Create a Thriving Coaching Practice: Delivering Effective Consultations

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Course Code: TCP0967

In this course we teach participants how to deliver effective consultations, get results for your clients and create a thriving coaching practice.


The goal of this course is to help you plan, prepare and deliver effective nutritional coaching sessions with your clients.

This course is perfect so you know exactly what to do with clients in each session to get life changing results.


You will receive the template legal documents that your clients need to sign in their first nutritional coaching session with you.

You will also get coaching session materials, worksheets, questionnaires and hand-outs for your clients.

We will also provide you with te following printable material for your coaching sessions:

1. food diary templates you can use with your clients
2. hand-outs with health and nutritional information for them to take home and follow up on
3. questionnaires, worksheets and action plans to make each coaching session a unique experience

You will take part of our Skills Lab, were you will partner with another student and practise your coaching sessions with each other, giving you the confidence to conduct effective real-life coaching sessions with your paying clients.

Candidates successfully completing this programme will be awarded a Statement of Accomplishment.


Section One: Initial consultations.

1.1 Professionalism
1.2 Client consultation
1.3 Legal and ethical considerations
1.4 Barriers
1.5 Goal setting
1.6 When to refer your clients
1.7 Communication skills

Section 2: Collecting and analysing dietary information

2.1 Basic dietary assessment methods
2.2 Analysing food diaries

Section 3: Providing clients with effective nutritional strategies

3.1 Healthy eating advice
3.2 Guidelines for athletes and physically active clients
3.3 Motivating clients
3.4 Reviewing progress

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Includes access to your protected learners’ area, all course materials, lessons, interactive quizzes, online assessments, worksheets, a community of like-minded classmates, and Learner Services support.

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