Let's make science together.

... and inspire others to get healthier and happier

“Together with our students, we make our own science. They call us innovators and experimenters.”

Alex Ruani, Chief Science Educator, The Health Sciences Academy

Our mission goes beyond offering scientific content, practical training and recognised certifications. We are committed to research that allows us to understand various aspects of our students’ health and personal development.

As innovators and experimenters, we want to share what we discover.

By conducting and sharing our own observational research (cross-sectional, successive, longitudinal) on how individuals are able to transform their lifestyle and wellbeing through education, we empower our students to better their own health and to inspire others to do the same.

The skill of our Research Team, led by Alex Ruani, is to examine complex scientific literature and translate it into easy-to-understand practical concepts for students, cutting through bad science, myths and misconceptions, whilst emphasising the key research and context in which scientific studies are written, and combining our own insights to make sense of it all in practical terms.

This way, we provide our students with science-based knowledge and practical tools, to help them develop their own expertise.

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“We’re improving people’s lives and health through our army of amazing graduates. We want them to do well whilst doing good.”

Maurice Castelijn, Managing Director

Our goal is to become a leading resource for learners and to make the world a healthier place by focusing on four key principles:


We're scientists and educators. We spend most of our days investigating, dissecting, testing, and teaching science. But only so we can share it with you in easy-to-understand and practical ways. To help mitigate the risk of wrong advice from all the hearsay and bad science out there. To set the record straight when it comes to conflicting health theories. And to help you become your happiest, healthiest self... and inspire others to do the same!


Experience is defined as "the mastery of a subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it". Besides researching and teaching science, we use our own experience to guide our students and provide them with the necessary tools so they can learn how to safely make personalised recommendations. This way, they too can gain experience and help others achieve their health and nutrition goals. We're here for our learners, and we want them to succeed!


The present direction of health and nutrition science is personalisation. Based on a combination of science and professional experience, we continue to develop our own proven systems, models, methodologies, and materials that you won’t be able to find anywhere else (unless we say so). These proprietary tools and assessments are designed to help our learners design personalised health and nutrition plans for their own clients. If it's not personalised, it's not effective!


The reason why we pack our courses full of hands-on assignments, planning tools, tasks, games, practical worksheets and client materials is because we want our students to apply their new knowledge in practice and make a difference to others. As opposed to passive learning, we encourage an active and creative discovery. Our courses are designed to help you master the material and apply it in real life as you learn it. We equip you with the knowledge and the tools to start working on a career that you love, create your own business, and begin seeing clients right away!

“Knowledge without application is nothing more than philosophy that makes good dinner conversation.”

There's so much confusing health and nutrition guidance out there.

There are hundreds of "dietary theories" written on books and programmes, but they all miss a very important thing: the science.

That’s why our courses are built around science-based methods and resources, so YOU can become the expert.

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Everyone has a different biochemistry, genetic makeup and nutrient needs, so what works for you, may not work for someone else.

For that reason, we provide you with health questionnaires, planning guides, worksheets and step-by-step strategies, all unique to our courses and not available anywhere else. With these powerful tools, you'll be able to:

  • Pinpoint the unique needs of each individual
  • Build personalised programmes that work

At The Health Sciences Academy, we are passionate about the highest quality online education for students looking to transform themselves through convenient access to learning. This way, we make our online courses accessible 24/7 to anyone who wants to achieve, thrive and grow. Learn more about us here.

We are based in London, United Kingdom, but open to online students around the world. Explore our certifications here.

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