Advanced Child Nutrition Workshop

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Discover The 3 Pillars To Becoming An Exceptional Child Nutrition Specialist (Even If You're Not A Parent!)

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why the rules are different if you want to succeed in the child nutrition market - even if you're just starting out!

  • The ONE thing every client will always pay you for in your child nutrition practice

  • How to structure your program effectively using our proven, powerful A.S.I.T. method
  • The 3 critical skills you need to become a PRO in this field - so clients choose YOU and not your competitors!

  • How to deploy our certification tools to build a successful child nutrition practice

Alex Ruani
Research Director and Lead Scientist
The Health Sciences Academy ®
Alex Ruani is a Harvard-trained scientist and UCL researcher who leads the research division at The Health Sciences Academy, the largest online educator on nutrition sciences in the UK.
Alex and her team of accomplished scientists and researchers investigate and teach the latest scientific advances for their nutrition students, so they can become highly-specialised nutrition professionals and leverage the latest personalisation strategies to help their own clients.
As an experienced science educator for many years now, Alex enjoys making nutrition science accessible and fun. She works exclusively with professionals who help (or want to help) private nutrition clients.
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