Fitness Instructor Certificate
(Level 2)

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Course Code: FIC4401

Our Fitness Instructor course is a fantastic first step into the fitness industry and the foundation for further progression to becoming a personal trainer. It will make you desirable for employment in any gym across the UK.

You will be taught by our highly qualified tutors who tailor their delivery to suit your individual learning style. You will receive comprehensive learning resources and all the guidance and support needed to pass the course.


You will be designing tailored gym programmes, encouraging gym users to train effectively and ensuring that they work out safely.

Career options once qualified:

1. Work full-time or part-time as a gym instructor within a health and fitness club

2. Become a gym supervisor or fitness manager within a health and fitness club

3. Build towards becoming a Personal Trainer by completing the remaining personal trainer modules

4. Undertake further training to specialise as a Nutritional Advisor and deliver optimal results for your clients

Learn to…

Identify the major bones, muscles and muscle actions of the body

Explain the workings of the body’s cardiovascular (CV) and energy systems

Identify the components and principles of fitness

Relate the Health and Safety at Work Act to the gym environment

Identify excellent teaching skills in order to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes

Identify good customer care and strategies for the adoption and maintenance of physical activity

Plan, teach and evaluate a gym programme

Demonstrate good personal technique on a range of CV equipment, fixed resistance, free weights and body weight exercises

Apply specific health checks

Apply basic skills that will enable you to include older adult, disabled, and antenatal and post-natal client groups in your sessions


No pre-requisite of any science background is required. Only high school level science is required.


It requires attendance to our affiliate premises (gym and classroom). Central London.

Intensive: 20 days over 5 consecutive weeks.

Includes blended learning with online access to the course materials.


Each component is assessed separately. Total of 2 assessment days at our affiliate venues (Central London).

Invigilated exams and practical assessments must be completed within 2 years.

Course Fees

The cost of this course is £989.

Payments in GBP, EUR and USD are accepted.

Pay for this programme in 12 monthly instalments.

The course fee includes all the blended learning components, such as exam fees, in-person workshops (Central London), access to your protected learners’ area, online course materials, and Learner Services support.

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