Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor™

Professional Diploma Level 5

Accredited by CPD. Endorsed by YMCA Awards (CYQ's new brand). Approved by IICT and underwriters for membership and insurance.

Who is this for?

  • Nurses, doctors and NHS professionals
  • Dieticians and nutritionists
  • Dietary counsellors and health coaches
  • Personal trainers and sports coaches
  • University students studying health sciences
  • Anybody with an interest in bettering their health

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Brilliant, being able to learn and qualify online at your own pace is fantastic, I would highly recommend this course! I feel that it has really helped develop my career aspirations, and can’t wait to make use of it in the future, a big thank you!5stars

Kirby Markham (Derby, UK)

It will help me 100% with my business. All of the materials look useful and practical. I learnt a great amount and I loved the interactive features. An excellent course. I have found the course to be incredibly informative and covers more areas than I had expected.5stars

Elizabeth Lawrence (Chelmsford, Essex, England)

Learn to answer these questions AND build an advanced supplementation and nutritional programme:

  • Cutting-edge questionnaires with personalised recommendations and dosage planners
  • Evaluate symptoms and precise nutrient deficiencies (covers over 100 nutrients)
  • Adjust doses for exercisers, children, teenagers, pregnant women and clients over 50
  • Advise on best supplements, and how/when to take them for optimal absorption
  • Analyse antioxidant capacity and provide nutritional recommendations
  • Start seeing clients as soon as you receive your diploma and get insured to practise

This course is designed to help mitigate the risk of wrong supplemental advice - a serious concern in the supplements market.

Course CurriculumClick here to see what you'll learn!

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9 super-sized modules. 60 CPD hours.

9 Comprehensive Course Modules

  • The basics of dietary supplements
  • Building a supplement programme for your client
  • Advanced dietary supplements
  • The best, worst and how they interact
  • Toxicity and safety of vitamins and minerals

Copyright (c) The Health Sciences Academy

  • Supplements and healing
  • Phytochemicals, enzymes, probiotics and fibre
  • A-Z Fact Sheets & Advanced Supplement Research for Clients
  • Professional, legal, insurance and tax considerations
Course CurriculumClick here to see what you'll learn!

When you start, you'll also get:

  • Unlimited online access to your course lessons
  • PDF files for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience
  • Ready-to-use templates for your clients: nutrient calculators, meal planners, food diaries, health questionnaires and legal forms
  • Interactive, automatically graded online quizzes which you need to complete before moving onto your next module
  • A fully automatically graded final exam (Score > 80% and you have passed…. No retake fees!)
  • Interactive questionnaires and polls – add your voice and see what your fellow students say
  • Glossary, conversions guide and additional resources with examples, science or reference research
  • Instant PDF certificate upon completion signed and dated by your course director
  • Achievement badge to display on your website, business card and marketing materials
  • 24/7 access to the Learner Services portal
  • Free graduation bonus materials
  • And none of it expires!

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Business in a box.

Planning tools to equip your practice

We equip you with the tools and knowledge to create a custom built programme for your client, from evaluation forms to session handouts. Like having a business in a box!

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A complete blueprint for you.

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Templates for immediate use with your clients

Includes printable client materials: Nutrient calculators, food diaries, meal planners, client worksheets, session handouts, health checks, legal forms and readily usable templates to start your own practice!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Perform symptom assessments and nutrient evaluations
  • Provide test results with personalised recommendations
  • Calculate exact dosing for each nutrient (varies from person to person)
  • Interpret supplement labels, including chemical names and ingredients used as fillers, binders, lubricants and coatings
  • Identify the best supplements to recommend, and exactly how and when to take them

Copyright (c) The Health Sciences Academy

  • Educate your client about interactions with drugs, bad combinations, toxicity levels and potential side effects for each supplement
  • Perform 4 simple tests to assess the quality of a supplement’s manufacture
  • Qualify, evaluate and put forward innovative supplements with total confidence
  • Discover the uses and effectiveness of over 100 nutrients – vitamins, minerals, oils, antioxidants, phytochemicals, enzymes, probiotics and fibre
  • Monitor and re-assess a person’s supplementary programme

Grab your FREE Graduation Bonuses!

Only for students who complete the Dietary Supplements Advisor course. A special bonus pack with three bonuses:

  • A-Z Immune Boosting Herbs and Supplements (worth £59)
  • Best Supplements and Creams for 10 Common Skin Problems (worth £39)
  • Supplements for Over 40 Health Conditions – obesity, allergies, indigestion, IBS, chronic fatigue, insomnia, PMS, headaches, sinus, constipation, cold sores, and hair loss (worth £79)
PDF version

I learnt a lot from this course and it will help me massively in my future career as a health nutritionist, the online experience was really good and I'm already looking to do another course soon hopefully.5stars

Tony Neale (Sidcup, England)

Enjoyed adding to my knowledge base. As a fitness professional I'm grateful to find this course and for a great price i might add, thank you very much.5stars


Lee Carroll (London, UK)

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I enjoyed learning about the effect of deficiencies in people and how things can be found naturally and the levels they are found. I was surprised to find out how high the requirements of vitamins and minerals are needed for normal function and how low some amounts are in food. I have found the course fascinating and very enjoyable and am looking forward to putting it into practice.5stars

Linda Robinson (Saxilby, Lincoln, England)

As I am currently shadowing a PhD to do with prebiotic supplementation and its potential effects on (exercise-induced) asthma I found the probiotic units very interesting. In terms of bettering my health I feel I am more knowledgeable about how supplementation can help support the body and correct deficiencies. Overall I felt the course was very informative, and the sciency parts were broken down well. Very pleased with course content and user friendly. Although I found the course very challenging (which is a good thing as I have never had experience delving into this topic area) I have also found it very rewarding and would recommend to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge about their health.5stars

Todd Davidson (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England)

Learn from any device!

  • Touch-friendly
  • No installation of other software required
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3 (no Flash)
  • Loads quickly even over slow connections
  • Automatically adjusts for mobile devices

Get certified without delay

Upon graduation you'll have instant access to your very own Certificate in PDF format, issued in your name, signed and dated. You can save it, print it or share it with someone else.

It will help me 100% with my business. All of the materials look useful and practical. I learnt a great amount and I loved the interactive features. An excellent course. I have found the course to be incredibly informative and covers more areas than I had expected.5stars


Elizabeth Lawrence (Chelmsford, Essex, England)

The course materials are excellent. I found the course very interesting, easy to understand and well thought out. Very impressive! 5stars

Jo Stallard (Bristol)

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Love the additional client forms/questionnaires that will help me set up my new business. Love the simplistic layout of the course materials, easy to find and follow advice and info that will stay with me. i found this way of learning was more effective for me than just going through a text book.5stars

Caroline Smith (Heywood, Lancashire, UK)

Learning how to create a supplement programme for a client, handouts were easy to follow and the site was easy to navigate around and access.5stars

Gillian Dodds (Stanley, County Durham, England)

Earn and display your achievement!

A badge from The Health Sciences Academy is an exciting and innovative way for our graduate learners to show off their qualifications and certifications. You can place the badges on anything you want: business cards, websites, etc. It’s entirely up to you!



It has helped tremendously with my nutrition course by expanding my understanding and knowledge of all supplements. The most interesting module of all was module 7 covering Phytochemicals. The recommended additional reading material has also been extremely welcoming for "in depth" knowledge. A well worth course to do.  5stars

Sarah Louisa Richards (Castle Eaton, Swindon, United Kingdom)

I like the fact I can save all the modules to refer back to offline. I enjoyed taking the tests, they were helpful to jog memory. It has helped me rethink my personal supplements and my family members too.5stars

Katie France (Chester, Cheshire, UK)

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Everything above is included in your price.

  • Q.What are the entry requirements for this course?

    A.There are no entry requirements other than being at least 16 years of age and a willingness to jump in, learn your way around, and have fun!

  • Q.Do I need any specific background, experience or qualification to Start?

    A.No pre-requisite of any science background is required. High school level science can be helpful. No prior experience and/or educational paperwork are required.

  • Q.How many REPs CPD points will I earn?

    A.Once you have successfully completed your training and purchased the optional SkillsActive Professional Add-on Module, you will receive 6 REPs CPD points. In order to redeem your REPs CPD points, please record them in your online REPs portal. Please note that this applies to Level 3 Qualified REPs members only who have joined by 1 December 2016.

  • Q.Do you send me any materials in the post?

    A.The entire course is online. You can download and print all of your materials, including your client worksheets and planning tools. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, in addition to your online access, we can courier your course pack once you’ve registered your course for an additional fee. Upon registration, you’ll be given this option so you can instantly order your course pack.

  • Q.Do I have to complete my course in 12 months?

    A.No, there are no fixed deadlines and you can take as long as you need to complete it. You can finish it in a few weeks or in a couple of years, at your own pace. Plus, you have lifetime access to your course systems and materials, both before and after graduation, including all future updates and new research. This way, you’re supported with content that is current and fresh throughout your entire practice. If you have a gift voucher, we suggest your redeem it as soon as possible – and then start your course lessons whenever you are ready later on.

  • Q.Is there a deadline to complete my course?

    A.No, there are no fixed deadlines. Our programme allows you to be 100% in control of your own time. In other words, you are in charge of your own study agenda. This puts you in the driving seat and increases the enjoyment of your learning experience. What’s more, you have lifetime access to your course, which means that it is yours forever to keep, including all future updates and new content!

  • Q.How long does it take to complete the course?

    A.You can do it as quickly or slowly as you wish. Our programme allows you to be 100% in control of your own time. In other words, you are in charge of your own study agenda. This puts you in the driving seat and increases the enjoyment of your learning experience.

  • Q.How many hours per week do you recommend I study for?

    A.It depends on how quickly you would like to complete your certification. You can study for as many hours per week as your work and social life allows. The guided learning hours to complete this course: 60 hours.

  • Q.Do I need any special software to complete my course?

    A.No special operating system is required. You need a computer and internet access. Upon registration, we help you navigate the online system and also provide access to our 24/7 Interactive Learner Services portal.

  • Q.Do I have to submit written assignments?

    A.No. Instead, you are presented with learning checks built into each module, guided Skills Lab™ tasks, worksheets, student games and polls, practical self-assignments and online tests. This way you won’t feel stuck over the composition and marking of written tasks. What’s more, your study time is reduced so you can concentrate on what really matters: Applying your newly acquired knowledge to real life situations!

  • Q.What assessments are in there?

    A.At the end of each module, there is a multiple choice quiz based on the readings and lesson materials. The purpose of the quizzes is to enhance your retention of the material. You are permitted to refer to the module lessons and other notes during the quizzes. There is no time limit and you have an unlimited number of attempts to take the quiz. You will see feedback on your correct and incorrect answers after you pass. At the end of the course, there is a final theory exam (online), covering what you have learned in all modules. Upon successful completion of your final exam with a final score of 80% or above, you will receive your certificate.

  • Q.If I fail the final exam, do you charge any fees to retake it?

    A.No, there are no additional fees to retake your final theory exam. In fact, you will be able to retake it instantly (online), without any further administrative step. You are permitted to refer to the module lessons and other notes during your final exam. There is no time limit and you have an unlimited number of attempts to take it.

  • Q.Can this course help me with my career?

    A.Absolutely! The course is packed with Downloadable Client Materials and Session Handouts that will help you establish or expand your nutritional practice.

    You final module covers the key professional, legal, tax, and insurance considerations in order to set up your practice. In there, we also provide you with downloadable legal templates for you to print and use as soon as you start seeing clients.

    We also offer an optional, premium Clinic Toolkit™ packed with intelligent forms to help start or enhance your practice.

  • Q.Is this course accredited?

    A.Yes. It has been accredited by CPD (the official certification service for Continuing Professional Development, which carries both UK and International recognition), endorsed by YMCA Awards (previously Central YMCA Qualifications/CYQ), the UK’s leading and longest-established awarding body for health, fitness and wellness qualifications, and approved by IICT (the International Institute for Complementary Therapists) for professional membership and insurance.

    You can find out more about our awarding bodies HERE.

  • Q.Are there any hidden charges?

    A.Everything we’ve detailed above these Frequently Asked Questions is included in your price! You’ll have the choice to select optional add-ons (entirely up to you if you want them or not), such as a printed course pack by post or professional add-on registration modules for CPD and YMCA Awards. Not all of our graduates seek to evidence a professional recognition, so we’ve made it optional and those who don’t need it won’t have to pay extra. We also offer an optional, premium Clinic Toolkit™ packed with intelligent forms to help start or enhance your practice. Contact us if you require further information.

Course was very helpful. I have expanded my knowledge and this will be a huge help in my career future.5stars

Hannah Butler (Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom)

I have decided to do this course, so I can make informed decisions regarding supplements and advise my family and friends. There is so much information available nowadays, and it is difficult to decide which one to follow without thorough understanding of the subject. I wanted to be able to make wise decisions on which supplements to choose and in what dosage for my children and for us. I found that the course covered all areas that I was interested in.4stars

Eszter Sarolta Bara (Nagykovácsi, Hungary)

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We asked our new joiners...

Have you taken any health, fitness or nutrition courses in the past?

To improve my dietary style and help my patients.

Medical Doctor

To optimize my own health and be able to give clients better informed advise regarding the use of supplements within a natural health regime.

Natural health practitioner

To increase my understanding of nutrients, understand the benefits of food supplementation and how they assist the body in maintaining optimal health, lead by example by utilising food supplements to improve and maintain my own health and well-being and feel confident in providing guidance to others.


Increase my knowledge and hopefully will give me a better understanding to further my career


Be more familiar with supplements, their benefits, but safe use. I have learnt the controversial side of it, so I would like to gain some basis knowledge through this course and be able to research further and make up my own mind.

PhD student

I already advise people which supplements to take after working for 37 years for the NHS and would like to set a business up doing this with a recognised qualification and training path


I have decided to take this course as being healthy and fit is my passion. I love learning new very exciting things about foods and what they are able to do to your body. I wish to be sharing all the knowledge I got and the one I will gain during this study with other people.

Stay at home mum

As I take quite a few supplements and spend a considerate amount on them I would like to learn in depth about supplements that would be beneficial for me as a person. I am also thinking of even changing  career and working in a health shop.

Restaurant Manager

To gain knowledge that I can share with others.

Life coach

To be aware about benefits of supplements and help other people


I take supplements, and have been told that certain supplements can help with a number of related health issue. I wanted to find out more, both for myself, a support group that I'm currently in the process of setting up and my friends.


I was interested in finding out more about supplements that can help with healthy lifestyle and weight loss, and to assist in elevating symptoms of menopause. Having completed a nutritionists and weight management course this seemed to be the next logical step of education. This is more for me than to embark as a career, but you never say never. I have previously worked with the elderly and as chef this would also assist in devising menus and which supplements are needed to aid healthy living

Accounts Technician

To get a better understanding of how I can live a healthy lifestyle utilising the best possible supplements.  Moving forward I would like to incorporate this knowledge within a life coaching business I'm currently thinking about

Company Director

I want to know more about supplements, which are the most beneficial in which circumstances and how I can add the ones I need to my diet.

Holistic Therapist

To compliment my role as a Homeopath


I am currently a qualified LEVEL 2 gym instructor and wished to broaden my skill set into the nutrition field.

Gym Instructor

- to reduce weight

- to know the nutrients in foods

- to know how much to eat

- to know what to eat for health improvement

Make-up Artist

Currently doing Sports Nutrition, wanted to better understand nutrition and supplementation in order to progress my training.

The Health Sciences Academy Sports and Exercise Nutrition student

I have studied nutritional therapy through premier global training and gained 2 diplomas in advanced nutritional therapy a few years ago. I used to be very regimented about my eating habits- I want to get back to this I want to update my nutritional knowledge as I am very rusty.

Pharmacy Manager