Advanced Stress Management Advisor™

Professional Diploma Level 5

The science-based certification to building stress resilience in order to help a client during times of adversity or challenge.

We developed this advanced certification because of questions we get all the time at The Health Sciences Academy, like:

  • “How can I tell if my client is pushed to their limits?”
  • “Can some amount of stress actually be beneficial for us?”
  • “I have heard of a positive mindset before. But how can this help my client?”
  • “I am feeling so unproductive lately. Could it be that I’m experiencing burnout?”
  • “I’m pregnant, working full-time, and taking care of a household. Could this be affecting my baby?”
  • “I enjoy exercise. So if I work out more, then I’ll be calmer right?”
  • “My boss has a temper and takes it out on us workers. How can I cope in that situation?”
  • “I eat more junk food when I have deadlines or too much to do. How do I stop that?”
(Yes, we get questions like these even from medical doctors and university-trained dietitians and nutritionists).
Questions like these inspired us to bring practical science directly to those who want to help clients feel calmer when faced with challenges and difficulties in the right way.
This advanced training is our combined know-how in stress science, neurochemistry, endocrinology, and psychology.
If you want to help your client feel less stressed out, you need to understand what is contributing to their feeling stressed in the first place and how to help them understand their own triggers.
So how do you do it?
Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn.