Tutor Assistance vs Personalised Advice and Research

Contact with your tutor will be through EMAIL only.
If you encounter difficulties with your understanding of ideas and concepts from the module materials, you tutor may be able to help you.
This tutoring assistance is available to you as part of your certification.
In some situations, the tutor may not have the scientific knowledge to answer your questions.
This is in the case when you are looking for more personalised assistance regarding your ability to complete your exams or practical exercises.
For example, this is ideal if you’re seeking personal or client advice, further research, review of the scientific literature, or items not covered in the lessons.
In this situation, a scientist specialised in the subject area may need to answer your question(s).
Here’s a summary of what is covered by tutor assistance as part of your certification, and what is considered extra personalised advice or research.

Tutor Assistance


  • Light Guidance
  • Frequently asked questions regarding your course materials
  • If there are Test Your Knowledge Questions in which you want to confirm that you have the correct answer
  • If you are unable to pass your exams and would like to know which questions to review
  • Frequently asked questions guiding you to understand if a career in nutrition is right for you or how to work with clients

Personalised Advice/Research


  • Expert guidance
  • Personalized assistance regarding your ability to complete your exams and practical exercises
  • When you are looking for further research and additional references for topics explained within your certification
  • If you are seeking advice on how to work with your clients
  • If you are looking for more detailed assistance in completing client materials
Get 10 hours of expert research support today for $£2700 USD2700 GBP2700 EUR (a value of $£3500 USD3500 GBP3500 EUR)
Not covered is medical advice, tax, or financial assistance. See our terms for more information.

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Tutor response time is 7-10 days due to high volume

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We can help you! See some of the options below.

Personalised Advise/ Research

This is ideal if you're seeking personal or client advise, further research, review of the scientific literature, or items not covered in the lessons. Fees start at $2700 for 10 hours.


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