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[CPD Certified Webinar] Dr Michael Mosley on Intermittent Fasting and Rapid Weight Loss

  • What weight-gain statistics during the pandemic are telling us
  • Utility of knowing a client’s metabolic age – and how to calculate it
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of ‘rapid’ weight loss
  • The safe (and the dangerous) ways of losing weight rapidly
  • How caloric restriction and intermittent fasting influence metabolic health
  • Latest research on 800-calorie diets and intermittent fasting
  • Impact of rapid weight loss on long-term weight maintenance
  • Advantages of having the support of a nutrition professional throughout the process

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Past Webinars (on-demand)

Watch the recorded replays of all our live webinars at your convenience! They are free too.
You also have the option of claiming a CPD certificate when you complete any of our Principle Pathway webinars.
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[CPD Certified Webinar] Principles of Nutritional Therapy for Your Practice

  • The most important step in nutritional personalisation when working with clients
  • Impact of genetics on health risks and human traits
  • Nature vs nurture debate: is there a winner?
  • The problem with nutritional advice today (that even smart dieticians and nutritionists get wrong)
  • Spotting nutrient deficiencies risks and understanding how to mitigate them
  • Creating personalised nutrition plans for your clients

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[CPD Certified Webinar] Why it pays to multi-specialise to support nutrition clients

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[SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] Black Friday Deals, November 2021

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[CPD Certified Webinar] Principles of Skincare Nutrition when Working with Clients

  • Why nutrition and health practitioners should gain a deep insight into nutritional dermatology when working with clients
  • Critical role of diet and lifestyle factors on skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, premature ageing, and many more
  • Importance of designing personalised skincare nutrition programs based on your client’s skin health goals
  • Benefits of becoming an Advanced Skincare and Repair Nutrition Specialist™
  • Types of services you can provide by knowing nutritional dermatology
  • How you can integrate skincare nutrition into your own client programs

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Dr David Katz: Exclusive Meet-and-Greet

  • Guiding principles of public health nutrition
  • Components of dietary assessment
  • What makes good (and poor) diet quality
  • Methods for evaluating diet quality
  • Applicability and usability of Diet IQ
  • Public health guidelines and the future of nutrition
  • Food chain, sustainability, and planetary health

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[DEEP DIVE] Connect with peers and learn how to make an impact in the nutrition space

  • What it takes to become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist recap
  • Get inspired: hear how Davor and Louise shaped their nutrition careers – and their advice to you!
  • Your opportunity to ask any questions about the Clinical Nutrition Program
  • Highlights from the new CNP Academic Tour
  • Why you should take advantage of the Early Bird opportunity ending on Friday
  • Connect with your peers in the chat and partner up with a study buddy

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