Introducing the LAST Nutrition Navigator you’ll ever need.

The Health Sciences Academy is proud to offer our students access to an award-winning nutrition platform!

Rightfully dubbed, “The Google of Nutrition,” this solution allows you to go BEYOND basic nutrition facts – exploring everything from composition to calories.

The Nutrition Navigator powered by Check Your Nutrition has everything you need to elevate your client’s experience.

Less guesswork = better nutrition

We know – as a nutrition professional, you’ve likely been bombarded with a slew of apps and programs promising to make nutrition more accessible…
But how many of these REALLY deliver?
The new Nutrition Navigator was designed with YOUR needs in mind – giving you access to the most up-to-date database of foods, cooking methods, and recipes, custom-tailored to the needs of your clients!
Just type in the name of a food, choose the cooking method and amount, and see the COMPLETE nutrition details.
This isn’t your average nutrition platform…

What can this platform do for your nutrition practice?

  • Answer your client questions with greater detail
  • Provide in-depth information on the advantages of certain foods, vitamins, and minerals!
  • Enable you to create a superior client experience using an expansive database of information
  • Increase your knowledge of foods that may be beneficial or detrimental to your clients
  • Create custom meal plans based on your client’s precise nutrition needs
  • Track each and every vitamin and mineral ingested throughout the day – giving you AND your client a healthier overview of their nutrition
  • Instantly communicate your client’s nutrition and meal suggestions via the platform
  • Give your clients private access to the platform as well!

Get started for free…

The Nutrition Navigator powered by Check Your Nutrition is available for FREE to current students! All you need to do is click the button below and follow the steps!

Not a current student? No problem! The Nutrition Navigator powered by Check Your Nutrition is still open to you for a nominal fee! Simply contact us for more details…




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