Join us in making a difference in the lives of millions.

Everything you need to start or grow your nutrition business.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of millions.

Everything you need to start or grow your nutrition business.

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[CPD Certified Webinar] Fertility Nutrition Strategies to Support Your Clients

“How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?”

“Why does it seem like people get pregnant right away, but I don’t?”

“I’m 40, did I miss my chance to conceive naturally?”

“I’m going through IVF, but want to know what else I can do...”

Actively trying for a baby for over a year or failed IVF rounds do not necessarily mean that fertility chances are zero! So how might you help a client improve his or her fertility odds?

Completing this CPD-certified training will equip you with vital knowledge underpinning fertility, conception, and fecundity – alongside insights about adequately personalising fertility nutrition programs so that you can support a woman and her partner in improving their chances of getting pregnant.

Here’s what you will discover in this CPD Certified Webinar:

  • Why nutrition and health practitioners should gain a deep insight into fertility nutrition research when supporting clients in their fertility journey
  • Importance of using the correct terminology in your client communications when it comes to fertility, conception, implantation, and fecundity
  • How personalising fertility nutrition programs could help improve fertility odds in couples planning a pregnancy or clients seeking to conceive through IVF
  • Advantages of becoming an Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™ and integrating fertility nutrition strategies into your work with our Level 5 Certification
  • Personalisation methods and planning tools to use for enhancing your female and male clients’ fertility chances when trying for a baby

Remember you have the option of claiming your smart CPD certificate when you complete this webinar!

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Christopher Barker
Founder of The Lifestyle Clinic
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Rochelle Serna
Founder of The Non Tox Shop