The Science of Stress and Stress Resilience

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New Scientific Strategies for Managing Stress, Building Resilience and Bringing Balance to Life

Course Content

Stress and Beliefs

Personal reflection – stress and change, the fear of change

The Nature of Stress

What is stress? Good and bad stress. Stress versus performance. Stress audit. Errors in thinking. Making realistic changes. Personal reflection – The importance of spotting the signs and being proactive in managing stress. Emotions, Stress, and Rate of Telomere Shortening: Are Our Cells Listening to Us?

Recognising Stress

Signs and symptoms of stress Fight, flight or freeze? Stress awareness and evaluations. Personal reflection.

Thinking Strategies

Managing mental state. Mind/body connection – the brain’s processes. Compounding and filtering. Positive thinking. Personal reflection – creating own reality.

Health, Exercise and Relaxation

Why think about what you eat? Healthy eating to combat stress. Hydration. Physical exercise. Relaxation and meditation. How to breathe properly. Personal reflection – the importance of good nutrition and hydration.

Integration of Strategies and Action Planning

Stress-beating strategies. Choosing to take positive control. Goal setting and plans. Step 1: The life areas assessment too. Step 2: Mindmaps or sun diagrams. Step 3: Well formed outcome. Step 4: Goal-setting chart. Personal reflection – setting goals. Building Resistance, Outsmarting Stress, and Optimising Health in Today’s World.

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No pre-requisite of any science background is required. High school level science can be helpful. No prior experience or educational paperwork are required.

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There are no entry requirements other than being at least 16 years of age.

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The entire course is online. In addition to the online learning experience, you can print all of your materials, including your client worksheets and planning tools. But don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, we can send you your course materials by post for an additional fee. Whereas you can enrol online and gain instant access, please allow for a couple of days for your posted course materials to arrive.

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