Creating a healthier
and happier world.

We’re in it together.

Whether you’re a part of our amazing team, a student wanting to make a difference, a partner wanting to join forces for good, or a supplier enabling us to do our thing.
If you help us be more successful in creating a healthier and happier global community, we will have your back.
We are loyal teammates and we want everyone in our circle to win.

We get results while still having fun.

A lasting result involves investing money, time and effort.
But imagine if each journey can be made fun, and we could all be our best selves!
We’re here to bring the best out of each other, because we are all here by choice, in it for the long run, with the ambition to improve the lives of millions worldwide.
We achieve success when our students achieve success with their clients.

Our purpose is greater than ourselves.

We share a singular purpose that ties into something greater than ourselves.
Nutrition plays a crucial role in the quality of life, and we all recognise the need for change.
By transforming nutrition science into practical and safe guidance, we shape and equip the nutrition leaders of tomorrow.
What we do is not a job – it’s a calling – and it gives us unlimited energy.

Everyone is unique and so are we.

We all have our own, individual nutritional needs. So, if a nutrition professional’s advice is not personalised it isn’t effective.
We will achieve effective, lasting results through personalisation and dedication to the recognition of individual needs.
We want each student to feel confident and capable, and empower them to help others improve their health and wellness.
Our inherent need to bring out the best in nutrition science makes THSA unlike any other institution in the world.

We continually adapt to help our students grow.

Nutrition science progresses at the speed of light, and so does the potential of nutrition professionals.
Our actions are driven by ethical and scientific insights, and we create learning materials for students to have a positive impact on every client they help.
We are independent and will maintain our integrity, transparency, and we will strive to remain a trustworthy source of all things nutrition.




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