Certificate in Food Systems and Global Sustainability

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Course Code: FSS8092

Organic or conventional? Mediterranean diet or McDonald's? What dietary choices are truly the most sustainable for our health but also the environment?

In this course we teach participants the latest on food systems, their environmental impact and the implications in terms of global sustainability.


This course explores the diversity of the foods we eat, the ways in which we grow, process, distribute, and prepare them, and the impacts they have upon our environment, health, and society.

We will also examine the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable global food system in the future.

You will investigate current topics in food sustainability and have the opportunity to participate in discussions with your fellow students.

Case studies, readings, and other resources will emphasise that responsible decisions about what to eat require that we consider the entire global food supply chain and its full set of economic, environmental, and social consequences.

Course Curriculum

This course is organised around fifteen questions that span our world’s food system, its impacts, and its future.

1. What is food?
2. What foods do we eat?
3. How and where did our food originate?
4. How and where do we grow our food?
5. How do we facilitate the trade and transfer of our food?
6. How do we process and distribute our food?
7. How do we prepare our food?
8. How do we choose what to eat?
9. How do we assess the sustainability of the global food system?
10. How does what we eat affect our health?
11. How does what we eat affect our environment?
12. How much food will we need in the future?
13. What challenges do we face in reforming the global food system?
14. How can we provide more food more sustainably?
15. How can we each contribute to a more sustainable global food system?

Will I get a Certificate for this course?

Yes. Students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Recommended Background

No specific background is required.

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