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Enrol today to get the flexibility, credibility, competence, and confidence you need to start working with your own nutrition clients.
Our exclusive scholarship opportunity is helping professionals all over the world get the right foundation in Nutrition Science, armed with Lifestyle Medicine knowledge and practical tools.

We're investing in your dream career

Is this YOU in 2023 and beyond?

You are doing what you love, while increasing your income and your impact.
You have a successful practice that’s taking people closer to their health goals.
You have the know-how to communicate and deliver nutrition programs in a personalised way.
You move from having potential clients to paying clients who value your time and services.
Their testimonials and referrals create more opportunities for you and help you grow further.
All you did was say YES to taking a LEAP in the right direction, at the right time.

Who will benefit the most from this Scholarship?

The L.E.A.P Scholarship gives everyone an equal opportunity to get back on their feet and take a leap towards their dream career.
  • Aspiring nutrition professionals who need that extra push
Get all the necessary knowledge and resources to turn your passion into a successful profession
  • Switching careers to start their own practice immediately
Follow a proven, trusted path to save time, money, and effort and enjoy the freedom to chart your path
  • Personal trainers who want to expand their business
Add core nutrition knowledge to your skillset to stand apart in your space and multiply revenue
  • Recently graduated and need to gain the confidence to work with clients
Get access to evidence-based training and build practical skillsets to work with paying clients

Our L.E.A.P Scholarship empowers you with a proven system so you can become a successful Nutritional Therapist, with specialisation in Lifestyle Medicine.

Stepping stones to a successful nutrition career


  • Get a solid foundation in nutrition therapy and food science
  • Learn how to employ these in real-life client scenarios
  • Explore unique ways to serve your clients in a personalised way


  • Put your learnings to action with paying nutrition clients
  • Convert more clients – understand how they learn, buy, and communicate
  • Use program structure, templates, and client logs from day 1
  • Personalise their experience to create more opportunities


  • Specialise in Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Plan how to integrate it into your current practice and improve further
  • Prepare for the next level: Increasing your growth and revenue


  • Amplify your earnings and impact
  • Find and convert new clients for consistent growth
  • Retain clients, build long-term relationships, and get referrals
  • Invest back into your career to work with more clients

The best part: We're here to support you on your journey every step of the way.

We cover a majority of your tuition fee so you can study without worrying about the finances.
You only pay a nominal Registration and Maintenance Fee to support the running of this program.
Our Contribution with Scholarship - 7,086
You pay just 1099

Here's your step-by-step Study Guide to L.E.A.P ahead

To chart a clear success path, it’s important to focus on what matters. It makes it easier for you to channel your time, energy, and efforts and move towards working with paying clients faster.
That’s why our experts have systematically planned this week-by-week roadmap to get your first clients through the doors as fast as possible.
Follow this to the tee or pick your own pace — you have the freedom to pave your way to success.

A winning combination at your fingertips

Gain unlimited access to our entire client success framework to get your nutrition practice off the ground with confidence.

Set your foundation for success as a certified Nutritional Therapist

This accredited Level 5 certification gives you the know-how to support clients with nutrient deficiencies and build personalised nutrition plans that drive results.
  • Familiarise yourself with the science behind nutrition, and learn how to implement your new skills in real client scenarios
  • Perform client assessments and detect nutrient deficiency risks
  • Build personalised nutrition plans for clients and monitor their progress
  • Put forward nutritional recommendations for over 40 common health conditions
  • Discover 160 superfoods that deliver the most nutrients per calorie and the functions of over 100 micronutrients

Get plug-and-play client templates and program structure

Apply all the done-for-you materials in real-life client sessions to personalise your advice and increase your revenue. This makes sure you not only learn and serve as a Nutritional Therapist but also earn back your investment in no time!
  • Exclusive 8-session client program structure
  • Unique communication methodology
  • Printable done-for-you tools and templates
  • Strategic assessment tools
  • Planning kits including questionnaires, intake assessments, client workbooks, progress trackers, and more
All developed by our team of experts – so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Level up with Lifestyle Medicine Specialisation

Enhance your professional opportunities as a health, fitness or nutrition professional and take your practice a notch higher with this Level 5 professional diploma. This training gives you the most up-to-date foundational knowledge on how to: 
  • Uncover the root causes and consequences of unwanted imbalances leading to poor health
  • Conduct health risk assessments and interpret essential biometric data
  • Understand when a medical referral is appropriate
  • Discover how lifestyle medicine principles could be added to your practice
  • Mitigate disease risk and alleviate ongoing symptoms through beneficial lifestyle modifications

Grow further with the Client Lifestyle Questionnaire

Once you have the Lifestyle Medicine knowledge, it’s important to evaluate your client’s modifiable lifestyle factors such as personal, environmental and relational. These play a key role in boosting their health and wellness as you have the information to:
  • Manage symptoms better
  • Decrease overall disease risk
  • Increase general wellbeing
Armed with the right knowledge and client tools, grow a successful nutrition business that earns money and makes a difference!

Supporting your growth from Day 1

Be it getting new clients, retaining existing ones, or optimising your sessions,  every step you take plays a key role in moving your business to the next level. That’s why we’ve included Growth Support to make sure you get the power of our collective expertise throughout this training, from start to finish.
No matter what your queries, challenges, or situations are, our team has got your back! 
  • Become insurable to practise across 38 countries
  • Enjoy access to Skills Lab™ to instantly apply your knowledge
  • Lifetime access to everything, including all future updates
  • 24/7 access to your learning platform so you can learn any time, on any device of your choice
  • 14-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

Take a giant leap in the right direction



Start your career as a Nutritional Therapist

109 x 12 payments
Includes 20% EU VAT
  • Ideal for starting or changing careers.
    Test the waters risk-free*

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