Advanced Research Techniques™

Professional Diploma Level 6

Discover doctorate-level research techniques from our researchers themselves, and advance your career.

FACT: Clients Need Practitioners Who Have the Skill To Keep Up With The Latest Science

(...Who Actually Understand Scientific Studies)

Many of us have felt the pain of pouring over books, websites, academic journals, and other resources looking for answers that just don’t seem to be there…
In reality, research is a highly specialised skill that requires an organised methodology. It’s virtually impossible to find the answers you’re looking for if you don’t know which questions to ask or where to look in the first place!
However, far too many educational programs take this skill for granted! Fortunately, we know what students need to succeed…
Our Advanced Research Techniques ™ certification is designed to help you sort the good information from the bad, and to teach you how to find and use the resources you need.
  • How do I find answers to complex health and nutrition questions?
  • How should I identify and collect relevant scientific studies?
  • Which sources should I use? Where are the best places to go? And how can I be sure that I’m getting all the information I need?
  • What do I do if I don’t understand what a paper is saying? How do I interpret the data accurately?
  • How can I know whether a paper is trustworthy and scientifically accurate? Can scientists themselves be biased?
  • What's the best way to uncover risky mistakes in diet books, blogs or outlets reporting science?
  • How can I recognise and counter false arguments in deliberately misleading media content?

What You'll Gain With This Training...

Doctorate-level Research Techniques

Everything you’ll discover inside this program is used by our team of scientists and PhDs every single day. The strategies you’ll get to grips with are practised by the world’s leading research institutes, so you know these are methods you can trust.

The Truth Behind the Headlines

What happens if a client is confused by something they read in the news? How can we know if there’s any truth behind a media headline? This program will show you how to identify and analyse errors commonly made by news media and blogs, so you can set a “concerned client” straight.

Detailed, Step-By-Step Guides

How do we make sense of scientific studies? What if they contradict each other? We’ll jump into exactly what makes a scientific paper tick, how you can find the ones you need, how to interpret them, and how to put them into context so the evidence you collect is sound and robust.