Does Excluding Gluten Make You Gain Weight? (Part 2)

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Conveniently download this 52-page Science Report. Contains links to extra reading materials and scientific references.

Contrary to popular belief, in Part 1 we saw plenty of scientific evidence suggesting that switching to a gluten-free practice is more likely to lead to weight gain than weight loss.

But, how can going gluten-free lead to weight gain?

What biological mechanisms connect gluten to changes in our body weight?

Is it the gluten exclusion on its own to blame?

Or could there be other metabolic reactions from gluten-free eating that cause us to pile on the pounds?

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty, and see if there’s a way to avoid gaining weight should you decide to go gluten-free!

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Conveniently download this 52-page Science Report. Contains links to extra reading materials and scientific references.

Topics covered in this report:

  1. Bye-bye gluten, hello weight gain?
  2. What’s the causal link?
  3. Malabsorption and weight loss
  4. Figure 1: Normal vs damaged villi
  5. Ditching gluten
  6. Figure 2: improved absorption
  7. Is it really that simple?
  8. Tortora’s trial
  9. Expected results
  10. Figure 3: Gluten exclusion and MS
  11. Metabolic complications
  12. Key metabolic processes
  13. Competing forces
  14. What’s our next step?
  15. Glucose metabolism
  16. Insulin anabolism
  17. Resistant to insulin’s effects
  18. Amplified fat storage
  19. Figure 4: A vicious metabolic cycle
  20. The gluten-free link
  21. Carb quality
  22. “More insulin, please!”
  23. Glutenous vs gluten-free carbs
  24. Gluten is a protein!
  25. Protein in gluten-free foods
  26. Figure 5: Gluten-free starches
  27. Nutritionally imbalanced
  28. Palatability and passive overeating
  29. Blindsided by a health halo
  30. High-fat tendencies
  31. Low intake of plant-based foods
  32. Gluten-free eating without gaining weight
  33. Far from average
  34. Top tips to prevent weight gain
  35. Your key takeaways
  36. Learn more
  37. References and resources


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