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Alex Waud

Hi, I’m Alex from York. If you’re lost in the jungle of finding the right online course, then I’d love to hear about your experiences! I’ve just gone through it myself – spending endless hours researching every online health and fitness course in the known universe… If you want to know what the courses are like, and the impact they have made, then please drop me an e-mail.

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Jekaterina Schneider

Hey, I’m Kat and am currently based in Loughborough. I am studying Sports Science with Management at Loughborough University and have a great passion for everything sports, fitness and nutrition related. I love studying and take any opportunity that comes my way, but it’s not easy to find a course that guarantees a high quality learning experience, and, above all, knowledge that is applicable to practice! The Health Sciences Academy can provide you with that. Whether you want to get involved in sports, fitness or nutrition or just want to gain knowledge for your own benefit, I highly recommend The Health Sciences Academy – the courses are educational, fun, practical and offer a fantastic learning experience. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about their courses and wish you good luck!

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Josh Goodfellow

Hi. I’m Josh from Boston, Lincolnshire. As a qualified Fitness Professional and someone with a huge passion for the industry I am continuously looking for opportunities to further develop my knowledge in all aspects of training and nutrition. This passion for continuous improvement stems from my company JGFitness. JGFitness is one of the few brands within the industry committed to helping people with disabilities within the industry. As someone who has a disability myself it’s a career path that is very special to me on a personal level and my development through extra qualifications and courses is vital to be able to continue to offer services to the disABLED within the industry. I completed the Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor certification with The Health Sciences Academy and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Now thanks to them the services I can offer to my clients have improved 10 fold. They have helped me and the continual development of my business and clientele. If you want more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Linda Milner

In 2012 when I worked for the NHS I was diagnosed with cancer which I undertook treatment for, during treatment I began to take a keen interest in more holistic therapies and nutrition. After finishing my treatment which included chemotherapy and radiotherapy I retrained as a massage therapist and started my own business NU-YU Massage Therapy in early 2013. During my client consultations it became clear that most people were confused when it came to nutrition and dietary supplements, as these can be vitally important to keeping us all healthy I wanted to further my knowledge in these subjects to be able to advise and support my clients to becoming healthier and getting the nutrition their bodies needed. I found The Health Sciences Academy and after reading through the certifications decided upon the Dietary Supplements Advisor certification, it was brilliant. Really well put together with documents which were ready to print out and begin using with clients immediately. With this certification I have been able to assess my clients diets and any symptoms they may be experiencing and suggest changes to their nutrition and additional supplements which may be beneficial to them. I also run Bulgarian Bag Fitness which is pretty new to the UK and a very challenging work. This made me want to understand more about sports nutrition so I have since gone on to study the Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor certification and am currently implementing this with my fitness clients. I hope to continue with further courses (hopefully the Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner certification) through The Health Sciences Academy as I know these will help me to grow my business and support my clients.

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Marie Dillon

Having personally experienced the exceptional benefits of optimal nutrition on both the body and mind as well as having a strong personal interest in health and well-being, has led me to turning my PASSION into my career. I have dedicated myself to providing a first class WEIGHT LOSS PERSONAL COACHING service that achieves maximum results by treating each client as a unique individual and incorporating all aspects from a client’s history, to psychological tendencies right through to their long-term goals. Studying Clinical Weight Loss with The Health Science Academy has provided me with not only cutting edge industry knowledge to do this successfully but also the practical tools and skills required to ensure my business operates to the highest standards within this dynamic sector. Having studied with numerous nutritional institutes in the past, I can honestly say The Health Science Academy is a leading provider of such certifications. If you would like to speak to me about my experience, I would be more than happy to do so.

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