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The science-based certification teaching you the effects of nutrition on physical, emotional and intellectual development in children.

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Eating a healthier diet from 3 years of age is associated with a higher IQ at age 8.5
Deficiencies in calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium may lead to increased violence, aggression, and hostile behaviour
If a child is overweight at the age of 13, they are twice as likely to be an obese adult
The baby food market is expected to increase to $382 biliion in 2027, from $162 billion in 2021
Up to 80% of variation in human height can be explained by ~200 genes
It may take up to 8 to 15 taste exposures until a little child accepts the new food
Students who consumed school breakfast scored 17.5% higher on standardised math tests
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When you complete this certification, you’ll be uniquely trained in the

Application of Nutrition Biochemistry and Neuroscience for Children

to help them achieve a healthier physical, emotional and cognitive development.

We developed this advanced certification because of questions we get all the time at The Health Sciences Academy:

(Yes, we get questions like these even from medical doctors and university-trained dietitians and nutritionists).
Questions like that inspired us to bring practical science closer to those who want to help clients with their children, in the right way.
This advanced training is our combined know-how in neurochemistry, nutrition science, and eating psychology… specifically for children.
If you want to help your clients with what their children eat, we believe that you need to understand the science of nutrition, neurochemistry and eating psychology.
So, how do you do it?
Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

FACT: Clients Need Practitioners Who Have a Profound, Science-based Insight on Child Nutrition and Brain Development

(…Who Actually Know What They’re Saying)
Data: Understanding neurocognitive developmental disorders can improve education for all. Butterworth and Kovas, 2013.
Unfortunately, there’s a massive knowledge gap about child nutrition science in the general population…
Even worse, most nutrition professionals lack expertise in this field.
Child nutrition doesn’t stop with healthy growth and development…
There are so many factors which influence a child’s potential, their learning capacity, and even their mood and behaviour – from hyperactivity to aggression, from anxiety to depression.
Practitioners today must gain a profound, science-based insight that they can use to help clients’ children PROFICIENTLY, particularly if they want to stand out and be leaders in this field.
This scientific insight includes being able to assess a child’s unique neurochemical and nutritional needs…

That's where YOU can make a difference.

When you become a certified Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor, you’ll know how to custom-build child nutrition plans based on proven scientific methods…
…and you’ll be able to confidently address issues such as:

Are You Ready To Take The Lead and Learn this Science?

(or… Why You Might Want to Get Certified)
There’s so much misconception out there about what a child should eat or how they should grow…
Everyone seems to be talking and writing about eating tips for children. “Feed them this” … “Don’t feed them that” … “Alert: this will cause autism!”
However, most “celebrity doctors” and “media gurus” don’t have a clue about nutrition biochemistry or neuroscience for children….
They misinterpret or exaggerate findings, misinforming the masses with made-up fallacies.
That’s the problem!
Internet searches on child nutrition just aren’t enough (nor safe).
There are just too many fallacies out there, and this can cost you your reputation… especially if you make the mistake of following wrong advice.
At The Health Sciences Academy, we take this seriously. You see, we don’t just teach health and nutrition science.
We actually ARE SCIENTISTS who investigate, dissect, and test science…
We aren’t bloggers. We aren’t media personalities.
We’re professional scientists running scientific experiments, with decades of combined experience in neuroscience, nutrition biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics… both in the lab and on the field, including world-leading research hubs like Harvard University.
We know how hard it is to find truly skilled practitioners who know what they’re talking about…
That’s why we spent years developing the Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor™ certification.
So you don’t have to keep “guessing” the whats, hows, and whys.
As scientists in this domain, we have done the research.
And we want to share this intelligence with YOU…
We want to give you our KNOW-HOW so you can help your clients’ children safely and competently.

70 units • 90 CPD hours • videos • workbooks

Get evaluation tools to personalise programs

You’ll get our entire scientific framework to custom-build child nutrition plans… including client assessments with action steps, planners, trackers, food charts, and checklists to use in your practice. This way, no one will doubt your competence in this space ever again!

Learn to perform child-brain risk assessments

We’ll show you how to perform child-brain risk assessments, including cognition, reading and writing, hyperactivity, and brain-related nutrient deficiency risks.
Once you complete this training, you’ll also know if there’s any evidence to back up special diets for neurological disorders.
We’ll take you through the latest scientific research on the links between nutrition and a child’s brain, mood, behaviour, depression, aggression, ADHD, autism, and epilepsy, including nutritional considerations.
You’ll also gain a solid understanding about the impact of nutrition on a child’s IQ, cognitive capacity, memory, concentration, reading, spelling, writing, academic potential, and learning issues such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.
This training will show you the ins, outs, truths, and myths of brain development and child nutrition, so you can help your clients competently and confidently.

Discover the truth behind a child's brain

Get growth trackers and nutrient needs calculators

How do you know if a child is growing as they should? What’s the best way to tell if they are underweight OR overweight?
We’re going to show the right methodologies so you’ll know exactly how to track a child’s growth and body mass, and how to conduct a full body composition analysis for children from the age of 2 to 16.
What’s more, in this training we’ll show you how to use scientific formulas and when to deploy them in your practice so you can estimate how much a child should eat every day.
You’re also going to learn how to calculate a child’s nutritional requirements and how to adjust these for boys and girls, their age, their metabolism, and their activity levels.
We’re giving you our exact system to perform all this, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do first, second, third and so on to safely build individualised eating plans for children.

Lunchbox guides and questionnaires for school visits

When you complete your training, you’ll feel confident planning lunchboxes and discussing school eating strategies with parents and teachers.
These printable workbooks contain meal planning tools PLUS a questionnaire for teachers to fill out when you visit their school, so you’ll know exactly which information you need.
You’ll also learn how to assess a school’s water availability for pupils, including how to uncover dehydration problems. This way, you’ll be able to expertly pinpoint what changes need to be implemented.

Templates for immediate use with clients

Besides all the science you’ll be learning from us, we’ll help you apply it in real life…
That’s why you’ll be getting all 58 done-for you worksheets, evaluation tools, and session handouts to use with your clients.
These templates aren’t available anywhere else, and they will help you equip your practice, so you can start working with real clients… and feel competent in your ability to advise them!

Eating Psychology BONUS Modules included!

Your first Bonus Module includes several parental assessment tools with scores and recommendations. This way, you can help parents and caretakers to identify how they’re doing with the nutrition of their children… and which first steps they can start taking now.
Your other two Bonus Modules will give you the latest science-based techniques for resolving picky eating. They’re also packed with fun client assessments and taste training games for children.
These client materials are 100% developed by our own scientists, which means you won’t find them anywhere else!

When you join, you'll also get:

Who is this certification for?

This advanced training is for you if…

A Preview of What You'll Be Learning...

If you ever wondered how to build a personalised nutrition plan for a child, how to adjust it for boys or girls of different ages and metabolism, how to assess their unique nutrient needs, how to implement everything, and how to monitor progress…
…this advanced training will walk you through each and every step.
It’s almost like having us, your own team of scientists, giving you the latest research and all the tools you need, so you can run your own successful child nutrition practice.
In this advanced certification, we’re going to:
What’s more, if you want to…
We know you’re absolutely going to love this training!

Exactly What You'll Be Getting...

Learn from any device!

Get certified without delay

Upon graduation you’ll have instant access to your very own Certificate in PDF format, issued in your name, signed and dated. You can save it, print it or share it with someone else.

Skills Lab™ : Instantly apply your knowledge!

Practise the techniques taught in your certification before seeing real clients through guided field tasks, practical assignments, questionnaires, idea banks creation, and games. Learn how your classmates are doing and stay motivated!


Love the additional client forms/questionnaires that will help me set up my new business. Love the simplistic layout of the course materials, easy to find and follow advice and info that will stay with me. I found this way of learning was more effective for me than just going through a text book.
- Caroline Smith
Everything was set at the right level, covering science based materials with practical examples. Templates were easy to follow, and provided the ability to explain nutritional strategies to any potential clients, in line with their chosen goals. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it very valuable. Looking forward to putting it into practice! Thanks!
- Ravin Patel

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