Coaching Tutors: Improving their instruction

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Learn and practice strategies for coaching tutors and teachers to make meaningful, long-lasting improvements in their instruction.


Scholars estimate that teachers and tutors have over 1000 unique exchanges with students every day, most of which are unplanned and require quick decision making. And then there are the myriad daily decision points related to curriculum planning, assessing student work, and interactions with parents and colleagues. Amidst this frenzy, it’s easy for “bad” habits to set in, and hard to break them once they do.

The question then becomes: How in such a fast-paced environment can coaches and instructional leaders help teachers execute changes in their practice that actually stick?


Effective teacher-coaches are not just knowledgeable about instruction; they’re also highly strategic in their approach to changing teachers’ behaviors.

That starts with preparing teachers to receive critical feedback, and then continues with a careful selection of goals and scaffolds to ensure that feedback is implemented with fidelity.

Even teacher coaching that’s described as “good” can sometimes fall short of resulting in meaningful change. The coach might see and say the right things, and the teacher might be very appreciative of the feedback. But unless the coaching drives true changes in behavior, the “good” in this case could actually end up being the enemy of effective.

Course Learning Outcomes

– To describe and analyse strategies that help a teacher develop a growth mindset about accepting and acting on critical feedback.

– To describe and analyse tools (e.g. observation rubrics) that help teachers and coaches develop a shared vocabulary and vision about excellent classroom practice.

– To derive clear and measurable improvement goals for teachers based on observations of their practice.

– To describe and analyse protocols for delivering directive, actionable feedback to teachers.

– To describe and analyse exercises that generate meaningful opportunities to practice implementing feedback.

Course Content

Course participants will be introduced to the key principles of effective coaching, which strike the right balance between providing clear direction for teachers, while giving them the support they need to achieve their goals:

Module one

Strategies that help teachers receive and process critical feedback, while maintaining a “growth mindset” about their practice.

Module two

Shared Vocabulary and Vision

Module three

Selecting and Setting Measurable Goals

Module four

Delivering Directive Feedback

Module five

Create Opportunities for Practice

Recommended Background

This course is appropriate for any educator who has an interest in coaching tutors and teachers at The Health Sciences Academy.

Who this is for

Required for those who work or intend to work with The Health Sciences Academy.

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