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We publish our Science Reports because...

Good science beats junk science.

When most people consume junk studies and bad science, our readers want the truth.

We have a very strict research and review process. For example, when we touch on a broader topic, citing a single piece of research can be confusing. In the absence of consensus, we compile studies to show you both sides.

The findings in our Science Reports are thoroughly investigated and based on studies vetted for scientific integrity, which have a higher probability of being accurate.

This way, we avoid bad science and deliver proven research to you.

"Consumers are confused by a mass of contradictory information. We're here to filter out the fads and provide a solid understanding of the science of nutrition."

Dr Josephine "JoJo" Head, Ph.D., Research Scientist

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Get smarter. Sound smarter.

Maybe you navigated thousands of health and nutrition websites. You found contradictions, not answers. So what is true? And what isn't?

Maybe you found some self-declared "evidence-based" blog, to later find out they are pseudo-scientific... or worse: fear-mongers.

The problem is, when you repeat what you read in there, you sound like a loony. Or a wannabe expert. You end up getting emotional and defending points you barely understand yourself.

The Science Reports Library™ is the first online source that not only teaches you proven science-based concepts, but shows you the context and what it all means in practical terms. This way, when you talk to others you are spreading reliable information and making sense.

“I believe that knowledge is the ultimate power, with the right education we can make the world a healthier place to live.”

Dr Chinmay Munje, Ph.D., Research Scientist

The Science Reports Library™

Access our library, get the latest science and put your learnings into practice!
Each Science Report is available upon individual purchase.

Get your favourite Science Reports

Rise above the rest.

When most people remain confused in a jungle of misinformation, you'll know better.

Learning how to accurately answer those burning questions about health, nutrition and fitness means having the power to make a meaningful difference.

We'll be helping you get a proper "mountain-top" view.

Your own team of scientists.

Our Science Reports Library™ is like having your own team of scientists explaining the research accurately.

The intellectual rigour.

Learn advanced science from our own team of scientists.

Alex Ruani, Research Director

Dr Josephine Head, PhD

Dr Goulven Josse, PhD

Dr Michelle de la Vega, PhD

Dr Laurent Dumartin, PhD

Cassandra Ellis, MSc ANutr

Dr Chinmay Munje, PhD

Dr Peter H. Kay, PhD

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“I love learning about ways to make ourselves the healthiest we can be, so why not share all the knowledge?”

Dr Michelle de la Vega, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Beyond the abstract.

Evidence-based knowledge isn't about plastering study links. It's about explaining them.

We dive deep. We explain the key findings.

No "spinning". No fabrications. No fallacies.

"Non-sequiturs" are banned.

“We sift through the research around common myths and beliefs to help you see where the truth really lies.”

Maurice Castelijn, Managing Director

Enjoy a unique reading experience.

No more internet hangovers. A smooth experience with everything in one place.

We want you to enjoy our work without distractions. No ads. No zoom needed. Clean and enlarged font. So you can immerse yourself in the content.

Did you know?

Immersing yourself in 6 minutes of deep reading a day can reduce stress by a huge 68%.

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“If you want to learn science, it doesn't get any better than learning from the scientists themselves.”

Alex Ruani, Research Director

Links to studies + extra reading materials!

Original sources and extra reading materials are included in each Science Report.

We'll always give you the links to the original studies and extra reading materials.

This way, you can geek-out and go deeper into each particular topic.

Advanced science. Made easy.

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The latest scientific breakthroughs translated into delightful Science Reports for you.
Each Science Report is available upon individual purchase.

  • Pick your favourite Science Reports from our entire Library
  • 100% created by our own Research Team
  • Includes links to studies, extra reading materials, and more!
  • Be part of our advanced group of readers
  • Discover fascinating advances and their real-life application
  • Learn to distil good science and cut through the noise
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