Science-based Nutritional Therapy

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Course Code: FNT86553

Learn how to alleviate health symptoms through targeted nutritional strategies. Covers over 40 Health Conditions – obesity, allergies, indigestion, IBS, chronic fatigue, insomnia, PMS, headaches, sinus, constipation, cold sores, and hair loss.

Our modules include Downloadable Nutritional Assessments, Checklists, Questionnaires, and Diet Planners.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

1. Perform symptom assessments and nutrient evaluations

2. Provide test results with personalised recommendations

3. Calculate exact intake for each nutrient from natural foods and/or supplements (varies from person to person)

4. Discover the uses and effectiveness of over 100 nutrients – vitamins, minerals, oils, antioxidants, phytochemicals, enzymes, probiotics, and fibre

5. Monitor and re-assess a dietary programme

Will I get a certificate after completing this course?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the course will receive receive a Certificate of Completion.

Recommended Background

There are no prerequisites for this course.

The evaluation system

Each module is evaluated with an assessment before you can progress to the next one.

Your leaning experience

Your course isn’t a library collection but rather a gradual and progressive learning experience so you can obtain the maximum benefit and the most enjoyment during your time with us.

As you go through the course, we encourage you to test-drive the worksheets and planning tools that will help you implement a nutritional plan that supports your health goals.

Your investment

This is an investment in yourself and possibly the first step before jumping onto an advisory certification that will allow you to see clients and earn a substantial income in a field that you love.

Course Fees

The cost of this course is £389.

Payments in GBP, EUR and USD are accepted.

Pay for your programme in 12 monthly instalments.

Includes access to your protected learners’ area, all course materials, lessons, interactive quizzes, online assessments, worksheets, a community of like-minded classmates, and Learner Services support.

Get Started

You have the drive and the motivation. We will provide you the tools to put your passion into practice.

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Many thanks, and see you at the other side, where your new journey and rewards begin.

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