Does Excluding Gluten Make You Gain Weight? (Part 1)

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Conveniently download this 38-page Science Report. Contains links to extra reading materials and scientific references.

Have you noticed that, lately, going gluten-free for weight loss seems to be all the rage?

So many blogs, news articles, books, and celebs claim that excluding gluten can help you lose weight – no wonder everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.

With more gluten-free products on the supermarket shelves than ever before, and an increasing number of restaurants providing special menus, it’s a persuasive trend indeed!

But what if you go gluten-free and set yourself up for weight gain instead?

Let’s study the latest scientific research to see if ditching gluten could go wrong and make you pile on the pounds!

Grab “Does Excluding Gluten Make You Gain Weight? (Part 1)”  below:


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Conveniently download this 38-page Science Report. Contains links to extra reading materials and scientific references.

Topics covered in this report:

  1. Gluten and weight: what’s the deal?
  2. The talk of the town
  3. A two-way approach
  4. A top-notch case-control study
  5. Figure 1: Body weight and gluten
  6. What about short-term weight loss?
  7. Figure 2: Weight loss % and gluten
  8. What about BMI?
  9. 3 years later… what’s changed?
  10. There are two sides to every story
  11. Barone’s BMI balancing act
  12. Was there a change in BMI?
  13. 1 BMI point: what does it mean?
  14. Weight categorisation
  15. Was 1 BMI point significant?
  16. Raising the BMI bar
  17. 300 thoughts and theories
  18. Bigger is better (in scientific trials!)
  19. A weighty result
  20. Kabbini’s conclusions
  21. The odds are against you!
  22. Is the same true for young coeliacs?
  23. Seeing double
  24. Hear, hear, Mazza!
  25. What can we conclude at this stage?
  26. Your key takeaways
  27. Learn More
  28. References and Resources


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