Navigating Impostor Syndrome and Nurturing Growth Mindset: Interview with Carolyn Gish

Impostor Syndrome is often described as the ‘fear of being exposed as a professional fraud’. Even professionals who have been in the field for decades, working with high-end nutrition clients and delivering outstanding results, may doubt their abilities and feel like they don’t belong. In fact, research shows that 70% of people in professional positions…

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Enhancing Health and Wellness Coaching Conversations with the THSA Contrast Method™

THSA Contrast Method and Tools for Behaviour Coaching Skills

  As a health and wellness professional, empowering your clients or patients to take control of their health is essential. But, for many, it’s not easy to make beneficial changes. Masses of scientific papers have been published investigating dietary and lifestyle strategies to improve health and well-being. And that can lead to any of these…

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Where to Find Clients for Your Nutrition Business

Many of our students study nutrition and professional health coaching because they have one goal in mind – to help people! However, even the best education and well-curated packages won’t make a difference if you aren’t finding the right clients. SO, where (and how) do you find people who will truly benefit from what you…

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