Does Dairy Cause Cancer?

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People around the world are reaching for the dairy and, since 1990, global consumption has risen more than 34%.

We all know that milk is a good source of important nutrients, including protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. Then eating more dairy can only be a good thing, right?

Not necessarily…

While some endorse the health benefits of a high-dairy diet, others have claimed that such practices among adults are highly unnatural.

Many have even argued that eating too much dairy can cause cancer.

So, which is it? Natural or abnormal? Health food… or hazardous material?

And, more importantly, are we even asking the right question?

Let’s dive into the world of dairy, nutrition, and oncology to find out!

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Conveniently download this 57-page Science Report. Contains links to extra reading materials and scientific references.

Topics covered in this report:

  1. Dairy is “en vogue”
  2. Health or hazard?
  3. What is dairy?
  4. Table: Key nutrients in dairy
  5. Do we need dairy for bone health?
  6. Calcium in other foods
  7. Table: Calcium content in foods
  8. Dairy around the globe
  9. An unnatural phenomenon?
  10. Table: UK dairy usage statistics
  11. Does dairy cause cancer?
  12. Oncology
  13. Chalk and cheese
  14. Figure: Dairy and cancer correlations
  15. Seeing is not believing!
  16. Correlation is not causation
  17. Love your liver, ditch the dairy?
  18. Let’s talk portions
  19. Too much of a good thing?
  20. Does dairy cause prostate cancer?
  21. Strength in numbers
  22. Total dairy and breast cancer
  23. An appetite for the truth
  24. Stomach cancer: is dairy protective?
  25. Ethnic differences
  26. My genes ≠ your genes
  27. Embracing diversity
  28. “Check out this EPIC study!”
  29. Maybe milk is the mightiest
  30. Dairy: should it have any limelight?
  31. Is every food linked to cancer?
  32. Sample size is important
  33. Figure: Example of effect size
  34. Not too much, not too little
  35. Dairy alternatives from plant foods
  36. The lactose-free revolution
  37. Table: Dairy alternatives – nutrition
  38. Give up the dairy… or not?
  39. One final caveat
  40. Your key takeaways
  41. Learn more
  42. References and resources


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