Certificate in Obesity Economics

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Course Code: OE9856

The resources available to individuals and society and the prices of goods in the market shape our choices - even about the food we eat and the weight at which we live. This course explores the economic motivation for consumer choice and the economic role of government in markets related to obesity.


Economics motivates consumer behavior based on preferences, relative prices, and time and money constraints. Economics motivates the role for government based on market failure. Obesity has been deemed a critical public health problem. This course explores how consumer choices lead to individuals being different weights and discusses whether there is an economic rationale for government intervention in the markets most closely related to food and activity choices.


– Define the concept of consumer sovereignty

– Describe how consumers are thought to make choices based on a combination of preferences, relatively prices, and time and money constraints

– Describe economic motivations for government action in markets

– Consider arguments regarding the appropriateness of a government role in markets that are related to obesity in adults and children


Module one

Learn some background information about economics, and learn about the epidemiology of obesity and about direct and indirect costs;

Module two

Learn about both economic and non-economic influences on obesity;

Module three

Learn about the limits of consumer sovereignty, how economists motivate government policies, and what some economists think about policies that have already been tried;

Module four

Complete the final assessment and present your written work on how incentives, information, and constraints affect individuals’ choices of food and activity levels and result in individuals being widely varying weights.

Recommended Background

An understanding of issues related to the health impacts of obesity or some basic microeconomics is helpful but not necessary.

Who this is for

This course is intended for students with an interest in exploring issues of public health related to obesity in industrialised countries through an economic lens and is meant to raise questions and generate healthy and civil discussion about the food intake and activity choices individuals make and the appropriate and economically motivated role for government in affecting these outcomes. Students will be expected to represent themselves honestly and respect the diverse ideas presented in the course by the instructors and other students.

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