Where to Find Clients for Your Nutrition Business

Many of our students study nutrition and professional health coaching because they have one goal in mind – to help people!

However, even the best education and well-curated packages won’t make a difference if you aren’t finding the right clients.

SO, where (and how) do you find people who will truly benefit from what you have to offer? Keep reading to find out…

First, decide what types of clients you’ll serve.

One of the best things you can do for your nutrition business is to determine your niche and define your ideal target persona! This is an exact representation of the type of client you’ll be targeting with your business services and marketing.

If you’re unsure of how to do this – you can click here to read more about how to find your professional niche…

Once you’ve defined that target persona, it’s time to really beef up your research. You’ll need to learn more about your audience’s habits, interests, and behaviours. You’ll also need to decide how to reach them with your marketing materials.

Will you work remotely or locally?

Since the onset of the pandemic, many nutrition professionals and health coaches have found themselves turning to the remote space to work.

This can mean working online with local clients or expanding your marketing to reach online clients from all over the world who might benefit from what you offer.

Deciding to expand means becoming a tad more versed in the world of digital marketing (not as scary as it sounds) but can yield amazing results in terms of business growth. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to see if working with online clients is for you!

Establish yourself as an expert on social media.

With around 79% of people in the US alone on social media, there’s a very good chance that your target audience will be there as well!

Facebook is a good place to start establishing your professional expertise. Find the groups your clients frequent and join. When a question is asked or advice is needed, don’t be afraid to jump right in and show them what you can do!

This is a good way to attract your ideal market and to advertise your knowledge without actually advertising.

Make sure that YOUR Facebook page reflects your professional accomplishments and showcases your business and business page or website. Create a clear journey from that conversation in a group to where they can contact you for your services.

When you search for groups to join, look for ones that focus on the problem you solve. Keep in mind that you want to connect with your target audience, not just with colleagues.

(Networking with other professionals is great, but not the goal here)

As you gain traction on social media, you can also collaborate with the administrators of these pages and host your own workshops or lives!

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your LinkedIn page is professional and up to date. This will help you establish credibility with both clients and potential colleagues.

Partner with local or remote businesses with similar interests.

Networking can be a huge asset when trying to find and establish a client base…

Once you’ve decided who you can help, you need to start facilitating client connections through partnerships. For example, you could work with your local gym to promote your services. Or, you can offer discounted (or free) services to a well-known influencer in exchange for public notoriety.

Another method involves finding other nutrition professionals who specialise in different niches and working with them to create a referral system.

If you plan on operating primarily in the online space, you can work with global brands to promote your services through both ads and referrals.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others to create a professional network that works for you! Just remember – most partnerships will need to be mutually beneficial. So, think of what partnering with YOU will offer other brands and professionals.

Word of mouth and referrals work wonders!

Many nutrition business owners can tell you that word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to find and attract new clients.

This has to do with something called social proof. Any time that a potential client is looking for a nutrition advisor or health coach, many will immediately ask for recommendations from friends.

Or, they may check online reviews or testimonials. These reassurances build inherent trust and will help people make the final decision to work with you.

Referral programs – where a current or former client recommends your services in exchange for a discount or incentive – are also fantastic for building a client base!

Assess your techniques and make changes.

As your nutrition or health coaching business continues to grow, you’ll need to pause frequently to reassess your target audience and marketing techniques.

The ideal client you began with may not remain your ideal client as your practice becomes more diverse or niche specific.

Take the time to schedule updates that specifically address where and how you find and attract clients. Keep a log of what works, and what doesn’t. Then, you know which areas to really focus on as you continue to expand.

Ready to reach more nutrition clients?

Creating a multi-service practice and really defining your niche can help! Click here to learn more about all of the certifications that The Health Sciences Academy has to offer, and get started today!

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