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Maurice Castelijn

"We are passionate about changing people’s lives through science and digital education. If you are too, join us and help us make the world a healthier place."

Maurice Castelijn is an accomplished international business professional who holds an MBA from the prestigious London Business School. He leads an internal team of experts to create, develop, and market new nutrition business programs for students of The Health Sciences Academy; all while cultivating strategic partnerships that afford students unique benefits.

Chief Executive Officer,
Chief Science Educator,

Alex Ruani

“If you want to learn science, it doesn't get any better than learning from the scientists themselves.”

Alex Ruani is a Doctoral Researcher in Nutrition Science Education at University College London, and Chief Science Educator at The Health Sciences Academy, where she leads a team of accomplished scientists and PhDs on large education and publishing projects helping 165,800+ working and aspiring nutrition professionals succeed in their careers.




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