for more. In fact i was ready to go on and on with these fascinating nutritional facts.

The course made drastic changes in my life and to those clients who seek nutritional advice from me.

i cannot forget the juicy mails which made a turn around in my life as a nutritionist, the gifts were awesome. congratulations for that.


True to your welcome message i did learn that scientific facts should come from scientist themselves. The materials in this course are purely scientific, enriching and factual.


This course is a must recommend to my friends, students and my clients. leave alone the course but most importantly the Health Science Academy Website.


My sole personal aspiration is to become one of the greatest Public Health Nutritionist who rely on true unbiased scientific nutritional research.

True to my aspiration i have enrolled to the course- Nutrition for cancer prevention and longevity.

Its amazing, full of classic information and a no turn-back.


I wish that my review will be the best and be considered for the scholarship award.

Thumbs up to the academy scientist.

by Dharani venugopal on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition essential tips

It is a amazing academy.... Iam really happy because being part of this academy.... It give a good tips and information about the foods and all food based subjects....it is very good.ittis helps for all

Brilliant starter

I particularly enjoyed, the way the course was presented from start to finish. I liked that at the end of each unit, there was a practical assignment. This is how l came to learn about the ‘weight gain probability’ I hadn’t heard of this form of scaling before until this course, so this was brilliant to finally discover. I generally found the formatting of the information to be clear, straight forward and really allowing the newly acquired knowledge to easily be retained through the short activities.

Right from the start, I felt very welcomed by the team's concise and very informative emails. The best part about it all, is that the information is scientifically backed. I would recommend this starter course to those that may have an interest in nutritional science and would like to explore this industry further and in turn help themselves and others. This is exactly what l would like to do myself; to learn about nutrition and help myself and others by passing on this knowledge, all in all, eventually promoting health and wellbeing for many.

Many thanks for providing us with this information.

by David Morrison on The Health Sciences Academy
Starter Nutrition Course Review

This is a great introduction into nutrition and focuses alot on a fundamental issue within society- obesity. Jamie Oliver's TED speech was in particular inspiring and addresses the key issues: home, education, and the high street. All these work in hand in hand and the time for change is now. I believe I am fairly educated in regards to health and nutrition and lead an active lifestyle but there is still a vast amount of information you can learn through this. The articles are extremely interesting with debates on gluten, flavonoid foods etc. For those trying to lose body fat, there is a questionnaire about your food choices which are interesting. I would like to know the research and thought-process behind selecting those particular questions. Anyway, it's a great way to further my knowledge of the health and fitness industry- something I am keen to go into.

by Stefanie Gadow on The Health Sciences Academy
Starter Nutrition Course

I enjoyed Jamie's video a lot. He is so passionate about educating children about food and cooking, it is really inspiring. I would highly recommend this course to my family and friends.

by rachel leavey on The Health Sciences Academy
Brilliant starter course

I found this starter course very informative and factually based.

by Michelle McCluskey on The Health Sciences Academy
Inspriring information

I have learnt quite a bit from completing this short course. I would love to win the scholarship and combine my teaching expertise and knowledge I would gain from the course to help others.

by Jules Fuentebella on The Health Sciences Academy
An insightful look into nutrition

As I was in my dorm room looking for new things to learn I googled up a nutritional course that was free. This course offered by thehealthsciencesacademy.org showed up and I clicked on it. Wanting to improve my diet because I powerlift/body-build during dorming in college, I found this course to provide an insightful look into nutrition. This course covered the bare basics on feeding your body with the right foods. This course further motivated me to look up more nutrition courses.

by HELEN KOOLBANIS on The Health Sciences Academy
Starter Nutrition Course

I really found it interesting how to calculate the fats in the foods, the amazing Superfoods on this planet and how they protect the immune system. I would highly recommend this online website to whoever is interested in the Health Industry or for their personal growth.

Im so excited to further my knowledge and head in the fitness and health industry.

Lifelong Journey

I enjoyed the focus on superfoods as they are big focus in the healthfood industry right now. It was interesting to learn about the method of calculating calories and this will be very helpful to me! Ultimately my family and I are always on a quest to learn more about ideal healthy living. My father has Marphan's Syndrome (a genetic condition which is hereditary) and really struggles with his health. Most people with this illness don't make it as long as he has and naturally I want to improve my health to combat the aspects of the condition that I inherited from him. My family shares all the knowledge we have gathered over the years and we help people in rural areas have access to both the knowledge and the necessary supplies to live a healthy lifestyle.

Computer technology

Excellent program. I cannot described better. They way the content is explain I absolutely understandable. Very clear explanation that is easy to encourage to continue the course.

After completing the test course I am more determined to start a career in health and nutrition. There is so much to learn and I want to have the opportunity to learn more so I can help others understand the importance about healthy eating and I want to help other to eat healthier.

by Graham Horsley on The Health Sciences Academy

A great introduction into the science of health and nutrition. It has been set out in an interesting and informative way that makes you want to continue to learn more.

Bring on the next course.

by Debbie Ingram on The Health Sciences Academy
Starter nutrition

Great course!

Well worth the time!

How to get the right nutrition?

I have been always very interested and keen on eating healthy; however living in Sri Lanka it has been very difficult to find a nutrition course and I am very glad that I finally found the Health Sciences Academy Nutrition Starter Course and to have completed it successfully now.

I enjoyed the weight gain assessment and the course contents the most because I have been trying lose weight for months and would even skip meals but the weight gain assessment has given me a whole new perspective on eating habits. For sure I now know what I should be avoiding and consuming to be on a safe zone and to get the right nutrients, also I am going to stick to the 10 healthy eating rules!

I have always wondered about food labels when buying foods in the supermarkets and have never paid much attention to the values but this course has taught me a lot about the calculations and has made me understand what they really mean and how important it is to look out for them. Usually, I would go for the ‘LOW FAT’ option when I go shopping but now I have learnt that it is not healthy as it can have high content of sugar.

Last but not the least; Jamie’s video was an eye opener! A lot of information was shared in a very convincing way, for instance how important it is to teach the kids about healthy foods and about the processed foods (I mean the amount of sugar that was spilled!).

I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family because through Jamie's video I discovered that obesity is a growing factor in heart disease and death rates. I believe that by recommending this course it will create awareness on this issue and probably can even save a few lives!

By completing this course I have gain the confidence to do advance studies on nutrition and health. I hope to do more courses wih the Health Sciences Academy!

Thank you.

by Imelda V. Enriquez on The Health Sciences Academy
Best Health Academy

I think that this is the best health academy I've ever tried. I've searched and tried a lot of health courses in the internet but none have provided with so much integrity and great content. It's very rich in its contents and based more on scientific evidences and not just on mere google searches. Jamie Oliver is really very inspiring and I agree that it's high time that the health education in the school should be given consideration for the sake of the future generation and the current healthcare of our community. I would definitely recommend all the courses to all the people open for learning these things. It has been my number one dream to share and build a community of empowered and whole people by using nutrition as my medium. I'd like to bring this academy to my country Philippines and become the catalyst of change.

by Natalie Platten on The Health Sciences Academy
Nutrition course

I really enjoyed completing this course and would like to further my knowledge within nutrition and diet to help educate the individuals with learning disabilities who i work with.

by nicholas ncowley on The Health Sciences Academy

its a great way to get to know eveything

by Dr.S.UMA MAHESWARI on The Health Sciences Academy

Really it is a best knowledge and informative search engine for the food and nutritionists both for the student and academicians.

by Premagowri Balakrishnan on The Health Sciences Academy

Health is a state of physically, mentally, socially well being and not merely the absence of disease