Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Work with highly competitive athletes and active clients, and help with their endurance, power, strength, and fitness

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More than 82% of young athletes use sports supplements
Athletes tend to eat 5 to 9 times a day
Up to 80% of competitively trained male endurance athletes may not be reaching their energy needs
The global sports nutrition market is expected to reach $81.8 billion by 2030, an increase of 7.4% from 2023
Nearly half of student athletes may have regrets about their diet quality and inadequate fuelling
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Who is this for?

  • Sports coaches and personal trainers
  • From beginner to elite athletes
  • Team sports athletes – tennis, football, rugby, hockey
  • Those preparing for marathons, triathlons, cycling, rowing, martial arts events
  • Powerlifters and bodybuilders
  • Anyone interested in cutting-edge scientific methods
I've done many courses which are online based e-learning and I can honestly say... the best.
Sarah Gleave (Lincoln, UK)
I recommend it to anyone who may be considering studying diet and nutrition from amateurs to professionals!
Gerard Gallacher (Renfrew, Scotland)
Can I lose weight without losing muscle? Are sports drinks necessary? Whey protein or casein? What and when should I eat on the competition day? Can I carb-load without fat gain? Supplements… or food?
Learn to answer these questions and engineer a personalised nutritional programme:
  • Endurance
  • Power and strength
  • Weight (fat) loss
  • Weight (muscle) gain
  • Competition
  • Fuelling muscles before, during and after exercise
  • Building / repairing muscles
  • Replacing sweat losses

Think beyond Sports and Exercise Nutrition

While this is a great competency to have on its own, Nutritionists of the Future™ look for more ways than one to make a lasting difference with clients.

How Sports Nutrition is inter-connected:

Become a successful sports-focused Nutritionist

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Can I join the Sports Nutrition training on its own?

We recommend that you join this training as an elective of our Clinical Nutrition Program as this offers so much more. However, you have the option of purchasing it on its own.

31 units • 90 CPD hours • video • worksheets

Course overview
  • Introduction to nutrition for physical activity
  • Nutritional recommendations for your client
  • Building a personalised diet plan for your client
  • Analysing your client's food diary and fluid intake
  • Planning a training diet
  • How the body stores energy
  • Carbohydrates: Fuel for exercise
  • Protein and amino acids: Muscle repair and growth
  • Body fat and essential fatty acids for performance
  • Introduction of hydration strategies
  • Micro-nutrients: Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Good carbs, bad carbs, and the glycaemic index of foods
  • Calculating and fine-tuning your client’s carbohydrate requirements
  • Carb loading methods for endurance events
  • Fuelling muscles before exercise: How to plan a pre-exercise diet
  • Fuelling muscles during exercise: How to plan a training diet
  • Fuelling muscles between workouts: How to plan workout meals
  • Fuel after exercise and recovery: How to plan a post-exercise diet
  • Building and repairing muscles: Role of protein and amino acids
  • Protein for muscle strength, recovery and performance
  • Calculating your client’s protein requirements
  • Planning a Weight Control Diet: Weight (fat) loss, weight (muscle) gain, and weight maintenance
  • Replacing sweat losses: Effects of hydration on performance
  • Hydrating before, during and after exercise
  • The science of sports drinks
  • Pre-competition nutrition: Optimum nutrition for peak performance
  • Nutrition strategies on the competition day
  • Planning a competition eating programme
  • Dos, don'ts and must dos as a Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Legal, Insurance, Tax and Professional Considerations
  • The science of supplements, performance enhancers and engineered sports foods A to Z: Effectiveness, side effects, who should take them, scientific research. Includes anabolic steroids and prohibited stimulants (bonus worth £59)

Grab your FREE Graduation Bonus!

Only for students who complete the Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor course. A special bonus pack with the science of supplements, performance enhancers and engineered sports foods (worth £59!)

When you join, you'll also get:

  • Unlimited online access to your course lessons
  • PDF files for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience
  • Ready-to-use templates for your clients: nutrient calculators, meal planners, food diaries, health questionnaires and legal forms
  • Interactive, automatically graded online quizzes which you need to complete before moving onto your next module
  • A fully automatically graded final exam (Score > 80% and you have passed…. No retake fees!)
  • Interactive questionnaires and polls – add your voice and see what your fellow students say
  • Glossary, conversions guide and additional resources with examples, science or reference research
  • Instant PDF certificate upon completion signed and dated by your certification director
  • Achievement badge to display on your website, business card and marketing materials
  • 24/7 access to the Learner Services portal
  • Free graduation BONUS materials
  • And none of it expires!

Business in a box

Tools to personalise programmes
Templates for immediate use with clients

Earn while you learn

A complete coaching blueprint
Planning materials to equip your practice

A complete blueprint for you

  • Engineered sports products (from lite waters to protein shakes)
  • Food diary analyses and recommendations
  • Competition diets for peak performance (from short to prolonged events)
  • Hydration strategies used by elite athletes and world-class champions
  • Science-based nutritional plans: per training volume, gender, weight, metabolism, athletic goals
  • Covers team sports, endurance, strength and power, bodybuilding, weight control
  • Advice from the International Olympic Committee and world-leading scientists

We asked our new joiners...

Have you taken any health, fitness or nutrition courses in the past?
“Yes” answers include: Personal Training (L3), BSc Degree (Hons) in Sport & Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Health & Social Care, Nursing, BSc Sports Therapy, Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy, BSc Health Sciences.
I know that getting educated on nutrition will allow me to help recognise others' needs and provide them with the correct solutions. I am improving people's lives by helping them live healthier so that they can enjoy life to a better degree.
- Marketer of nutritional ready-to-drink beverages
Finished Sports and recreation course Level 5, but did not get enough information. For that reason I started to research about nutrition courses. I hope to become qualified nutritionist and set up my own goals for myself .
- Bingo assistant becoming nutritionist
I work part time as a fitness instructor and have wanted to do a nutrition course since becoming qualified. I want to have the knowledge to help myself achieve my goals, as well as helping other people and being able to advise them properly.
- Football Coach
Decided to put knowledge behind my experience. To improve myself and to be able to help my family and others better.
- Zumba Fitness instructor
I wanted to learn more about diet and nutrition to help myself and my students.
- Taekwondo instructor
Completed a standard Nutrition Advisor Course and looking to increase my knowledge, especially regarding aerobic exercise and muscle gain, for myself and to advise others.
- Business owner
I've just completed my Level 2 Gym based PT and Level 3 PT, I've already done Nutritional Advisor Level 3 but want something more sports specific.
- Personal Trainer
I own a natural health clinic and shop. We have just started to stock protein powders and sports supplements. I want to improve my knowledge of sports nutrition, so that I can offer informed advice to customers.
- Medical Herbalist
Currently qualified for Level 3 and have undertaken a nutrition course but would like more knowledge in nutrition , to be able to give nutritional advice.
- Carer
I enjoyed everything about this course, one of the benefits is you work from home in your own time so it's very flexible. The downloadable print outs were very helpful as well.
Tracy Brown (Leeds, West Yorkshire)
Enhancing my knowledge by getting the science behind my own understanding and use. Also, the further reading and client handouts ref material etc are very beneficial to my existing practice.
Scott Pirie (Croyde, Braunton, UK)

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