Introduction to Human Genetics

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What makes us male or female? Is DNA testing safe? Do different races have the same genes? My mother has breast cancer, what’s my risk?

This course gives students a thorough understanding of gene function and inheritance, and enables them to apply this understanding to real-world issues, both personal and societal.

How different are we?

Introduction to DNA, genes and chromosomes and the relationships between human populations.

How DNA molecules change.

The causes and immediate consequences of mutations.

DNA differences and gene functions.

How mutations that change gene activity or function affect the properties of organisms. How mutations cause cancer.

Natural genetic variation.

Sex determination and genes on sex chromosomes. How natural genetic variation is studied, and how it differs from classical alleles. Heritability and genome-wide association studies. Genetic variation for cancer risks.

Personal genomics.

Kinds of DNA typing and genome analysis, and what can be learned from them about health risks, personal attributes and ancestry.


Why are we the way we are?

The mechanics of inheritance.

How genes and chromosomes are transmitted through the generations (including the molecular mechanisms of mitosis and meiosis).

Genetic analysis.

Using genetic crosses as a research tool to investigate how genes work and what they do. Sex-linkage, pedigree analysis, and hypothesis testing.

All about breeding and inbreeding.

More about heritability and GWAS. Inbreeding in humans, crops and livestock, and evolution. Hybrids and genetically modified organisms.

Chromosomal changes.

Polyploidy and aneuploidy, chromosome rearrangements, and genome evolution.

Selected advanced topics.

The origin of life, mitochondrial genes and mutations, genetic mosaicism, fetal DNA in mothers, epigenetic inheritance, and other topics students may suggest.


Students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Recommended Background

You will need some prior knowledge of basic biology (first-year college or a recent good high-school course).

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